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Poll: Hinamatsuri Episode 12 Discussion

Apr 13, 6:22 PM
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Great comedy serie I like how they are transmitting messages within the comedy 8/10.Now if the second season will have a great plot and keep the comedy to that level I feel it will be 9/10.I wonder if the manga is comedy & action like Gintama and Katekyō Hitman Reborn
Apr 19, 6:27 AM

Joined: Oct 2018
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I'm probably one of the few people who doesn't like it although I love dramedy. Argh, I had high expectations for it!

First of all, I think it got better after episode 6 but wasn't as fun as I had expected.

I found Hina quite annoying. Of course, there are some funny moments, like Hina breaking her leg or Hitomi's reactions... But they aren't enough for me. Also, some lessons had obviously bad messages.

I guess it isn't my cup of tea.

Apr 23, 6:06 AM

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Apr 25, 6:23 AM

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Come on, how can you end a show with a cliffhanger like this and never make a second season

May 17, 7:06 PM

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Solid last episode. Not sure if I'm totally okay with how they ended it in that I wish Mao could have met up, but the episode was still enjoyable. I guess as a whole the show was just good. Wasn't anything exceptional, and there are definitely better comedies out there (some shows are able to pull off dramedy better imo, such as Gintama, which although not a true 1-1 comparison still manages to pull off both drama and comedy better than Hinamatsuri did). Despite these criticisms, I could see myself recommending it to someone down the line. 7/10.
May 19, 2:43 AM

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It doesn't feel it's over. The very end is there any news about Seasson 2? He can stop a robot like that especially Hina who does it is inconceivable.
May 19, 8:13 AM

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I liked it, it gave me a good laugh a bunch of times. Anzu is the best girl. I hope it gets a season 2 but it doesn't seem to be popular and it seems the sales were also not good so it probably won't happen.
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Jun 12, 8:58 AM

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So that's what the first episode is all about
Sucks though, the ending is big cliffhanger

I just want to see Anzu and her smile for the one last time :(
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