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Jul 23, 3:02 AM
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A teaser site and Twitter account has opened and announced an original TV anime. Titled Endro~!, it will premiere next winter. A character PV will be released around August 8.

Original: I~A~Rupi~!
Director: Kaori (Miira no Kaikata)
Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima (Aho Girl)
Original Character Design: Namori (Yuru Yuri mangaka)
Character Design: Haruko Iizuka (Inu x Boku SS)
Studio: Studio Gokumi
Produce: Egg Firm

A manga series by Minami Izumi will also be serialized via Comic Fire magazine starting this summer. A figure, which will be released by Amakuni, is currently in development.

Official site:
Official Twitter: @endro_anime

Source: Moca News

Endro~! on MAL
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Aug 8, 10:29 PM

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Now it's difficult to say whether my most anticipated show is this, or still Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san. Doesn't matter, I like this world line.

nDroae said:
I've been saying for years I want fantasy slice of life and I will watch laid back isekai harems to get it, but CGDCT is my favorite, now it's happening with Namori designs and the title is almost my username? Japan is just killing it these days!? I Feel Like What I Just Wrote Is A Bad Light Novel Title?!?!?

(There are other non-harem fantasy SoL shows - Mushishi, Binchou-tan, Hakumei & Mikochi, Urara Meirochou, Konohana Kitan, Haibane Renmei, Aria is sci-fi + magical realism which makes it kind of a fantasy show... I'm not counting the modern world setting + fantasy ones like Re-Kan, Maid Dragon, Natsume Yuujinchou, A Centaur's Life, Gabriel DropOut - but I'm pretty sure there's never been a straight up medieval fantasy setting + pure CGDCT formula show)

Apparently the dance/song AnDro (which I know from the Eluveitie folk metal version) can be spelled EnDro.