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May 26, 11:30 PM

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Stripes said:

May 27, 2:28 AM

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Before the first season of MHA finished I kept saying to my brother "It's like the new Naruto. It's going to be #1 and be recognized as one of the big ones. You have to watch it!"
I'm happy I'm not the only one who had this thought.
May 27, 9:14 AM
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Maityoman said:
Takamura-sama said:

Stain battle, almost all of red riot's fights in the mafia arc and someone in fairy tail in the manga died as well sooo...

"I must protect souta! 10000000% punch!!" Rings a bell?

Well from this short debate we've had it has become very evident that you don't do much research.

First of all, the Stain battle was a 3v1. There was no bullshit, his quirk ran out because every quirk has a downside. Stain can only keep them paralyzed depending on their blood type so how is that "friendship power". Kirishima didn't have any friendship power either. He lost to Rappa and nearly died. He didn't win.

And finally to completely obliterate your entire arguement, I have this post from the authour himself, logically explaining the 1 million percent smash. If you have ever heard of adrenaline then you would understand that the human body can actually only output 80% of its latent ability. The remaining 20% if blocked to keep you from hurting yourself. This is a common limiter that comes off especially in tense moments, particularly in sports. And was explained in episode 8 of the third season of MHA.

There’s also the fact about the limiter which was told about in the latest episode. Even the 100% smashes only use 80% of his body’s power because of that limiter. But in the one million percent punch, he went further and used his full 100% for a long time. And that punch also came with a cost unlike fairy tail. 2-3 more times and rip arms forever.
May 27, 10:02 PM

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No it's shit. Naruto has a good story with memorable faces, cool world building, and etc. BnHA has the least memorable characters, useless arcs, and world building equivalent to that of an fps.(none) To even compare this series to even Ippo is just being straight retarded.
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