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Poll: Megalo Box Episode 8 Discussion

May 26, 9:17 AM

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Predictable, this anime is finally showing one of its major flaws, is too short for a story that needs and benefits from chapters like this. This chapter felt rushed, the negotiation, if you can call it that, was dumb and ended up in an obvious way.

We are close to the final chapters, I wonder how are they going to pull off the last fights.

May 26, 12:31 PM

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OK week, flashes of brilliance, not sustained. Kids are still cringy.
May 26, 4:48 PM

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Raizel said:
That was a close call Joe's recklessness rescued them.
So three matches left I think they will do a great job with 5 episodes.

I honestly don't want Joe to get Megalonia all the way. It wouldn't feel right It'd been just for the plot. We already saw on episode 1 that Yuri's capabilities are far greater than Joe's, and it doesn't feel like Joe has had that much of powerup besides the footing scene we saw recently.

I would be fine with Joe barely losing or perhaps something like finishing the show when Joe vs. Yuri is starting, so we get a second season developing better the Shirato's relationship, the thing Yuri has for Joe and perhaps a little about Sachio history and Joe.

It might be innecesary and I know it, but it would be cool. I really don't want Megalo Box to be finished in just one season, it's a refreshing show from all the digital/CGI animation, it's a really good shonen for the testosterone boys, haha.
el_morris said:
Me muero de ganas por ver como Joe le rompe su puta madre a ese pinche puñetas de Mikio y que desde el primer round ¡Boom! Lo mande alv.

Usted sí sabe, compa.
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May 27, 12:58 AM

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I like the attitude of Yuri in this episode.
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May 27, 5:25 AM

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Good buildup for the rematch. I'm feeling the hype.
May 27, 7:21 AM

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Fujimaki in this episode have shown that he's more than a regular "enemy"! And I really felt that Joe was more "Junk Dog" than in the last episodes
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May 27, 3:11 PM

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also can we talk about how good the music this episode was, man it was done perfectly
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Aug 8, 10:37 PM

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That sure was quite the insane save, really doubted that would work out actually. But well I sure am glad that it did!

Looking forwards to see what's next.
Aug 19, 5:28 AM

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Shirato had no proof but I'm sure he and his people would've found a way to find proof of Joe's fake citizenship.

I loved the OST in this episode.

Joe's entrance with his motorcycle was awesome. I'm sure Yukiko giving half of the card to Joe is a slap to her brother's face.

They need to settle this.
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