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Poll: Dorei-ku The Animation Episode 6 Discussion

May 17, 2018 9:25 AM

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They're really giving the dog more spotlight in this show than I had thought now. It feels like the show is trying to use it as an experiment for the main plot. The dog does have the SCM device on him after all.

Kinda felt bad for Yuuga this episode as it feels like he's gotten himself too deep into all the drama. Ayaka looks like she's nothing more than a slave now. The glasses lady is an intimidating character to deal with especially with the allies she has.
May 17, 2018 11:47 AM

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May 17, 2018 11:57 AM

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Dog: "I was head over heels for that bitch before I knew it."

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May 17, 2018 12:11 PM

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dat moment when you are seen by your mother first. greatest episode soo far.
May 17, 2018 12:43 PM

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Definitely the best episode of the series so far.
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May 17, 2018 1:18 PM

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Got some backstory for the dog on how he got that SCM lol. I didn't feel bad for Yuuga on what happened to him, he deserved it, but he was lucky Eiya saved him. She's on a mission now to save everyone from the SCMs.
May 17, 2018 2:18 PM

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This feels like it is just going to start with the real plot - now that Eiya is in the game as well. Does anyone know the manga and knows how fast they are adapting?

Liked the story with the dog. Also fun how the "crazy person" won her duel. The mother had been shocked. :D
May 17, 2018 2:19 PM
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Great seeing the back story of the dog, reminds me bit of tada never falls in love.
May 17, 2018 4:18 PM

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So first half of the episode was about the dog, and the second half was about Eia getting Yuuga back. Some pretty crazy people in the show. I'm not sure how I feel about the story telling so far, but the plot is interesting. A little out there obviously, but still enough to keep my attention at least.

2.5/5 for me.
May 17, 2018 5:58 PM
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Luthandorius said:
This feels like it is just going to start with the real plot - now that Eiya is in the game as well. Does anyone know the manga and knows how fast they are adapting?

Liked the story with the dog. Also fun how the "crazy person" won her duel. The mother had been shocked. :D

The series is linear with the manga, like the showcasing of people with the progression, so it's something like an episodic series for people.

The question with how fast depends on the production, I'm pretty sure they will skip some people irrelevant (like this episode as filler that's nowhere to be found in the manga).

As to this episode...liked that how SCMs were invented that started with the dog, that became a desire to bring justice to his master. The contrarian Yuuga himself got into the SCM business TOO DEEP and got himself caught up with the mess...until Eiya has to sacrifice herself to be ANOTHER user of SCM to save people from slavery.

What a good filler episode that sets up the motion of events for the remaining 2nd half of this series.
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May 17, 2018 6:32 PM

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lol now we got the doggo's flashback xDD that was quite ridiculous if you ask me.

now, lets make a summary of what happened within last week episode and this one.

Eiya was against Yuuga's Psycho ideas, Yuuga becoming psycho out of nowhere, gets easily beaten by the "maniac", which is also psycho who lost her mind like that because a random guy got her horny and she wanted more, somehow losing to that psycho girl "triggered" the promise he made with Eiya to rescue him, Eiya randomly finds him and "saves" him, Eiya finds determination of what she despised not so long ago and compenses the missing plot.

TOTY writing right here.
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May 17, 2018 7:15 PM
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LMAO. i couldn't stop laughing

May 17, 2018 8:10 PM

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Loved the backstory for Zushi (the dog), though felt sad when his second "master" hanged himself because of what happened.

Felt bad for Yuga in terms of being enslaved to that purple-haired woman, but also felt he kind of deserved it for being a dick.

But then Eia saved him (in a badass costume, if I do say so myself) before having the conviction and/or balls to state that she'll enslave ALL SCM users in the world before setting them free, so as not to be controlled by it anymore.

Anyway, there's however many episodes to go now and I honestly can't wait to see what happens!
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May 17, 2018 9:49 PM

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wolfwing said:
Great seeing the back story of the dog, reminds me bit of tada never falls in love.

Same. It was Tada-kun all over again.
May 18, 2018 12:09 AM
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The dog is talking...and it actually has a relevant backstory to the plot. So mad scientist stole the SCM data from Zushi's second master, and now he seems to be mass producing it throughout the city. I guess he's the big bad that Eia will have to go up against.

Taito is a crazy person looking for her lost love. We'll be seeing her again I assume.

And how clever for Eia to challenge Yuuga in Rock Paper Scissors and predicting his change of hand. The series is at the halfway point, and now it looks like Eia is up to the task of enslaving everyone with an free them all. Alright then. Let the duels begin!

May 18, 2018 6:17 AM
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That was....great!

This was the best episode of this show so far.

When I heard Zushi talk, I thought this episode would suck. But he actually is a relevant character which was intriguing and the final few minutes were cool to see.

I expected this show to drop and become like Ousama Game but honestly, it's still not bad and this episode was fun to see. So that's cool :D
May 18, 2018 10:57 AM

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Nice to see Yuuga role got reversed. I was going to dislike this show if they didn't do something about him. Good thing it headed the way I would've wanted it to
May 18, 2018 11:35 AM

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I take back everything I say before, the dog is worth saving for :D

the second half is still bad tho. I'm actually pretty happy when Yuuga lose to that crazy person, only to get freed by Eia in the next minute. meh, he should've suffer a bit more, considering what he done to Ayaka, but w/e.

I surprised Yuuga's mom let him go after seeing him like that. I mean, did she didn't even thought of him doing some kinky dangerous shit? like really now xD.
May 18, 2018 3:56 PM

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So who said that the dog is not able to understand ? :D

Like the development this episode.
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May 18, 2018 5:44 PM

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That moment when a dog gets more screen time and characterization that anyone in the series.
lol so the SCM was supposed to be a device used in dogs for them to obey their masters orders... why call it "Slave Controller Method" then? A bit misleading dont you think doctor?
And Eiya saves Yuuga eh... so i guess this is where the series really starts then... lets see how this dispoitment will end.

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May 19, 2018 5:22 AM
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Isn't Zushi supposed to be Crazy person's slave? Because he was Yuuga's slave, so his ownership shoud be transfered to Crazy after lost duel.
May 19, 2018 6:52 AM
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I don't know, can the story get any cringier than this?
Yuuga turns out to be all talk.
Eia got 180 too fast.
May 19, 2018 1:08 PM

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_kuro_n3ko_ said:
LMAO. i couldn't stop laughing

LOL those lines being thought/read by a doge is the best part of this entire series.

I remember Setagaya from the manga but I haven't finished reading it yet. I had a hunch that Sumida would commit suicide after being betrayed.

Anyways, as usual the animation is shit but the story gets more ridiculous, cringier and fucking hilarious as time goes by. I'm just in this for the funny bits. Actually, I'm watching this entire series for Zushiomaru, I want him to make everyone his bitch at the end of the series.

Also Yuuga getting stabbed in the ass with a needle made my night. Poor Shinnosuke, being backstabbed by Yuuga. I really hope Yuuga gets fucked over in the end.
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May 19, 2018 1:18 PM

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Eia is now finally stepping-up!
Yuuga finally got what he deserved! pure Karma, he must be totally grateful to Eia! and it that were me, i'll be 100% loyal to her for what she did!
on that last part where it shows the map, there would be three major teams!? is Eia already a part of that major team?
May 19, 2018 4:12 PM

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Friggin dog owns this series. Good backstory with both sad and funny moments.

I want him to make everyone his bitch at the end of the series.


vangoz said:
I don't know, can the story get any cringier than this?
Yuuga turns out to be all talk.
Eia got 180 too fast.

Yuuga is this type of a kid that start games and wins. A lot. Then the kid got wrecked and cries. "I gonna never play this again, it is cheated, fck u". It was hinted that he is a loser.
But yeah, his change was still too sudden. Maybe he is up to something?

Eia has not changed at all. She asked Yuuga to free Ayaka back then.
May 20, 2018 7:50 AM
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The dog was given some highlights from this one, atleast we have an idea why he is wearing a SCM.

And eia join the SCM craze too but her goal is different and that is to get all people free from that SCM. lets see if she can fulfill her goal...

*and that crazy person sure has the worst reason i can ever heard wearing an scm, and that is to find the person she love. hahaha as she have said there is nothing more important in this world than love. hahaha
May 20, 2018 1:03 PM

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I dont usually like dogs, but Zushi is the best character.... or amongst them. I personally like Aika a lot, but she's been so useless, she even got caught so unenthusiasticly. Julia is nice too,but she has a mysterious side to her, that i might not like. Yuuga is by far the worst character tho, i dont know if its writing or him collapsing to pressure but he is sometimes badass and alpha or sometimes.... just like in this episode,very lame.

Amazing episode tho, dog's pov is perhaps the greatest thing i've seen this season >< Seeing multiple povs overall is just the best experience, good to see how other "players" think and view their situation,very cool.
Eia's resolve to save everyone is very genuine and strong and i like how she tricked Yuuga by winning the duel,ofcourse he wont put scissors,she knows him too well,he is sketchy and double faced and she knows it
May 20, 2018 5:08 PM

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Supreme Doge IS THE BEST Character in the entire show, my sides are in orbit.

They gave the best backstory, characterization and PoV to a Dog. I'm not even mad, it's amazing.

The Dog wins this anime.

Second half made me worry about Eiya, thought she also went insane...but, she's trying to pull the savior card. If everyone is her slave..then she just has to free all the slaves.

>I'll enslave everybody, so I can free them later.
May 21, 2018 5:33 AM

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I'm not sure how I feel about having the dog to the exposition... but hey at least they've done it. Now we know how the story goes, Eiya will try to enslave everyone then free them all, presumably asking them to break the SCM too (I mean it wouldn't make sense otherwise). Then at some point she'll face off with the guy who stole the research data and started this all.

I do feel Yuuga's turnaround was a little to quick, and he's definitely the weakest link in the cast. Hopefully he gets relegated to being "that guy beside Eiya" who is mostly irrelevant and maybe does the grunt work that you won't expect a girl like Eiya will do
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May 21, 2018 4:14 PM

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"Oh hi mum... ehm, you would never guess what happened to me today... can you please untie me?"

So, Yuuga, what happened with that psycho side of yours? Well, I'm not gonna complain about it tho. It wasn't the worst episode but I didn't like it either. I found the first part with the dog's POV really silly but at least, we now know about how all this started.

SeidouTZ said:
That moment when a dog gets more screen time and characterization that anyone in the series.

Also the moment when you realize the dog has the best reason to use the SCM... well, since I don't know how Eiya will reach her goal.
May 22, 2018 6:25 PM
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Quality doge much sad backstory, very fluffy ending, mvp character.
Mom duel was funny too.
Everyone has unique motives for using scm that's interesting.
Yuuga didnt deserve to get saved but good it's Eia's time to shine.
May 23, 2018 2:10 PM
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So it's the dog's backstory and how the Slave Control Method was created .

Btw does anybody know how many ep will this run?????

Welp it looks like Yuuga got to meet the crazy person Taito Fujiko and got owned.

Oh shit Eia just wore the SCM and has now got into the business of slave hunting,,,then again she now owns Yuuga.
Aug 14, 2018 10:50 AM

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Eiya goes into action…. It just gets more and more frightening… The concept is still not impressive..Was not expecting that the author will give a slid background story to Zushimaru