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May 15, 1:32 PM
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This time MYTH & ROID will be doing the OP and OxT will do the ED!
May 15, 3:59 PM
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This is going to be crazy.
May 15, 4:01 PM

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The previous 2 opening songs have been great, so I think I'll definitely like the newest one
Kyon: Hey. It's me. We meet again. [Thinking] So it really was you.
Yuki: What are you doing out here? And why?
Kyon: [Aloud] Funny. I was just about to ask you the same exact thing
[Yuki struggles to look for an answer.]
Yuki: A...walk?
Kyon: [Thinking] That's not true. That's not true, Nagato. You were tired. You'd had enough of Haruhi's nonsense. Getting dragged all over the place. You were tired of protecting me. And you were tired of whatever else you had to do. Stuff we didn't even know about. The fatigue from all those things just kept building up.