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May 12, 2018 12:10 PM

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Here is my theory of this beauty story, so you guys not really underestimate it.

So in the real timeline, after the day Norimichi see Nazuna being dragged by her mom. He is regreting it like all the timeline he had tried, all the timeline intention is "how to save Nazuna".

The first time leap happen cause Norimichi wanted to win the swim race and selected so he can do something to save Nazuna. It ended being failed too and Nazuna still dragged by her mom. In the end of the timeline Azumi being different with the fireworks as flat is normal which is never gonna happen and not real. He realize it this is not what he really wanted, so he doing time leap again.

Second time leap he wanted to them successfully getting inside the train.
They have some talk how to live in the tokyo, but it failed too, because their friend and Nazuna parents following them and the train will eventually stop on station. It ended for them to just spend a night together watching the fireworks with the friend and parents looking at their last night. They see the fireworks round, but in the weird spark. They realize they dont want to end like this.

Third time leap he wanted to not getting find out by their friend and Nazuna parents. Norimichi success to avoid his friend, and the train has new track and running in the middle of the sea. Norimichi said everything about his time leap and telling her this is not suppose to happen. They talk and relizing she is not really wanted like that, she dont want the only fake world for they two. They realize the only thing they wanted is 'to see each other again in the future'. Even though Nazuna have to left the city and move far.

Norimichi regreting his action to not win the swim race and not helping her when she is being dragged.
Nazuna regreting inviting Azumi beside her real intention is to invite Norimichi.
(She said it on the real timeline, on the park. She want going out with Norimichi but he is losing the swim race).

All their thoughts in the train is contradictive in the world at that time.
(The world grant from norimichi desire to not ever losing Nazuna + Nazuna parents and thier friend not ever find them and they keep going to the tokyo).

So they seeing all that fragment to the timeline when they keep going, timeline when they success go to Tokyo.

At the end of the fragment, they are realizing their feeling, so they kissing under water. Nazuna last sentance is "im curious when we are gonna meet again".
It revert all the timeline and goes back to normal.

In the real timeline when the kids see Nazuna dragged, MC throwing the first ball, eventually the ball not grant any wish and the real timeline goes on.
Its because their last hope, "when we are gonna meet again ?" Not fulfilled yet.

So my last theory for the last scene is, after summer holiday. Norimichi is searching Nazuna.

The only cons in this movie is, the other character is not really memorable beside their action, i forget the name and their face really quick. And of course the confusing theory and explanation.
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Aug 30, 2018 7:39 PM

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Norimichi going off to see Nazuna at the end was pretty obvious though. They went heavy into the metaphysical, as characteristic of Shaft productions, and with less of an apparent system to it, it leads to confusion.

Put simply, it's an art... as anime is and meant to be, or any fiction production. People lose sight of that and try to take it apart like it's a science. It's not, just absorb it, it's an experience, and in turn it will make sense, even if hard to describe.
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Jan 16, 5:43 PM
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it's what art looks like
May 14, 7:29 PM

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Amazing theory !!! LOVE IT! i would support that he is looking for her, such an amazing anime HOW can it be so low rated?! for me its 8/10 for sure, almost a 9 even, i was hoping for a happy ending, since recently all romance anime, specially movies, i watch, aint got no happy ending and all i do is cry myself to sleep after LOL :D still, wow, just wow. i enjoyed it big time!

Jun 8, 8:24 AM
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I really like this anime/movie, it's mine FAVOURITE. It's horibble that the score on the MAL is 6.52, people mostly don't like it becuase the ending didn't "said" anything about them in future, in my opinion it's better that way, so people can more think about it and decide their own ending of anime. But actually in the end of manga there is a picture of Norimichi standing on train station (In Tokyo, i think) and saying:"Al-right... Let's go!". Wich means he is going for Nazuna. And what do you guys think, will there be the 2nd part? And what is your opinion about "Fireworks: should we see it from the side or the bottom" having the 2nd part? It isn't impossible if you think about it. (Maybe the 2nd part will ruin the anime, I mean it's my opinion, but I will for sure watch it even so)
Jun 8, 6:16 PM

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@Ultrax this movie is about supernatural journey of the mc to find his true self and destiny.
IF they decide to make the continuation, it gonna be a visual + audio heavy like byousoku 5cm or kotonoha no niwa style + semi musical.
though, i dont expect this to get a continuation.
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