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May 12, 2018 11:39 AM
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Why Croatian national can buy the manga but Serbian country cant?
We are to close to each other..
Aug 19, 1:40 AM
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It's been 2 years care to respond?
Aug 19, 2:32 AM

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because Serbia is not a member of the EU? I'm in Turkey literally next to Greece but I can't buy manga too. The distance doesn't matter. Also you can't even download the manga you bought from mal and it's expensive compared to other sellers. Go buy them from bookdepository etc.
Aug 19, 8:20 AM

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Quoting from the Manga Store FAQ:
  • In what countries can I use the Manga Store?
    • Manga may be purchased in the following countries:

      United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Russian Federation, Sweden, Portugal, Romania, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ireland, Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta.

      Purchased manga may be viewed in any country.

If I remember correctly, the Manga Store was introduced when MAL was part of DeNA, an international company based in Japan. Most likely, DeNA decided to open up the store to the markets they are most used to deal with: North America and Europe.

Countries which are part of the European Economic Area share certain laws that allow companies to easily sell their products to every nation that signed the agreement, instead of having to arrange specific plans for each country.

Similarly to what @Cnon said earlier, I also believe that the reason why manga are not sold in Serbia or Turkey is due to the fact that the legal department would need to study and apply ad hoc contracts for this two independent markets as well. Since there's probably a low amount of traffic from both Serbia or Turkey, I doubt that you will be able to buy manga on MAL anytime soon (I hope that this won't be true though).
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