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Poll: Sukeban Deka Episode 2 Discussion

May 8, 2018 2:55 PM
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Didn't expect so many deaths.

Their relationship didn't feel all that developed and there were too many villains; thus rather one-dimensional and they were a too over the top.
Dec 22, 2018 10:29 PM

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The ultimate battle between sukeban and oujosama!
It's hard to not see this specific anime in Kill la Kill's DNA, (even though KLK references the live action Sukeban Deka in its credits sequence)

Ayumi was really my type, but clearly she flew too close to the sun by trying to be both oujo and sukeban.
Too bad she was evil and died or else she would have been my queen lol

Overall these two episodes make a great movie, but I find that my enjoyment is a little lower than a different action girl anime like Dirty Pair or Kill la Kill because of the somber and dark tone of this anime.
Mar 20, 4:33 AM

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It was pretty entertaining at first but the second episode didn't really click for me for some reason. It might be because of the constant screaming, everyone dying, and the Mizuchi sisters being bitches in general.

Despite this being called Kill la Kill's inspiration, I didn't really see much resemblance to the anime except for Saki's stoic but easily and adorably peeved demeanor.

Mar 25, 8:09 AM

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Boy am I glad that's over

This episode in particular was just full of screaming, it was incredibly annoying. The story was supremely dumb and shallow also. Character motivations, especially the Mizuchi Sisters were paper thin and so incredibly generic. Teenage Rich Girls obsessed with money, art and taking over the world and somehow this is meant to be interesting?

I don't know I just couldn't take a single bit of this seriously, I mean there isn't an ounce of reality in this. Like every student falling under the spell of these sisters just because they have money? And what sort of school was it exactly, you'd think private given the attitude of some of the students and the sisters but then there were a bunch of thugs also. Then there is the main character, a badass teen girl who with her Yo-Yo apparently becomes the next Jack Bauer, dragged back in to solve shit the police can't handle on their own. I mean really, just really?

It's weird because the reasons this OVA annoyed me are normally things I have often looked over or not even really thought about with other OVAs and Anime series in general. But in this it really bothered me to no end. I think the reason is because this story takes itself too seriously, that's the issue I think because on it's surface nothing about this should really be taken seriously at all, it's very silly so I just couldn't lose myself in it.

If it was more campy and over the top in a whole different way then maybe but in it's current state of straight talking melodrama mixed with Yo-Yo's, Rich Psycho Girls and the like it just didn't work for me at all. A few here compared this to Kill La Kill which was influenced by the Live Action series and I think that self awareness in Kill La Kill is exactly what this was missing.

Animation was fairly decent, though just as I mentioned on the last episode the character designs are pretty bad, especially for the Mizuchi Sisters.

Yeah anyway 3/10 for me unfortunately.

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