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Poll: Ninja Batman Episode 1 Discussion

Nov 11, 2018 6:44 AM
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Terrible movie, nothing made sense, 0/10 storytelling, just a bunch of "anime cliché from people that don't know what anime is"

the art direction might be decent, if you take a screenshot, but the animation technique is awful, the low framerate 3d kills any kind of enjoyement one might get from it.

3/10, boring, ugly to look at in movement, wasted characters left and right (they managed to make a terriible batman movie and a terrible anime) and just straight up dumb without the gurrenn lagan entertainment value and genre subversion storytelling.
Nov 11, 2018 11:13 AM

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This was so damn weird but funny at the same time and action scenes were great too.
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Dec 25, 2018 2:34 PM

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The worst Batman Animated Movie ever made. I give it a 5 Of 10 rating 🤮, very childish and campy. Bruce was just too dumb throughout the movie.

Mar 29, 4:38 PM

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[Missing tags: Comedy... MECHA!]

This was a pleasant surprise.

The mecha fights (classic Batman!) were awesome I really enjoyed it but the real mvp was Joker... boy, his fight vs Batman knight was really good!

I don't normally see Joker fighting at close to Batman's level so that was something (I guess the 2 year gap really gave him an edge).

Batman making hand seals was hilarious.

I really liked the animation and the animation in the Red hood scene, it wasn't too bad.

Honestly, the movie is enjoyable to watch as long as you don't expect anything serious.
May 25, 9:44 AM

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Absolutely made no sense at all. The CGI was decent character design and art were good but story is absolutely horrible. I had high expectations. This movie is like Bruce is very very aho and baka. :/

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Jun 7, 10:08 PM

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Felt like this whole thing was based on some cool visual concepts and sketches, with a paper thin plot. The background art was absolutely amazing. Character designs were fantastic, if you don't think about how the characters would have logically adopted their looks, at which point it becomes hilarious.

Character development doesn't really matter in such an established universe, especially in the film equivalent of a filler episode. Didn't mind that nothing was explained about the cast, but they were shown in the very bare bones of what makes them... them.

Everything catered to allowing this crazy Schizo Tech superhero feudal Japan to exist, which worked to an extent. Really pushed it at a lot of points though. It felt like a fever dream parody. I was laughing my ass off several times and I have no idea if it was intentionally hilarious.
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