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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Interview #158 - @Xiaraith ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Cute Girl from Germany

Interview conducted by: Scarlett_ryuken

Could you tell us about yourself?
Ehehe, so if you want to know about me, I can tell you a bit, but excuse me for staying vague.
As the German inhabitant I am, a few things have always defined me, such as being efficient (when I'm not lazy),being punctual, generally a bit cautious due to our past, and liking German food (especially our lovely bread and bratwurst; beer only on special occasions). I also defend the German languages against cliches and unfounded criticism, since I think that it offers a neat way of expressing myself, particularly when it comes to poetic creations.
Life's been a rather calm one so far. Coming from the easternmost region of Germany, the Upper Lusatia, I've gently grown up in a village together with a bunch of brothers and surrounded by lots of nature and mountains as well as having both the Czech and Polish borders close by. Whilst probably not considered the most exciting childhood by many, I appreciate it immensely, as in one way or another it marked my start into being very fond of nature, languages and simply a lot of the small things in life.
Nowadays I'm mostly busy with advanced studies and other grown-up issues, whilst also trying to find time for outdoor, anime and board game activities.

How did you choose your username?
From an early age I have been interested in fantasy, RPG and generally diving into new worlds. An important facet of my enthusiasm of them consists of names and what they tell me on a more intricate scale. Reading about Tolkien creating entire languages for his Middle-earth universe encouraged me even more to think about sound and the meaning of names, so I started to develop my own little systems and words. Nothing serious, though I still vividly remember writing some of them on my pencil case and getting a classmate interested. A few of them stuck with me over the years and were also used as usernames in various places, such as Merathys for osu, Hynae for League of Legends, Mitollo for Twitch... and Xiaraith for MAL. I love the look and sound of it, the effects the letter X has on me, the almost palindromic structure, the pronunciation of the last syllable being (unintentionally) similar to wraith, and just the entire sense of mystery and nostalgia I feel when seeing it. By now I've heard the "Xia" pronounced in so many different ways that it's become a memorable aspect as well, and this Xia as the short form of my full MAL name has become my Discord ID.

Could you give us a brief history of your time on MAL?
Please bear with me and my interpretation of "brief", since I've always wanted to write down my MAL history at least once.
Time flies after all, and now I've already been on here for 4.5 years, with differing levels of activity. Back in 2013 I created my account on the same day as the German federal election, and I honestly didn't expect anything greater other than making a small list of the ~100 anime I had watched. I need to applaud MAL's review section and a bunch of the main posters/critiques back then for being the initial spark for what was about to become a great adventure on this website. My English at that time was admittedly rather average, so I kept on reading reviews and the way people discussed them, until eventually, one month into my MAL life, I wrote my own review. Choosing Tari Tari, it wasn't supposed to be more than a test, and re-reading it today would probably make me feel more embarrassed than proud. Encouraged by the sensation of numbers climbing, I thought about adding something unique, and thus the poem part of the second review (about Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi) happened, and the fight for positions began. Be aware that back then, the review system was different, as each review had both up- and down votes, as well as each anime page featuring four reviews instead of only two. Top reviews were simply those that had the best ratio of up/down. Nowadays fighting for top spots seems to almost exclusively rely on posting it immediately once the anime finished airing, and this race is probably not for me.
Well, seeing this second review at 1 ups and 3 downs after the first update, I realised how I needed to take it more seriously if I ever wanted someone to notice or even praise my writing efforts. First of all, a popular show was needed, and also one I could talk about in a vivid fashion regarding both positives and negatives. The recently finished Attack on Titan served this purpose well, and so, further encouraged by talking to my first MAL friend HaXX who I noticed also featured poem parts in his reviews, I designed a full poem review and tried to follow most of the main review aspects. It turned out even longer than expected, and once I posted it... the world opened! Several people posting on my profile, applauding me for the style and also for how Attack on Titan finally got a rather negative review (contrasting the general opinion of this show which was hella positive). Suddenly my comment section started to fill, and I had online people to talk to about anime or whatever. Gosh, the length of some of these comments back then, no comparison to what kind of little effect the comment section seems to be used nowadays.
The SAO review around 1.5 weeks later wasn't as well constructed content wise in my opinion, but it's main appeal is something else anyway (make sure you watch it in a proper browser for correct display).
I had never seen another MAL review which used its visual component as a legit element of meaning (if there's something else out there by now, please let me know). MAL not allowing two spaces right next to each other made it difficult however, which is why I used the + sign as a format helper (looking most similar to a sword). Once released, another wave of fascinated people appeared on my profile, and once again I had my personal moment of glory.
In the upcoming three months, I had the pleasure of writing another 5 reviews, some of them with poem elements or their own ideas like a game book-esque decision mechanic in the NouCome review (since the anime is literally about choices). My personal review gem, the one I wrote about Aria The Natural, initially had a full poem style too, and even though I thought that I paid attention to all the important review aspects, a moderator decided to take it down, which in turn caused me to add some explanation in between the stanzas before reuploading. Now it stands as my so far last review and hopefully pushes me forward in giving the review business another shot in the future. If only it was so easy though. The removal of downvotes severely decreased my overall excitement of the review section, and the review moderator's arbitrary way of dealing with spoiler reviews made me lose some respect for their job as well (seriously, do not read something like Mars of Destruction's top review, as it spoils the story's main twist and only thing that made me smile about this show. Reporting it a few times never yielded any answers nor reactions. And no, the anime being bad/memey or deserving a sarcastic review all don't count when it comes to spoilers).
First half of my 2014 was full of watching anime that I got recommended by people, and also the beginning of using Skype for MAL related purposes. Starting summer and for the rest of the year, my MAL life was then all about the club life, something super hot at that time, and something new for me after moving on from reviews. As the slice of life loving person I am, joining the respective club and following some of its activities was only natural. The mafia/werewolf themed games and connecting to people via this way spoke to me in particular, which caused me to host my own game with Aria theme and a new mechanic of night phase events (up until then the night phases in games were 24 hours of thread silence) and also to join the Mafia Society in order to play a multitude of games there as well. Shout outs to my favourite game with the superb element of player initiated mini games, a game which allowed me to become one with its world in my own way, and being co-host of this beast of a game with 40 participants and almost 10k comments to read though.
2015 and 2016 were a lot calmer in comparison, and me mostly limiting my MAL activity to updating general stuff in the Slice of Life club and doing frequent updates for the MAL Score Progressions club which I got asked to join as part of their team mostly due to connections :3. 2016 also marked my start into Discord, a platform that would soon prove to play a major part in transferring activity away from MAL clubs.
Early 2017 I created the Discord server of the Slice of Life Club, and even though we had some recent drama regarding the club's creator and thus had to rename into what's now the Comfy Camp Club, the positive experiences definitely prevail, and this comfy server alongside a few others are how I spend most of my MAL related activities nowadays.

Any users you like/dislike? Why?
Hopefully no one will feel hurt from not getting mentioned since limiting myself to the important ones is challenging ><
Roughly in order of appearance

First person I really got to know and befriend via MAL. Initially just wanting to talk about his poem reviews, I quickly noticed how talkative and knowledgeable he really was, especially in the realms of visual novels. A year later he was the host of the first mafia game I played here on MAL. Another year later he recommended me to @Zee530 in order to become admin in Score Progressions. And yet around another year later, I saw him become a big part in Anime Guild, and also one of the first members of the new SoLC Discord.

Single-handedly introduced me to the rhythm game osu, which turned out to be a big deal for me since, next to being able to listen to a lot of cute Japanese music way more easily, the communities of certain osu streamers brought me to Discord in the first place. Also showing me early that talking some German on MAL doesn't harm. The magical girl :3

Ayy, the fish herself, always able to make we watch another short anime and filling my list with the short-lived entertainment. Cats also always come to mind when she's involved, as well as how she talked me into giving Skype a chance for more anime centered conversations. And hey, seeing how she turned into a news moderator along the way made me happy for her too.

First incident of meeting a person who shares my birthday. Very high anime affinity and Aria across the profile made this encounter perfect, thus we started talking, and nowadays still exchange Nico images (who's got the same birthday too) on our day each year, the Pi Approximation Day, the Pi ~ 22/7, the one and only 22nd of July.

Even though they're always creating new accounts and changing names, in my mind he'll stay the same good guy who I could talk to seemingly endlessly about anime, osu, life and his location (which is a rather unique one). All things considered, I'd even say that there's no other MAL friend I've talked to more.

The personified coincidence. It still baffles me just how many peculiar interactions we had in the various mafia games we played, culminating in my favourite game (which I mentioned above) receiving a personal subgoal of challenging him frequently and definitely not losing against his trickery. Also successfully interpreted a rather complex dream of mine. Very interesting person, and hopefully he comes back someday.

Probably the person who comes closest to me in anime taste, and we also share some other interests and quirks. By now I'm more surprised when he's got differing opinions rather than similar ones. Also my mental backup for creating the SoLC Discord server, and its second member. Not sure if his MishuBot personality has already taken over though~

From zero to hero. By being one of his first MAL friends, I got to see a lot of the development he took over these past couple of years, and dang was it adventurous based on what I noticed. The type of person you want in a chat in order to get it active, and in voice chats back during Skype days he was a part of making me less shy about actively talking in English without restraint.

Prone to name changes and sometimes meme-heavy, but this doesn't distract from how easy he is to talk to. Cute things, lots of Kancolle (past) and Azur Lane (nowadays) conversations, and also not shying away from the old anime, out of which World Masterpiece Theater anime grew on me a lot and still claim several of my favourite spots.

@Jackrito - @Zee530 - @Hibbington
The three main protagonists of the three MAL clubs I like the most (next to the Comfy Camp Club). Whilst Jackrito is not the founder of the Mafia Society, he at least was the leader for the time I was very active in this club. Zee has done a neat job in making the MAL Score Progressions, a club about mere numbers and statistics, into something that gets frequent traffic and updates and which is just all around interesting. And Hibbington is the head admin of the Anime Guild which is a nicely organised club environment, with the OP/ED contests and their Discord bot full of statistics being my favourite parts.

First MAL person I was able to meet in real life (:
Mhm, in retrospect, I must say that a lot of the people I got to know in the Slice of Life Club in late 2014 proved to be very enjoyable to be around.

I can't do this user list without giving a shout out to our resident melon ^-^

@staika - @BlueSky1310
Two girls that I've always had a good time talking to and which will remind me that, as long as you do initiate conversation for whatever trivial reason, all people on MAL have something interesting to say and like sharing at least some things. Slice of MAL life

One of my favourite twitch streamers, a Japanese osu player, who's helped my Japanese skills countless times and whose community was the reason I joined Discord in May 2016. Always fun to poke and to see how he handles English environments and western influences.

@canooooopy - @IdleSheep - @Mexiguy - @Lambdaa- - @Jeff_Smith - @Snob - @tosuka - @Godou - @Sneffy - @Wicklebee - @DenpaNyan- @Azurblau
Next to some names already mentioned, the main people who made the early days of the Slice of Life Club (now Comfy Camp Club)'s Discord server enjoyable. As a creator of a new server, getting active people on it was a main wish of mine, which made me welcome each input with open arms. The first five of these names showed so much activity or knowledge in anime that I made them moderators in an environment that honestly never was that much in need of heavy moderation due to slice of life environments being a bit more mature and calm than those revolving around other genres or anime in general. The later seven added their fair share to the early server success as well, and Azurblau even found fun in playing several board games with me online.
Overall, too many names to be mentioned when it comes to this part. One could say that I like all people in the club, the quirks and things they bring to the table. Feel good moments

Up until a month ago I didn't feel like ever disliking specific MAL people, however recent incidents on Discord have shown that there are two of them who wanted it this way.

The bane of any chat, or at least the ones I've been in so far. Fortunately I only had to deal with him in the Slice of Life Club, and at first, back in 2014 when the MAL club was still highly active, it was mostly the moderators of that time who he was in whatever conflict with. When he joined the Discord server though, in later 2017, yeah, that wasn't a time I wish anyone else to experience. Never talking or showing interest in anime, constantly showcasing his feet fetish for no reason whatsoever, flaming and looking down on other users, and worst of all, if people talked back, threatening that they get banned because his wife is the club's owner. This last point makes me believe that he might be very different in chats where he doesn't have this hidden support and where people can ban him for his toxicity without having to fear nepotistic repercussions. Well, ever since he left and followed Usagi to their new server, most of the drama has gone as well, so now he can serve as an example on what type of person I don't want to have around.

I tried. I really tried to respect her all the time for the effort she's put into building the Slice of Life Club to the respectable size it's got today. And in the beginning all was okay. Her events and games I participated in were fun, and even after the club became more silent and she needed time off the site, I continued updating necessary parts of the club at least. Then the transition to Discord happened, she joined as well and I gave her full powers. All was fine and dandy... until sometime this March, around the first birthday of the server. Out of the blue Chiki called me names, ugly names and terms, based on browsing through the thousands of pics I ever posted in order to find one or two that were minorly differing from the rules we had, making a huge issue out of past things where there wasn't any issue at all, and in the process also leading the server in a state of confusion. Usagi though, instead of trying to calm the situation, justified most of Chiki's act as cheek humor that doesn't go well with every crowd. All of this happened when I was already super tired, and when I woke up the next morning... she had left the server, cutting ties completely, leaving our server in a state of limbo, fully without explaining her actions. Apparently she and Chiki had already created a new server around a week earlier, which leaves the question: why didn't she just ask if we can all transfer to a new server and have a fresh start? Did anyone ever deny one of her requests? As if this wasn't enough already, when I checked the MAL club, I noticed that I got banned from the club. After being part of it for 4 years, always loving to talk about the genre, keeping it updated when she wasn't around, building a Discord community to work with... and it ended without a single word of thanks. Does my beloved genre really deserve its most popular MAL club to come down to this sort of behaviour?

How did you get into anime/manga?
It started with me developing a very soft spot for Pokémon (the level of advertisement of this franchise was phenomenal), and finding out about its show on TV, a medium that offered a lot in the older days when internet didn't define our lives yet. Thus I started to watch anime (without knowing any greater specifics about its origins or history) together with my brothers. Next to Pokémon, we also had lots of Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Detective Conan, and several screenings of Spirited Away. Things like Dragon Ball or One Piece also aired on TV, but no one of my family ever showed interest in tuning in to those.
Initiation to my current anime period didn't happen until Christmas 2011 when my younger brother pulled out a series by the name of Death Note. We watched it so excitedly throughout these holidays that I'm now surprised about not wanting more right away. So it needed my brother again to share Angel Beats in Sep 2012, and this proved to be more than sufficient to get me going. Clannad shortly after was thus the first anime I watched based on my own decision, followed by a lot of other Key stuff, and combining this with the circumstances and environment I grew up in, a serious interest in slice of life anime developed.

What other hobbies do you have outside of anime/manga and MAL?
For one, in order to physically stay in shape, I like to walk. I walk certain distances where others would already look for a means of transportation, I prefer the staircases to elevators, I like evening jogs, going for day-long hikes, etc. In order to truly test myself at least once each year, I participate in a mountain running event in my home village during the last weekend of August, covering a distance of 12km and a difference in altitude of around 200m. Truly feels like an accomplishment each time I cross the finish line.
My most important hobby is modern board gaming, both playing (real life and online) and also theorizing/discussing strategies. Several neat socializing elements in this sort of gaming, and inviting me to a board game is amongst the easiest ways of making me feel truly comfortable and also, in some game cases, fully getting the strategic and analytical side out of me, something that video games could pretty much never achieve to such a degree.
Due to my fondness for logic, structures and such, learning and understanding the concept of languages has also become a fascinating hobby. Being European and thus naturally speaking two or even three languages is a nice basis, and from there, I got fascinated by a lot of other tongues. Regarding the anime environment we are in here right now, Japanese is probably easiest to point out, and I can only say: try it too if you've got both time and motivation! Very beautiful in sound, fascinatingly different in structure, and opening new worlds to discover, for example visual novels.
Which brings me to a final hobby I wanna mention, which is playing visual novels, an activity that used to happen in English a few years ago, but mostly switched to full Japanese nowadays. Unfortunately very time-consuming in nature, but also very rewarding, with moments of excitement on a scale above what anime is capable of.

How do you think the people of MAL view you as a user?
Interesting question. I guess that I can only really talk about the people I interact with (which is mostly likely not too high since I'm not active in MAL forums). Generally, I'm sure that most of them know me as a person who never gets angry online, who might be lazy at times but gets things done once truly focused, who loves the genre of slice of life like almost no one else, who's appreciating cuteness and moe to an extent that being called Moecon is quite okay, and who wants to understand rather than disregard and meme about people who have different opinions and taste in anime. Also, in case you are either a more seasoned user or already checked my reviews for whatever other reason, you might also know me as someone who experimented with ways of reviewing. On MAL's official Discord, I'd at least like to post more pics, but seeing how its pic channel actively promotes non-anime spam (seriously, can't people just look at cat and dog pics online, or use these spams commands in the spam channel instead??), I'm mostly lurking on there.

Why you're so obsessed with cute things?
Most likely another result of my anime history. Ever since I developed this permeating interest in the mere life aspects of the medium, it's been the sensation of being carried away on smooth wings of acceptance right into their worlds. Characters that focus on coolness, edginess or whatever rather uncute characteristics might be able to convey their stories, but oftentimes I don't feel like I'm as much part of their world in comparison. Then there's also feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, something that recently made me give Yuru Camp a 10/10 as first airing anime ever. If these girls hadn't been as cute, both in looks and behaviour, I'd have also liked the show for its lovely outdoor and nature component, but it would have taken more episodes to make me feel at home. If I wasn't as affected by the cuteness, I could have also easily watched a real life documentation about camping, or western cartoons with similar topics (in case they exist), though this leads to the question of anime's overall value and advantages.
Music is another big thing in that regard. From soulful tunes such as the Angel Beats soundtrack or the magnificent Yuru Camp ED, to the cutest songs that we can hear e.g. in visual novel openings or by artists of the likes of Nanahira or nicamoq, a lot of these sounds full of feeling and positivity can add to my perception of cuteness and when and how I start calling something "moe".
In real life, I feel attracted to cute girls as well (although, whereas in Japanese entertainment it's quite equal, here the personality plays the most important role, and cuteness is more like a sweet plus). If we talk about literal things, then again, something that makes me smile or feel warm every time is highly desirable ^_^

Are you planning to crossdress by wearing pretty clothes in the near future?
Hmm, I've never been the guy who likes to dress up in overly fancy ways or as different personas, and even kinda disliked some of the carnival events in the past (fortunately Halloween and dressing up to that is only a modern phenomenon here and never bothered me). Imagining myself crossdressing to whatever occasion thus feels like a very far-fetched idea and would need a lot of persuasion or a combination of clothes/occasion that truly speaks to me. Crossdressing business gets especially tricky if we talk about girly clothes, which would quickly lead to traps, and yeah, I'll never dabble in these waters since I hate the concept of traps in Japanese entertainment and am conservative enough to feel that boys should stay boys and girls keep being girls, with clearly defined differences and strengths that in the end match and complement each other.

What factors should be present and not present for a Visual Novel to be good?
That depends on whether we talk about a) story-centered visual novels or b) romantic eroge.

Starting with a), the visual novel should first and foremost pay attention to presenting the initial setting, story and idea in a captivating, somewhat mysterious, and potentially unique fashion whilst also having at least one character I can already empathise with (oftentimes the protagonist), and no annoying/cliche characters right out of the gate. Examples that do this well are Aiyoku no Eustia with a setting of a city floating in the sky and the rough medieval charm (immediately carried by the fully voiced protagonist and the fantastic soundtrack), or Baldr Sky whose frequent switch between present and past makes you do some guesswork right away (coincidentally also helped by a fully voice protag). On the other hand, in order to get to the supposedly best parts of Muv-Luv Alternative (the best rated VN on vndb), you need to tackle an unusually mediocre school story at first, without any interesting snippets of a past, or a greater mystery, or how the world truly works, and that caused me to put it on-hold (which would have been a drop in case of a less praised VN).
Later on, the story-driven VNs optimally make use of the medium in full form, and present the climax(es) by e.g. switching points of view, playing the goose bumps inducing music (music is generally way more important in VNs than in anime since you can pay a lot more attention to it due to the medium's slow nature), or making special use of saving/loading/concept of various playthroughs. Ever17 excels here with tons of intelligent moments and surprises. The recent Doki Doki Literature Club, fresh on many people's minds, also shines by pushing boundaries.

About b), thinking of a visual novel as "good" mostly depends on your own preferences in characters, quirks and looks. I might have a big advantage here since I love most slice of life content to begin with, thus the common routes of cute romance stories where you frequently just joke around and try to set flags already interest me a lot, and I'm not only playing these eroge for the later content (even in NekoPara I enjoy the slice of life content and appreciate how it makes me look forward to seeing these girls again). Of course, cause of the endless amount of romance eroge out there, the looks and enjoyment of the characters immediately need to grab me and lead the way. Such games are a time investment, and if it wasn't for immediate cuteness, I could also watch an anime or a western romance. All of these things make dropping eroge easier than story-driven VNs. Well, if I stay true to the medium of visual novels for more years to come, I might eventually pick up some of the dropped eroge again, see Hoshizora no Memoria as an example, something I tried for a few hours but couldn't see any greater appeal in.
If a romantic visual novel does its job, Ialready feeling at ease when seeing the main menu , then hearing their voices combined with memorable and soothing soundtrack, cute girls I wanna learn more about, and not getting bothered by any scene dragging on for too long just to reach length requirements. Shugaten, which I played last year, features a lot of the positives I like, and even comes with character art of my currently favourite artist.
A final aspect I want to mention is the possibility of being surrounded by Japanese without any quick means of translation help, thus basically forcing me to understand at least the gist of what's going on... a method I don't want to miss when it comes to language learning. Helped by fully readable texts and lots of pronunciation (again advantage to this VNs that have voiced protags), I certainly consider this a good quality of visual novels as well, even if it's technically not specific to the medium.

How do you combat the "SOL shows are boring since nothing big and exciting happens
Let me ask you: what is "big", what is "exciting"? Big as in overthrowing evil, exciting as in ten story elements per minute and flashiness until our eyes need a rest?
To make it short, my common answer to this sort of question is "The world happens". Just like in real life where we live in eventful and constantly changing environments and circumstances, characters in SoL anime experience life as well, need to face personal hardships, find small moments of personal luck, hang out with friends, etc. Anyone who considers this "boring" either considers real life boring as well, or simply live such a fast moving life (perhaps life in a huge city? That's not something I've got experience with) that appreciating seemingly trivial events of other people's lives is of no value to them.
There's also the personal reason of possible learning about how to deal with life situations myself, something that goes beyond mere popcorn entertainment others might watch anime for. There's not a lot of greater value for me to learn and remember in mecha anime, or swordfights with scripted victors, or oblivious males who can't read signs or even try to understand girls. Now take Yuru Camp, an anime without high stakes or insane conflicts, about the activity of camping. And gosh was I glued to the screen each episode and feeling the true power of anime. Life is beautiful, the possibilities out there are endless, and by learning about the advantages of camping in the cold or the differences in solo/group camping, I developed both an exciting connection to these girls and imagined my own future outdoor activities. And that's, believe it or not, a form of anime entertainment that can't be rivalled by shows that probably caused this question to be asked in the first place.
I noticed that a fondness for slice of life can develop over time, by getting older and more experienced in anime and life in general. Never underestimate change!

So how much do you like outdoor activities like camping and how often do you do them?
As mentioned earlier, I like to go on hikes, oftentimes in nature or on mountains since I've had them around me for all my life.
Camping in particular is honestly not something I have initiated myself yet, and only had a few group camps with either family or friends. Once again Yuru Camp (which must have made many people aware of this activity) opened my eyes in several ways, and now I'm looking forward to trying it more. Perhaps simply doing one night camps in nearby forest or camping areas, maybe even alone just like Rin does it a lot. A fresh breeze of air, natural sounds, becoming one with Mother Nature... it's got the special charm!

Is there something unasked you would like to talk about?
There'd be no way that all questions are asked and all things talked about at any given time, but that's fine. Life's a continuous process that might provide new topics of interest around the next corner. Although, to say at least something MAL related here, let me throw in a few parts that still linger in my head after all the other lines above.
Even though I'm not as active on MAL anymore as I used to be, this website does mean a lot to me, particularly in how it made me able to chat in English in endless occasions, thus giving me much needed writing experience. I suggest everyone to find places and people on mal they are comfortable with, to watch the anime they want to watch (and not those that hype/peer pressure/ratings/memes force them towards), to make use of the entire entire rating scale where 5 and 6 are average ratings. Make sure you are aware of this website: - its numbers and statistics have improved my MAL experience several times. And someday, it'll be time for MAL to tell me why clubs still don't have editable club comments, whereas profile comments can be edited...
Oh, and in case it hasn't shone through yet, everyone is welcome in the Comfy Camp Club. A small but certainly comfy community, offering a safe place to talk about slice of life anime and other happiness inducing things, and which will always be a main way of mine to connect to MAL and come back time after time.

Any feedback on the interview format?
Format is okay, no complaints. If the system allows for the same person to get several interviews, how about something like an updated version after a few years if something crucial has changed? But as long as we've got so many interesting people on this site, we won't run out of stories to share. In that sense, I'm looking forward to read more interviews of interesting people (:

Can you recommend us 3 members who we can choose from to interview next and briefly explain why you would love to read their interviews?
Not sure if possible, but how about an actual interview with the site's creator Xinil?
Hibbington - seems like the prime choice if we want to learn about how to manage a MAL club and make it flourish
Snob - talkative, and as someone who's got over a thousand days spent in reading manga, hearing what he truly has to say about this medium could be exciting
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all hail our emperor Xia
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Couldn't resist a post here for this wonderful review of the wonderful Xia :3
Can't believe it's been more than 3 years already, but good times for sure, and honoured to be mentioned of course ;)

To many more years, hopefully!!! :beers:

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These moments when you see your time spent on MAL appreciated in any form or fashion... moments irreplaceable in their own right. Thanks to everyone for reading ^_^

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Thanks for listing me even though I left for quite a while.
Feels good to be appreciated (:
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Nice interview, especially liked that part about VNs. Good to see that ever17 mention too.
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The sheer power of Ever17's main twist grabbed me so well and is definitely something I wish every friend of visual novels to experience in a completely unspoiled fashion!
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It's always good to know fellow Visual Novel readers^^

Though it's a bit of a pity imho that you didn't get hooked to Hoshimemo.

The flexibility of the sentence structure and vast richness in vocabulary make German indeed a language fit for the "poets and thinkers", so I'm glad to see more fellow countrymen appreciate our beautiful tongue ^^

Still, those 12 years of our past get boring. There are far, far more significant events in our history.
Apr 21, 2018 7:55 AM
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I'm actually not sure I've heard the specific term moecon used by anyone else before but it'd certainly fit my image of you at least ^^

Feels weird to say we've been friends for almost 5 years now but hopefully we can keep it up for a long time to come still too <3

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Apr 21, 2018 2:43 PM

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Noboru said:
The flexibility of the sentence structure and vast richness in vocabulary make German indeed a language fit for the "poets and thinkers", so I'm glad to see more fellow countrymen appreciate our beautiful tongue ^^

Still, those 12 years of our past get boring. There are far, far more significant events in our history.

Absolutely! It's time for even more people to look at the language and country beyond of what these fateful 12 years have brought us. Focusing on the various positives feels way better anyway (:

HaXXspetten said:
Feels weird to say we've been friends for almost 5 years now but hopefully we can keep it up for a long time to come still too <3

Apr 21, 2018 3:23 PM

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Xiaraith said:
Absolutely! It's time for even more people to look at the language and country beyond of what these fateful 12 years have brought us. Focusing on the various positives feels way better anyway (:
This, this and thiiiiiiiiiiiis exactly! :)

It's kinda annoying that those 12 years get so much attention when there is so much good stuff our culture has brought into world. The world wouldn't have advanced that fast without the Germans and there's lots of beautiful music and architecture.

Sadly, our culture is slowly crumbling down. Values like incorruptibility doesn't seem to exist any longer.
Punctuality isn't valued as high as it used to with "flexitime".
Saving has become much less worth than buying shares on the market.
Modern architecture and modern art has become absolute atrocious-looking garbage.
Products have become less qualitative for the sake of having the customer buy replacements.
Apr 27, 2018 4:16 AM

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Not mentioned orz
Apr 27, 2018 4:54 AM

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I wouldn't be surprised if the task of mentioning people is the hardest part to most interviewed people. As soon as one starts to mention someone, there'll eventually always be someone else who feels unnoticed. Way too many good souls on MAL to make an exhaustive list ><
Apr 27, 2018 12:23 PM

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That's a very well done interview.

If you were a girl then many men on MAL will hit on you lol.
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Apr 27, 2018 2:28 PM
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Gridley said:
That's a very well done interview.

If you were a girl then many men on MAL will hit on you lol.
If you're feminine enough that can happen even if you're a guy, trust me

A cuddle a day keeps the pouting away~
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Apr 27, 2018 3:39 PM

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Fortunately this won't happen to me. I'm totally fine the way I am ^_^
Aug 26, 2018 11:59 PM

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interesting interview bro... well done
Aug 27, 2018 6:54 AM

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Thank you ^_^