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Apr 17, 2018 1:36 PM

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I loved the journey so far, and would love to see an amazing end... But I don't want to see Natsume Yuujinchou coming to an end DDDDD:
"I died long ago. This is just a bad dream"
Apr 20, 2018 1:30 AM
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I don't want Natsume end this quickly :(

i hope this is not the last of his journey.
Apr 28, 2018 1:04 PM
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I think it is, but DON'T WANNA ADMIT IT!!!!
May 6, 2018 3:05 PM

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Unconcerned said:
What makes you think it's the end? I haven't seen a manga announcement saying the series was wrapping up. From what I know the show caught up pretty much but that's happened in past seasons and after a few years they created new seasons.

That's good then! I don't read the manga so I have no clue lel
"I died long ago. This is just a bad dream"
Sep 15, 2018 3:29 AM

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manga still ongoing dude......ffs

why does my favorite anime always not get a new season?,
but why anime that I hate always get a new season?
Jan 5, 1:33 PM

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We need a new season there's enough manga material.
Feb 4, 1:01 AM
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Please message me if you learned any news for new season. ;3; I can't live with this without proper closer. I don't want it to end too.
Feb 8, 9:58 PM

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The movie didn't seem like an ending in any way and the series is incredibly popular in Japan. S7 will come in time.
Sep 17, 10:14 AM

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I hope this will not be the last. I want some more of this
Oct 3, 4:52 AM
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I believe they making a profit from this, so there's no way they end it like this