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Apr 14, 2018 1:50 PM

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Okay as all of you know, this is a fairly new club ^.^
Now I need help like any other infant club; so if you happen to be free, active on MAL, willing to become an admin and of course you love gender bending stuff, then please sign up! ^.^

(Quota is not yet decided; I have to see the response first :X)

Mass Invites
Besides inviting people to join, I also need you to request affiliation with other clubs. You will be communicating with the members too (i.e. sending mass messages for launching of cards and activities) :)

You have to keep the club active with various activities (which we can discuss), hopefully even during the time when there is a lack of cards. You have to tend the activity thread you are doing :)

Your role is to create promotional graphics for this fanclub~ And of course to beautify the profile page :)

Member Cards/LE/SE
I need lesser people for this one as I am a card maker myself :X But all help is appreciated so feel free to join~ More help is always better than none :)

(Every admin can do each of everything, but this is just to make things clearer in case you need to prioritise.)

*Important: I'll remove you from admin status if you are inactive for more than a month without informing. (It's the same if you are active in other clubs while you are inactive in this club.)

I try to give some privileges for admins~ So I shall list a few for now:
Double quota for member cards/LE cards/SE cards
Personalised member cards from me (based on the picture you choose)
--> Please remind me and personally request it 'cause I may forget :3
The very position of an admin; what's more? ^.^
You can suggest more and I'll consider them :P

Application format

You should choose only two main roles :)

Requested position(s):
Reason(s) for applying: