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This is a compiled list of legal Anime streaming and downloading sites.
I will try to keep this list as accurate and updated as possible.
Thanks for looking and enjoy.

Quick notes about these sites:
- Most of these services are only available for the North American audience, unless stated otherwise.
- All the streaming sites, unless otherwise noted, offer free viewing of their content.
- If an episode is available for download, usually a nominal fee is required, about $1.99.

Streaming Sites:

- Basic membership lets the user view almost everything, but there is a "week" waiting period for the newer content.
- The site requires a Star Membership to use some of it’s features like “advanced” viewing, 480p or “720p” "quality," and to access some of it’s contents.
- Episodes can be purchased and downloaded here
- The shows' episode release dates are here

*FUNimation Download-To-Own Video Store:
*Veoh Channel:
- Shows update weekly with maybe one or two episodes.
- Episodes are available for download for $1.99.

The Anime Network:
- A registered account is required to access the series. Most series are subjected to a subscription fee, which is $6.95 a month.

- Like that of regular T.V. shows, there will be the "occasional" commercial breaks.
- Most of the videos allow the user to watch the video at either 360p or 480p quality.

- This is within the same ballpark as the Hulu description, with the exception of not having a 480p option.
- They have Naruto Shippuden from the beginning to the latest episodes; updates weekly.

Cartoon Network:

[adult swim]:
- This site doesn't have an accumulative collection of the series' episodes. They typically stream what episode is going to be aired on their time block.
- All series are in English.

- A memberships is required to view the content. Plans start as low as $4.99/month.
- Show of the content here can or can't be viewed online. It just depends.
- Thanks to mozychan for the info

- All series are in English.

Anime News Network:
- The series here are just a repeat of what is listed above, mostly from FUNimation. This is more like a embedded site than a site that hosts videos.

Gaia Online:
- An account is required to view these shows.

- Credit to TheUndeadLord for the information
- "streams a few series as well. (nevermind, they're all courtesy of Hulu =/)" ~TheUndeadLord


YouTube Channels:

YouTube Animation & Cartoons:
or this

- Some of these videos are in parts.
- There is a HQ, high quality, option for some of the series.



Kadokawa Entertainment:
- Available Worldwide
- Thanks to ps2xgmr for the info



If you speak Japanese, try these out:
Toei Animation-
Anime One- (Change from BIGLOBE-
Anime Newtype Channel-
- Thanks to mozychan for the info

Download Sites:

- On average, each episode is about $1.99, and full-featured films are about $15.00. Payment is via Paypal.
- Technical notes:
*Typical Episode Size: 300-600mb
*Typical Movie Size: 1.5-2.5GB
*File Type: Microsoft Windows Media(WMV)
*Video Quality: High Quality 3 MBPS
*Sound Quality: 128 Kbps Stereo
*Activations: 2 PC

- Episodes are bought in a points system. On average, the price per episode is 100 points, and 500 points is $10.00, which is acquired using paypal.
- Available worldwide.

- Free Download
- Requires Torrent-like software to download.

- Offers 7 days trial unlimited download and plans starting from only $9.99 per month.


- They sell Anime episodes for $1.99.
- iTunes software is required.

Microsoft Download Sites:
*Xbox Live:
- Thanks to mozychan for the info

Amazon Video On Demand Anime Store:
- Mostly FUNimation titles
- They sell Anime episodes for $1.99.
- Thanks to mozychan for the info

Articles on Anime and Licensing and Copyright:
- Licensing by Brennan
* This is a very condensed wikiroll article on licensing, copyright, fansubbing, and crunchyroll.
- How Fansubs Steal from Studios, One Episode at a time by DomFortress
* "A spirited discussion on [the] crunchyroll forums, where user DomFortress explains how illegal fansubs [and distribution practices] hurt the [Anime] industry"
- I will not discuss (argue) about the legality of Fansubs, other "Anime" streaming site, and the like on this thread, as there has been more than a handful of them going around the Anime community and on this site especially. I listed these sites as legal because they more than comply with the copyright law practices in the U.S. and Japan.

Closing Notes:
- If you have any knowledge of any more sites like these, legal and such (one that has ties with the Anime companies), please share them.
- Suggestions, comments, corrections, random crap, anything else?
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