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Poll: Violet Evergarden Episode 13 Discussion

Apr 16, 7:44 PM
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I have never read the novel, but I really did enjoy this anime. I cried almost every episode. I'm not sure where all the hate is coming from. I thought the characters were developed enough to get the jist, the animation was great, and the stories were truly moving. It makes me want to start writing again! Do we think the last client was Gilbert or someone else?
Apr 17, 8:22 AM
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This series was absolutely captivating. The art was beautifully styled and the story line was stunning.

Violet grew up so much, some people have said that towards the end she became a bit of a cry baby, i think the reason why this has been done is to show how 'human' she has become, she has been through so much and not to be able to cry over it has bottled all the emotions she didnt even know she had up.

I am very very very annoyed by that end clip! Going through her usual introduction and being very much not violet stops, gasp s, than smiles!

Now i want to know who that person was!

Uhh well a new season has been approved or something like that.

Overall its a 9.5/10 for me!
Apr 19, 2:47 AM

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That ending was very much like Letter Bee's. Man this show is overrated but hey it doesn't mean I don't like it. I liked it so much.
Apr 19, 3:49 PM
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I justed finished watching it, Violet evergarden may seem to some as boring, mediocre or average,this means that they didn't really understand it,this work is full of diffrent types of emotions; from hapiness to sorrow and sadness, and the most distinctive one :Love.
All the story is fictional but it carries these deep sentiments in it, my mind and heart were both touched by them, it wad truly wonderful. I conclude with and advice to all , read the novel because it is much richer than the anime,many of you will surely enjoy it. Peace☆
Apr 20, 12:09 AM

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Well, it was okay. Nothing special to be honest. 7/10
Apr 20, 8:52 AM

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A slightly patchy finale but was mostly good. Still can't really get Dietfried's character.

Everyone worried a lot about VE in the first episodes, I did too; but everything fell into place eventually, ...Like Clockwork. Ended up a very respectable show in every front.

Not Kyoto's magnum opus that some saw this would be, but still an important cornerstone in Japanese animation. Mostly due to visual achievements though. 7-8/10
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Apr 20, 3:30 PM

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Pleasant ending to such an enjoyable series. I had great time with it, and I'm normally not a fan of anime with episodic formula, they almost always bore me. But here, not even close! Violet's development is amazing and clearly visible. I liked her since the very beginning, she's not your typical silent and following orders type of girl (after Gilbert's death, of course). If she is focused on something, she'll do anything to get it done, and she won't take "no" for an answer.

I don't have that much to say about the side characters, because they didn't get enough screentime, sadly... although the ending with reading/talking about their letters was cute and lovable :3 I'd love to see more of them in the future.

Animation and soundtrack were stunning, as expected from KyoAni. Also, I've never seen so many timelapses in one series! But even that fitted perfectly, to my surprise.

Nothing beats episode 10, I won't forget it. I was sobbing throughout its ending, and some time after that, it had a huge impact on me.

The best KyoAni series since first season of Hibike! Euphonium :3 I'd love to watch more of Violet, whether it's in another season or a movie. 8/10

Apr 21, 2:34 AM

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Ok, the animation is amazing but the story is not my cup of tea... nothing special 7/10.

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Apr 21, 3:21 PM

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Every once in a while, the last episode of a show leaves me too overwhelmed to collect my thoughts together to write a post, so I never get back to it. Here's me finally coming back to one of those to write one :P

The performance from Daisuke Namikawa during the tent scene with Violet was so damn good, especially during the end when Gilbert was holding back his tears.

I didn't know what to expect when Violet met with Gilbert's mom. I was afraid she might partly blame her too, but when she said,
"It wasn't your fault."
What a heavy, heavy line that was. Or I guess I should say weight-lifting line, especially after dickhead Dietfried sunk her guilt even deeper.

I love the idea of an Air Show event to write letters to loved ones. All of the letters falling from the sky were really a sight to see :)

Didn't notice until I read on reddit, but the flame in the water at the end there finally went out.

Violet isn't burning, anymore.

The soundtrack for this show is one of my all-time favorites. I don’t think there’s a single song played that wasn’t good, and some of the tracks are absolutely fantastic.

This was one of the most beautiful stories--visually, musically, and emotionally--that I've ever had the pleasure to view. It was such a wonderful experience being able to watch Violet grow and build relationships alongside the characters she would meet throughout each of the episodes.

And this is just the beginning. Live, live, live, and live some more, Violet Evergarden.
Apr 21, 9:07 PM

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I really liked this anime. The animation was beautiful, sound was great...there were men in automatic 10!!

Just kidding...but seriously though, I do love military shows and shows with feels, so this was quite enjoyable. I do wish they would do a prequel to this, showing Violet's history, how she became what she was, how she came into the possession of Gilbert's bro, more of the story of her and Gilbert fighting, etc...

I also REALLY wanted them to reveal that "surprise" Gilbert didn't die, he ended up a prisoner or something like that and he showed up in the end. For now I will pretend that the last house she went to, it was Gilbert who opened the door....but I also think she would've been way more excited, especially considering everything, but that is the lie I will tell myself because that's what I want. :D
Apr 22, 2:59 PM

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Really enjoyed watching this. Generally when I start a show I'm just looking for a good time, and Violet was a good time.

It is kinda weird, but this is one of the first times I've preferred the side stories to the main plot. I don't even think there is much to the whole stop the bad guys from getting the ambassador to the peace treaty. Felt rather mediocre in that regard.

The side stories were really good. I liked meeting the new characters learning about their issues, and seeing how Violet would resolve them while also resolving her own inner conflict. Episode 10 especially had really good emotional weight.

Fun stuff :)
Apr 24, 7:22 AM
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zannett said:
This was a weird series for me because the sub-plots absolutely dwarfed the main plot for me.

Like, a lot of the cases Violet handled brought me to tears. I should applaud the writing, by the way, because it appears that there were actually a few anime-original clients, but they were all so very good. The client sub-plots as relatable snippets of life, representing struggles of different people, and they were all very touching. The main plot in comparison felt pretty bland, although it is very nice to have watched Violet progress over the course of the series. Although I wouldn't consider this a perfect series, I think it's easily close enough that it'll be a 10/10.

Also, for those who care, there is a reddit comment outlining the differences between the LN and the anime:

In my opinion the anime sounds like an adaptation that may have actually improved on the original work...

Man, I felt exactly that way. The episodic sub-plots were so good it actually overshadowed the main plot, but at the same time it assimilates perfectly into the main story because it helped Violet to grow into a human.

And I think the enjoyment of this series isn't actually the touchy subjects, but how we picture ourselves as one of Violet's guardian. We watched her grow up, from how she was not able to talk, into the very picture of a human tool with no emotions and proper affections given from anyone except Gilbert, while she was not even aware of it.. and ultimately into a normal human being.

It is really hard for me to see Gilbert and Violet relationship as a couple, as they fit more into a father and daughter, and that is exactly what I picture myself as, when I'm watching this anime, which is the feeling of a parent/guardian who watches over their daughter. Young adult viewers would definitely enjoy this show more than younger audience in my opinion.

Though main story was so-so, but it is still enough for me to rate this as a masterpiece.
Apr 27, 2:51 PM

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Lol slightly disappointed in the end, but we already saw that coming. 7/10 really beautiful animation kuddos on that but for some who have read the source material know this went on a different direction

Well at least someone taking this and making an anime gives me slight hopes of someone picking Hakomari (netflix please?)
Apr 27, 3:04 PM

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If only the rest of the anime were like the last two episodes. I wanted to see this anime for Violet not for subplots and a lack of character development for the others in the Doll office. Show could have been half as long.
Apr 28, 3:33 AM

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quite a slow-paced ending.
it was a very good ending.
Apr 28, 10:06 AM

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Apr 28, 6:26 PM

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I enjoyed the original ending. Really fit more with the themes in the story - mainly death and grief. Pretty decent overall. I gotta say most of the original episodes were my favourites, along with the sick mother one.

Animation was phenomenal and I enjoyed the music too.
Apr 29, 12:35 AM

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-WHO IS THE CLIENT??? Is it who I think it is? After all there was no body... And if you dig under rubble you'd eventually find a body if the person actually died there... Unless the body was moved for some reason, which I doubt happened... She wouldn't just gasp at a random client...

-Violet stating that she no longer needed orders, was the proclamation that she had overcome her grief and was able to find closure regarding Gilbert. She has achieved a full sense of self and realized it. She was even able to write a letter of her own and articulate her feelings now that she has a true understanding of them all, the culmination of her growth and the completion of the transition to this phase of her life from a dark and tragic past.

-The art, animation, and music were phenomenal. There were times when all of these elements came masterfully together and immensely amplified the intensity of the scene. Loved the OP and the ED, although the OP will be the one that sticks with me for a very long time.

-I'm still quite curious about Violet's past before being taken in by Gilbert. Her behavior and understanding of people were far below that of anyone who has had some minimum level of social interaction growing up I think. For her to be this way, before being discovered she would had to have been raised purely as a tool and isolated from people or any sort of normal human interaction for most of her life.

-It has been an absolutely captivating journey to watch Violet develop and steadily reflect on herself, filled with many heartwarming, heartwrenching, and touching moments that examined the struggles and joys that life presents, and the inherent beauty of the human experience despite the tragedies that plague it. Life may be much too ephemeral, but it is something to be treasured and the time we spend with those we hold dear in our hearts are to be cherished.

-That being said, this show was mainly a series of random one-off side stories with Violet as the observer. While it makes sense in regards to the plot, I felt that at times it stole too much of Violet's spotlight and strayed away from her struggles, while simultaneously pushing underdeveloped single-use characters on us in order to create emotion. This also wasn't helped by the timeskips where she had clearly developed in between episodes. More backstory for Violet would have been nice and may have helped in having to suspend disbelief in some instances, and for some of the side characters more efficient use of their backstory or time would have made their outcome more impactful and appear less contrived. However, despite all of this the show was beautiful. Many feels were had.

Overall Rating: 9/10
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Apr 29, 12:33 PM

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We've come a long way. Especially myself. I saw this series as an overhyped beautiful mess and it somewhat still is but with a story worth telling and heart that I don't think you can find everywhere.

Violet's journey to feel her humanity, what love is to her, and tap into emotions was one that felt very natural and lovely to experience. The visuals were no doubt gorgeous obviously.

The OST was breathe taking. The ED and it's early cuts into scenes really swept me away. The series did make me tear up and the infamous episode 10 really ruined me.

HOWEVER. This series has A FUCK TON OF ISSUES. First off this series has a direction and uniformity issue like no other. This series wasn't sure how much main plot there should be and kept switching from that to episodic and it drove me damn near crazy. I honestly think episode 1 should've been an hour or so long; established Violet's position and her introduction into the dolls and maybe include the episode with Luculia. But it should've been episodic with Violets backstory kicking in to book end it. Also the pov of character narrating what they thought of Violet was inconsistent; it could've been a good inclusion but it was in a lot and not others. And of course not all the individual stories were powerful. The episode with the Mother/Daughter, Leon, and the Princess Charlotte were quite impactful and felt rounded and full because of their focus but things like the Father/Daughter and Aiden with his childhood sweetheart. Even Iris and Ericka individual stories were pretty weak. The war issues were also very tacked on, I felt as if the episodic tales could show us how the war impacted the individual people much better then us being told; which was also kind of an annoyance to me as I've said in my previous posts. Lots of telling when we could've been shown and not info dumped information. This is somewhat of an adult drama so I don't think it's needed.

And something that really didn't tick me off in the same vein but I agree with. A lot of the visual cues and symbolism were very scattered. Of course the animation and coloring was undeniably great but this really needed a director who could master the cinematography and the weight of scenes. Big scenes mattered but I felt as if the details were left by the way side. Certain effects and use of flashbacks on cuts were annoying. This series isn't that long. I remember 5 or so episodes back and since this series came out all at once, it's not as if anyone isn't watching this on binge.

*big sigh* I wanted more from this even if I came in with low expectations. I feel like I might comeback to this if I read the novels and especially after the special. I want to so badly give this something of a 7 because I feel like it has a lot of good will. But I have such an issue with it's flaws. And like most KyoAni series, there is one specific relationship that shines. Violet has all these friends and connections but at the end of the day her and Gilbert despite him being dead resonated so much more, nothing even came close to it.

Overall I'm happy with what I got. But come on KyoAni. Please tighten up your scripts and visual directions.
Apr 29, 3:50 PM

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Well, while it's good Violet finally met the boy who she promised to meet again one day and while the scene with grandma was great, the rest of the episode wasn't as good as it could be.

The opening part with the bridge was unreal (how the fuck did Benedict kicked of the bomb from jump and how the fuck was he even able to catch Violet after that?) and the rest of the episode was full of forced melodrama to my taste. Well, not that it would be so bad but it doesn't felt very natural. And that applies to whole this series.

So while some episode were pretty emotional (ep7 or ep10), it would be much much better if this anime follow its episodic format only and ditched the bad background story completely as it was never really good and full of illogicalities. Even worse, anytime army and Violet battle deeds were involved the plot sucked really hard (and that also applies to three last episodes).

Still, I agree there was some merit in some slice-of-life episodes and I enjoyed the series during these. Too bad those can't reedem this series completely. The show is certainly worth to watch for it atmosphere but plot-wise there were times when the story lacked on many levels. I would also like better character developement for all the side characters in the doll service, they were mostly one-trick-ponies... Visuals and music were nice though.

6/10 You have to disregard many illogicalities to enjoy this show in the first place but when you do, there are probably several good episodes to be seen.
Apr 29, 3:57 PM

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Violet's over obsession with the major was a turn off for me, but overall beautiful art. I'm glad though she understood the word"I love you" in the end, but that's it for me because I won't watch season 2 if the theme is about the major again.

I will give it a 6/10 for effort.
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Apr 29, 8:45 PM

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So....who's the mother of Claudia's child? Hypothetical?

Looking forward to the unaired episode bundled with the BD/DVDs, as well as the newly greenlit project. Hope the new project is a OVA Movie series, or one really damn good one. I'd be ok with a short but sweet sequel as well.

I'm glad I was an anime-only watcher going into this, because I'm absolutely sure I wouldn't be able to help but compare the source material to this while watching it. At least this way, I could have enjoyed it to the best I could have without any lingering thoughts at the back of my head. Although I do wish they would do a faithful adaption with the new project that was announced, or expand upon it.

Overall, I enjoyed it. 9/10...-1 for Benedict's entire incomprehensible existence, especially the ass-pull stunts in the finale...all while wearing high heels.
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Apr 30, 12:06 PM

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I think the last episode was little bit weak. I was hoping to see more.
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Apr 30, 11:25 PM

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Violet Evergarden was fantastic with emphasis on the visuals KyoAni is well-known for. The slow, melancholy personality of this show was utilized beautifully and not so much in all thirteen episodes. The ending benefited from the somber state whereas the introduction did not and almost caused myself to give up this anime prematurely. Violet's emotional growth was abrupt I think; I did not feel convinced that she comprehended her suppressed emotions until episode seven - could be KyoAni's behalf on rushing Violet Evergarden's plot to fit within the episodic time frames. I had hoped the main characters in the company Violet worked at would have more significance than the side characters Violet met on her adventures, but I guess watching Violet interact with her clients was the method to show most of her emotional development. For the ending, all I can say is it could have been for better or worse and I will stay with my middle ground decision. Kudos to KyoAni for leaving the finale as open ended rather than choose to have Gilbert either totally dead or alive to provide appeasement to the viewers whom would like Gilbert either be in the present or in the past. Also, credit for having the finale ended so that the viewer could stop at certain times to justify their own ending. In my mind, I would have been satisfied if I stopped at the time frame where Violet's tears landed on the violet flower if I had not continued til the very end. Would I say this anime clearly achieved top marks from viewers' expectations? Shortly, no. Though, Violet Evergarden caused me - and other viewers - to experience deep anguish as powerful as her's, which I believe Violet Evergarden is worthy of a hearty recommendation to people who have yet to see it.

P.S. I hope SalmonSandwich is content with the (open ended) finale. His or her want for Gilbert to be deceased stuck with me as I lurked through previous threads.

SalmonSandwich said:
SalmonSandwich's text here; wanted to ping the person for a friendly response.
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May 2, 9:40 AM

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Linerax said:

P.S. I hope SalmonSandwich is content with the (open ended) finale. His or her want for Gilbert to be deceased stuck with me as I lurked through previous threads.

Late reply, definitely agree with your sentiments for the series overall, and I really did enjoy the series even with its weak intro and fairly rough finale, but the middle journey being so strong I had to give it a solid 7/10 (scores are arbitrary imo and all you need to know is that I consider it a solid average show through and through, nothing offended me and nothing wowed me either.) And since the ending is open, until a canon 2nd season/movie sequel occurs that rectifies the open ending, the viewer gets to decide which ever path they want for the ending, which is fantastic.

TLDR: was satisfied with the ending and the show overall was a satisfying unique trip for 13 episodes.
May 2, 6:45 PM
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I love this show so much
May 3, 3:20 PM

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Give this woman called Violet a knights sword. Is all I can ask. XD
May 6, 12:52 PM

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I had to rate the series a 10. I couldn't find a flaw in it. Superb.

When I really forced myself to think of something to criticize, I could only say that some of the voice acting in the dub was flat in characters that didn't really have reason to be. Although, even that could be debated as intentional. I fucking loved this, and I'm not sure how adding anything could improve on it. I'm scared to even think what the special will be, but I think the entire thing was beautiful, and wonderfully executed. Well done.
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May 7, 6:54 PM

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A little sad ending but it was expected, she finally let it go.
To be honest, i was expecting a little more, i can't tell what but enjoyed it a lot.

So, who she saw in the end? Don't tell me that he is alive? I think it would ruin a little the idea of the anime.... But let's wait and see.

8-9/10, amazing ost and the visuals are simply stunning!
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May 8, 4:42 AM

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Nice episode, it was a nice touch that the brother took her to see their mom.
Also, that end...Gilbert might be alive!!! Looking forward to the OVA
May 10, 10:32 AM

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THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!! God damn!!! I loved this show so much!! It was so beautiful, the characters were great, the stories were amazing, it was just so amazing.

May 11, 2:09 AM

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I want season 2. ;3 Less of Gilbert's brother plz thnx.

May 12, 12:40 PM

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What the hell was that pause at the end? What was that pause?!

May 14, 6:17 PM

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very enjoyable but there was a couple things that really bothered me and also for some reason this anime kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. i kinda wish i didn't watch this anime, because of that. wasn't a bad anime at all, but i guess i just dislike these type of endings. wish they were faithful to the novel's ending, i feel like that would have been better and more satisfying. but apparently there will be a movie or something

the ending of the episode was really strange because i can't imagine it being Gilbert behind the door because Violet's reaction would NOT be so mild. like imagine seeing someone you thought was dead and was basically your entire existence, you would not just smile sweetly and be like "yay". but i can't imagine it just being some random customer either

anyways, there was some flaws but just animation and soundtrack were worth watching for. people who are giving this like 1/10 or 2/10 are liars, why would you sit through 13 episodes if you hated it so much?

May 15, 6:21 AM

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I enjoyed this anime so much

So many tears and so many emotions...

Thank you violet evergarden...
May 16, 5:49 PM

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It's pretty good, but there wasn't anything outstanding about it. Super overhyped, unfortunately :(

6/10, although the animation was quite beautiful. I liked Violet's development throughout the series.

Things were predictable in this anime, but it was still enjoyable. I'm glad I gave it a watch overall :)
May 19, 12:01 AM
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Kyo Ani always screw up LN adapted Ending
i just remember today Hyouka ending also Half Assed
if we read LN that will be better
and This Violet Eyecandy Overhype Garden
Ending is Non-sense
when we can get the most great ending
but no KyoAnie choose the shitty ending just like they do with Hyouka
May 19, 6:46 AM

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It was good until episode 11 after that is really disappointing...
English is not my mother language.
May 23, 3:55 AM

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GreenEmu said:
Major_Gilbert said:
Not bad. Glad that I'm dead.

Only in the anime, in the LN

Mod edit: added spoiler tag

Oh my is major alive, plz tell its making me crazy and I think I should read the novel as well
May 24, 6:16 PM
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Beautiful ending after that bad last episode with the war coming up from nowhere. As someone who never read the LN this anime was really enjoyable on its own.
May 25, 3:39 PM

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Good ending. I gave it a 9. I love the English Dub.
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May 26, 5:19 PM

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alluding to gilbert actually being alive would ruin almost the entire series to be quite honest. The whole point was Violent moving on, learning to live and feel, and living free for the Major.
Aug 19, 10:55 PM
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I really loved the aesthetics of this anime, music/art was all phenomenal. Kyoani really sets the bar for what true animation quality should be. I loved the plot and characters so much too, seeing Violet grow and overcome was touching and a lot of the episodic stories were great.

That being said, cant believe the sequel is gonna take 2 freaking years to come out.

Aug 26, 5:21 PM
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This last episode started with Violet constantly getting shot by Brigadier. It's just so annoying that Major didn't kill him in an instant, causing Violet's arms to be dismembered. Thank you, Major! The bomb was already expected as Major have thought out as the bridge was a strategic connection of the two nations. Violet pulling as hard as she can on the bombs, dismantling her arm slowly until it finally broke off, and then it exploded mid-air. How could you survive that bomb? And she didn't fall off the river. Seems impossible to me, but whatever, I like Violet sooo...

I was intrigued by Violet's arms. How can she only write using her right hand? Did she just repair her right arm which fell on the train's roof? And her left arm which was unrecoverable because it fell on the river? What is under her left gloves then? Prosthetics?

She didn't know what her feelings were back then during the war. She didn't know what it was she was feeling in her heart. She didn't know how to express her emotions. Seeing her Major's mother really opened up something in her heart. It freed her from her guilt of losing her Major. And always have him in her heart. Together with him wherever she goes. The show showed how she turned from a soulless killing to a emphatic person with a passion for love and life.

The show was an overall great experience. It climaxed around episode 7 to 10 and resolved in later episodes. I initially gave it a 9 and then 10 around the climax and I think I'll return it to 9. It had it's boring parts to watch for me but it redeemed itself. Very good!
Aug 26, 8:19 PM
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eh the anime is easily summed up as pretty but dull. The only real episodes that clicked with me was the last two, episode 7 and the ending of episode 10. Violet was a little interesting, but not much else.Besides that nothing really stuck with me and the reason I even finished the show was cause I kept giving it a chance and by the time I just didn't care anymore it was already almost done so might as well finish it. Also if the major is alive it kind of defeats the purpose of said character and everything that has happened.
Aug 28, 3:48 PM

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Overall I thought it was a good story but a few moments bothered me when I thought the characters eyes were too bright.
Sep 19, 4:28 PM

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shanimebib said:

I am left with a bit of wanting more in the end but this anime really gave me a lot of emotional moments most notably between episodes 7 through 11 and thus I want to say Thank You, Violet Evergarden.

9/10. Will wait for whatever comes up in the future!

I felt that too. Arigato, Violeto.
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Oct 26, 12:04 PM

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From the episode 7 until 11 i couldn't stop crying. Excellent anime i enjoyed it and i wish there was some more.

Arigato Netflix! xD




Oct 29, 2:35 PM
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This anime is truly special. Experiencing the first-time feelings and emotions Violet was feeling was beautiful because you could tell they were genuine from her. Overall beautiful show. 9/10
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Oct 30, 5:14 PM
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Well, I understand not everyone may enjoy this show or that not everyone may consider this show a masterpiece. I don't think it's a masterpiece either. But isn't a little bit too harsh calling it trash? I'm asking to you people of the first page of this thread. If this is trash, what are your expectations from an anime? Even better, why do you even watch anime? Seriously I don't know.

The adaptation is different from the novel? So what? I can't even read Japanese so who cares about the novel, I judge about the anime only and I think this was enjoyable. If you prefer the novels, nobody stop you from only read the novel and stop watching anime. Seriously, fix that pain in your asses.
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