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Poll: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Volume 23 Discussion

Mar 31, 2018 12:22 AM

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What an interesting lineup Edward Clark pulled out toward project Dione, it'll be a sight if the next battles become a fight of strategic class. But that besides the point for now.....

Finally, the result of who's stronger between Tatsuya vs. Juumonji was concluded, though the result was satisfyingly clear, it can also be said that if this battle was done two years ago, Juumonji is no doubt the victor.

But the biggest entertainment to me in this volume was the topic of cosmos territorial expansion by magic. Though the underlying motive behind the project was extreme isolation, the project's planned design is quite a juicy topic.....

2nd on this list is that the announcement of Silver's identity. I've always anticipated that Tatsuya or Maya will be the one to raise an uproar about his talents so it was surprising for me that his identity was revealed by someone else; Edward with a cunning scheme to use this to put pressure to Japan and to the sage who revealed Silver's name just for his own excitement.....Tatsuya is truly cornered now haha
Jun 9, 2:43 PM

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So the purpose of project Dione is remove magicians that are thought of being dangerous. They really want to sent Tatsuya to space.

It seemed like Tatsuya initially struggled against Juumonji in their fight. Tatsuya had to resort in using Baryon Lance.

Tatsuya identity as Taurus Silver was also revealed to the public. Wonder how he will react to it.