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TV Anime 'Sora to Umi no Aida' Reveals Main Staff and Cast Members

Mar 25, 2018 3:17 AM
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At the AnimeJapan 2018 special stage held on Sunday, cast and staff members for the previously announced Sora to Umi no Aida TV anime were announced. The cast members from the smartphone game will reprise their roles. The space-fishing-themed anime is slated to premiere in October.

Atsushi Nigorikawa (Renai Boukun) will be directing the series at TMS Entertainment, with character designs by Shuuhei Yamamoto (Anitore! EX). Takashi Yamada (Ginga e Kickoff!!) will be handling the series composition.

Haru Soramachi: Karin Takahashi (Akuma no Memumemu-chan)
17 years old. She is always a bright and cheerful despite having conflicts with Namino. She has a great physical strength, natural motor abilities, and is kind to take care of those who are weak.

Namino Murakami: Rika Tachibana (Ange Vierge)
17 years old. A descendant of the Murakami Pirates with both her weaponry and high pride, thus, her attitude collides with others.

Ruby Azumi: Honoka Inoue (Tsuki ga Kirei)
16 years old. Her father is one of National Fishery Processing's board of directors. She has a bright, innocent, and curious personality. Despite being a genius, she is quite moody.

Maiko Sakura: Momoko Suzuki (Soreike! Anpanman)
17 years old. A strong-willed introverted intelligent girl who is always worried of not being able to attend trainings due to her lack of physical strength.

Makiko Maki: Maori Komeno
19 years old. The main promoter of space fishery and the female official of the Ministry of Fisheries. Known to be everyone's arbitrator.

Makoto Mitsurugi: Ao Kousaka
16 years old. A daughter of a swordmaster and raised in a male-dominant family. She has a boyish and cool personality.

Source: Appbank
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Mar 25, 2018 4:56 AM

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Cardboard cut-out teenage girls becoming space fishermen... And here I thought anime already reached the bottom of stupidity.
Ii tenki desu ne...
Mar 25, 2018 5:36 AM

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More waifus into the fray.
Mar 25, 2018 5:52 AM
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More trash anime...
Mar 25, 2018 11:12 AM
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Hmm staff is decent and the designs look fine. I suppose. Although, I'm pretty much going to keep an eye when a PV comes out so.
Mar 25, 2018 12:34 PM
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I am low-ball on this one. On the one hand it seems like it could work well if effort put into it shows through. Problem for me is that this feels a bit too unnatural and forced. Fishing is already something hard enough to do, but suddenly this is being sold as a "space fishing" anime with a group of obviously quirky girls. I have to wait and see before I make any further judgments but it's not something I'm looking forward to at the very least.
Mar 25, 2018 4:42 PM
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damn, these characters looks generic as hell. space fishermen sounds lit tho so imma watch it if released in any big streaming services