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Poll: Sanrio Danshi Episode 12 Discussion

Mar 24, 6:58 AM

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Welp, I got what I had expected in the end with the series' finale. It wrapped up the series in the way I wanted and didn't leave a big question mark in the end.

For the drama, I think the series did all it could to make this show flow from start to finish. Lol, the guys and their outfits are ridiculous from this episode
Surprisingly well made show.
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Mar 24, 9:31 AM

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I thought this was... decent. It could have been better (especially the visuals) but it seemed like love was put into this. Even if it was just a glorified toy commercial. The themes were wonderful, all around good vibes. One of the few cases in which I would excuse yaoi-bait because this had messages to support it.
Mar 24, 9:42 AM

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I thought this show was okay. Some episodes surprised me more then others but I would give this show a 6/10.
Mar 24, 11:05 AM

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Will we get a season 2? And who was that goth guy ryo ran into? Seemed like a special character maybe for a new season?
Mar 24, 11:09 AM
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Not sure if mysterious guy is saved for stage play, new season or OVA but I'm glad this episode is not the end.

His character profile is here
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Mar 24, 1:47 PM

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My interest for this anime decreased a lot since they went to Sanrio Puroland and went all crazy looking at the Parade, that was so embarrassing I still can't talk about it without cringing, but God bless Macchi and Tsucchi !! They helped me see it through, their appearance as angels with the soccer team was so funny.

I may be the only one but I asolutely don't want a second season lmao.
Mar 24, 1:50 PM

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Well, the anime was kinda funny and cute but SOOOOO CRINGEY omg. xDD A little too much for me. And it was gay but not gay enough to be good, just gay enough to be awkward. xD

Btw, who the hell are you sexy bastard? o.O
Mar 24, 3:07 PM

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RisuSaya said:

Btw, who the hell are you sexy bastard? o.O

Its already quoted but heres his image+info:

(I can't believe he does look like the character but as a human.)

Finally finished it. Its alright, but it had a lot of good feel feelings, and some reason I feel like I was Kouta once in my life before I met real friends. ^^;

(Also those angel costumes. I am getting a hyper realistic image now of hot muscular men in these costumes...)

"Everyone go love Cyan!"
Mar 24, 4:31 PM

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One of the worst anime's I have seen in my entire life shitty plot repeated plot lines I have wasted 240 minutes of my life on this crap I hope not to see another season of this trash save your budget for Tokyo Ghoul re
Mar 24, 5:13 PM
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I really liked this series heaps and thought it was super cute! Though from my standpoint, it definitely started off better than where it ended, though I did like how it all started and ended with the play :)

I don't know if anyone else noticed but the animation seemed to really down grade after that beach episode, also with the story, I have no idea what was up with that sparkling thing it was kind of really random from my perspective....but the last episode seemed noticeably better and I thought it was a cute and clean finish 😊

Overall I completely fell in love with the characters of Sanrio Boys and ahhh their friendship was so wholesome~! 💖🎶

If they get another season I'll defs watch but it seems unlikely......even so I'll definitely be rewatching this series sometime later and I really hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did~
Mar 25, 4:31 AM
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If this series toned down the drama scenes, it would've been less cringey. Not saying that it was a terrible watch though, there were definitely parts that I enjoyed in almost every episode (aside from the introduction of Ryo), and I had fun watching the Sanrio Danshi interacting. The biggest problem is definitely the way the drama was presented, it just wasn't done in a tasteful way. Well, that and some of drama itself felt rather lame as well as unrelatable. Resolutions usually involves some cathartic shouting at each other, which again, would be so much better is toned down.

If there's a second season, I'd consider watching it ^^ especially after that cameo from Badtz Maru boy!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I'm glad the thing with Kouta and his old friends was resolved, although lol, they should be mad at him still...
Mar 25, 8:31 AM

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What a cheesy and embarrassing ending. Not as bad as some of the earlier episodes, but I’m glad no one saw me watching this.

The dad really got shafted though.. his entire family ditched him to stay in Japan.

Snort... and the MC looked like a vampire at the end. Funny shit.
Mar 25, 4:39 PM

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such a chill and cute show! honestly for what it's worth (basically a giant cm for sanrio, tbh), it's pretty good! i legit expected worse for it when news first came out. things went better than expected (in my opinion).

here's to hoping they'll put out another season with subaru (badtz-maru) in it since that little tease in the end was too much for heart to handle bc he's my fav dude lmao.

legit laughed when yuu asked kouta "odoroitaka?" because he shares the same seiyuu as tsurumaru from tourabu >w<)
Mar 26, 7:07 AM

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SHIET, so damn cringey xD
It went downhill so quickly tho.
Mar 26, 4:47 PM

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oh this episode is that corny but at least not lame!
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Mar 28, 6:48 AM
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RisuSaya said:
Well, the anime was kinda funny and cute but SOOOOO CRINGEY omg. xDD A little too much for me. And it was gay but not gay enough to be good, just gay enough to be awkward. xD

Btw, who the hell are you sexy bastard? o.O
Right who is he and appearing in the last episode like that
Mar 28, 6:49 AM
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I hopping not a 2nd season
Mar 30, 3:43 AM

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Welp the animation in the last episode was good (unlike the others near the end)
It started quite good with their insecurities and everything but ummm there were many awkward moments and the thing about shining and the parade was just too weird lol :')

Still, it was a cute anime~ I wouldn't mind a 2nd season
Mar 31, 8:16 PM

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Aaaand Kouta is still blah. Was honestly kinda done with this series from episode one just because I couldn't relate to Kouta. I really just can't say much good about him. Pretty sad.
Actually, the only character I was okay with was Yuu. Minamoto was okay, but he was a bit boring.
Excessive, unnecessary, forced drama at some points. Characters who are a bit bland for the most part with some relatively stock backstories.
MC is honestly a bit of a douchebag.
Like I'm glad that the underlying theme of this anime was positive and all-- we kinda need more like this! Still, following these characters hasn't been exactly fun.
Apr 1, 9:37 PM

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HA! I knew it the second the edgy new dude popped up that he would be Badtz Maru boy lol I'm glad I was right ... and hopefully with him being suddenly introduced that means we'll get a season 2? Maybe? I hope? lol idec if it's just a low budget 20 min sanrio commercial, I really enjoyed this show for what it is and it made me just a lil bit happier every week so I'd love to see more :P
The ending was pretty much cliche as i expected lol, but again shoutout to Macchi and Tsucchi for being the best bros and helping their dude out, that angel scene was great XD i kinda hope they'll start liking sanrio and join the club too
Apr 29, 4:31 PM

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The turnaround of the play's plot was not bad but it was funny for me. Ryo deciding to ditch London was cool, it showed how much he has grown with the guys.

Overall it wasn't bad and some moments were badly made, but I give it credit for the story's different approach. Guys who like cute sanrios, I mean what's bad about that?

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