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Beside historical events like Aya Hisakawa becoming new Bulma, Norio Wakamoto voicing little girl, and LOGH reboot, and Boogiepop anime revival, what else are we gonna remember 2018 for?

Mar 14, 8:26 AM
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I mean, okay, we are still in early part of this yeah, but, dunno, so many things seem to be happening, very often some interesting news come out...

Not saying that previous years were lacking, on contrary, but this one seem so promising, so to speak.

At the very start there was also that Devilman: Crybaby that practically turned so much attention to historic, but at the same time kinda forgotten Devilman franchise, and most likely many people have grown interest to check original titles from previous century as well.

I mean, sure, it would be amazing if they announced new Slayers anime - not sure if it would be better to have direct continuation and focus on best character Naga, or to have complete reboot / more closer adaptation of novels...

Also, that they announce Metal Gear Solid 6.

But, I guess beggars can´t be choosers.

You have what is thread about in title.
Mar 14, 8:28 AM

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In my heart it's always gonna be the year where I lost money in Cryptos :>

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Mar 14, 8:41 AM

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Best season of BNHA incoming.

Also Cutie Honey reboot.

Devilman Crybaby only came and went because it was on Netflix and was 5 days into the new year. It's still one of the best things I've seen this year.
Mar 14, 8:45 AM
Nana Deviluke❤️

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All Im going to remember of 2018 most likely will be Index III
Mar 14, 9:09 AM

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The last we see of the great Gintama .
Mar 14, 9:17 AM

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Discussion titles that are shorter, zing

And season 3 to many shows
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Mar 14, 9:23 AM

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The year that Stephen Hawking died (today actually, had you not already heard)
Mar 14, 9:26 AM

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Deknijff said:
All Im going to remember of 2018 most likely will be Index III

Season 3 isn't coming soon enough for me
I want to see more accelerstor and touma
Mar 14, 9:39 AM

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Go Nagai-related anime, season 3s of mainstream anime, and if Tate no Yuusha airs this year, then that too.
Mar 14, 9:41 AM

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Shingeki no Kyojin season 3
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Mar 14, 9:51 AM

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We will all remember 2018 as the year Kaiji comes back

Mar 14, 9:53 AM

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So uh, what's the anime where Norio Wakamoto voices a little girl?

Mar 14, 10:05 AM

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Politicians trying to impose tax on tech and social networking giants such as Google and Facebook towards companies.
Mar 14, 11:37 AM
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Mirai said:
So uh, what's the anime where Norio Wakamoto voices a little girl?

from Poputepipikku

Actually, both Pipimi and Popuko are voiced by a bunch of legendary voice actors.

Btw, yeah, I know about Hawking´s death, and it is really great loss for science, people, and world, but I don´t think there is anything to connect him with anime.
Mar 14, 11:44 AM

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i might successfully kill my self..
Mar 14, 11:57 AM

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Kalafina disbands :(
RIP Stephen Hawking :(
Mar 14, 2:24 PM

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"the spring of sequels and remakes"

there are like literally 2 dozen sequels
steins gate, bnha, tokyo ghoul, souma, sao, dxd, persona, fmp, gineiden, capt. tsubasa as well as smaller ones as piano no mori, amanchu, wixoss, inazuma eleven, hoozuki no reitetsu, major, lupin, cutie honey, prof layton, that weird ashita no joe thing
Mar 14, 2:30 PM

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The year where Issei is back to protect his most precious lovers, friends, family,

Mar 15, 4:12 PM

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In summer 2018, Spice and Wolf S3, Haruhi S3, HXH continuation, Ouran S2, No Game No Life S2, Shaman King remake, Soul Eater remake, a proper Berserk adaptation, Oyasumi Punpun adaptation, Jojo part 5 and Re: Zero S2 (alongside half life 3 being released) will all be airing.
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Mar 15, 4:15 PM

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Maelstrom said:
i might successfully kill my self..

Don't joke around with that, if you are emotionally unstable seek help.
Mar 18, 8:15 AM

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assyrian said:
We will all remember 2018 as the year Kaiji comes back

Absolutely, the messiah has returned. Let us all pray for kaiji 3.
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