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Mar 14, 7:55 AM

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What Anime do you Want to See get a movie for its series?
Out of all of the anime I've watched, I would want to see a movie for Noragami and Magic Kaito 1412
Mar 14, 7:58 AM

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Probably Shokugeki no Souma. Not for any particular reason, I just happen to love that franchise.
I would have said Boku no Hero Academia but that's already getting one so this.
Mar 14, 7:58 AM

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A live action movie or animated?...
Mar 14, 8:35 AM

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Tapertrain said:
A live action movie or animated?...

Sorry for not being clear, I should've specified earlier. This is hopes for an animated movie.
Mar 14, 8:38 AM

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I would love to see a One Punch Man Movie
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Mar 14, 8:39 AM

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Noragami. I just want something new related to Noragami from studio bones..... sigh
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Noragami is the best anime ever.
Mar 14, 8:41 AM

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You mean like recap movies?

Not really sure tbh.

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Mar 14, 8:42 AM

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I want 2 hour Rokujouma movie covering Blue Knight and Silver Princess arc. The Drama CD is good and all but I still want to see Alaia move.