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What anime genre have you tried watching this year that you haven't before?

Mar 13, 3:14 PM
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This was my first time watching a sports anime, Haikyuu!!, and tbh I didn't expect to get hooked because I'm not really big on sports but the very first episode alone was enough to catch my interest. Haikyuu!! easily became part of my top five favorite animes! :D The story, characters, animation, writing, all of it was so brilliant and well done that it's hard for me to find a fault. I'm currently halfway through S2 and I'm still loving it! :) I'm also thinking of trying Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars next (I'm not sure what genre it belongs to but I know it has to do with cooking and I have yet to watch an anime like that)!

Just curious if you have tried a genre this year that is completely new to you and you ended up loving/hating it? If so, which genre? Why did you love/hate it? If not, do you plan to try a new genre sometime this year?

Thank you for your answers!! :D
Mar 13, 3:16 PM

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for me Ive been trying more mech based anime such gunbuster and darling in the franx
for some reason I always strayed away form mech based animes
Mar 13, 5:03 PM

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magic aside because there's plenty of them and almost all of them discard the potential anime has to display magic and give it a proper "where magic comes from" sports anime are one of the best. the only downfall that's stopping me from watching them is their length.

OT: not really, i think ive seen a little bit of everything except yaoi, shounen ai and kids
Mar 13, 5:06 PM

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the amount of ecchi anime in my list went up x3 the amount I had in 2017

Mar 13, 5:25 PM

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I started to watch old anime. It was a good watch so I hope to find more old but gold titles.
Mar 13, 5:28 PM

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I don't think there are any genres of anime I haven't watched yet. I watched my first yaoi tagged anime last year, but I had already seen some shounen ai. Anything that I saw this year that's from a genre I haven't seen yet I wouldn't know is a genre since I would have only seen one of them so far.
Mar 13, 5:31 PM

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Music. Before I'd only watched 1 or 2 but lately, I've been watching more mostly since some of the songs are quite good, and those that include romance in them are generally pretty nice
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Mar 13, 9:38 PM
Go for It

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Not that I haven't seen these before, but I plan on going all-in on romance and Mecha this year.

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Mar 13, 9:41 PM

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Shinsekai yori is the closest I've gotten to watching horror, but I plan to watch some actually scary stuff pretty soon. I also plan on trying out more mecha, since before this year I had only seen Gurren Lagann