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Mar 13, 3:13 PM
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Looking for anime that deals with addiction or batteling addiction in one way or another. Be it alcohol, drugs or something else. Does anybody have any recommendations?
Mar 13, 5:28 PM
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evil or live ~ net addiction
Mar 13, 5:49 PM

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Search for manga. Like henshin.
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Mar 14, 4:55 AM

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Oh boy hard one, drugs seem to be so taboo in Japan that they almost won't talk about them at all in anime. I'd also say maybe look for a manga.

All I can say is, I've heard there is drug use in Nana, maybe look into that.
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Mar 14, 1:42 PM

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Satou uses drugs in the manga version of NHK ni Youkoso!, but it's not depicted in the anime. He still has the hallucinations, but their origins are more fantastical psychology than pharmaceutical. His high-school senpai and love interest is a walking pharmacy when the story begins, but all her drugs are legal. Other people are addicted to things like multi-level marketing schemes. NHK is not about addiction per se, but it's definitely worth watching.
Mar 14, 2:15 PM

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I would agree with looking towards manga, one I can suggest for that is the Metamorphsis
Mar 14, 3:56 PM
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Kakegurui is an addiction for gambling, lol.
Mar 14, 5:10 PM

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kalesaladz said:
Kakegurui is an addiction for gambling, lol.

Adding onto this, I believe Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is about gambling addiction. There's also a lot of animes about gaming addictions out there such as The King's Avatar. But most of them turn to a isekai setting

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Mar 17, 1:39 PM
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