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Poll: Nodame Cantabile Finale Episode 11 Discussion

Mar 29, 2010 2:13 PM

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Jacut said:
even leaving room for a sequel if need be.

This is the reason why!!!!!!! I DISLIKED (not hated) this episode.

If you're going to do something, do it right, don't be half-ass about it (this is my motto).

You know why I love Clannad? Because the ending rocked. It left no room for errors. It was like BAM this is the ending and that's all you will EVER get!

I don't need any oh but but what if.. but... what if....but, but..
Mar 29, 2010 3:17 PM

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What it really reminded me a lot of is the kind of ending you get when an anime that's based on an ongoing manga runs out of chapters to cover. Everything goes great up until the last one or two episodes, then it's a rush to get to some sort of conclusion, and then you're supposed to go read to see how it really ends. Except this is how the manga plays out too.

I didn't have any issue with the general way they ended it. Nodame and Chiaki seemed to be ok, she's going to keep performing, etc. and if the rest of this series had been like Paris (which I don't harbor the same resentment for as everyone else seems to) that would have been fine. But this season was shaping up to be my favorite until it just dropped whatever tension and emotion that it had been building up in the last few episodes.

Orion1 said:
This last episode was more of a montage than a coherent episode.
Mar 29, 2010 5:19 PM

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Orion1 said:
This last episode was more of a montage than a coherent episode. It was a failed attempt to finish a story that was undeveloped and under produced. If your eyes are tired from reading all this, then just think how exhausted I am for punishing myself with explaining why people who didn't like this ending or they way it was executed are not "Idiots", but simply not blind sheep that will accept every bad anime ending thrown at them for the sake of calling themselves a true fan.

Orion1 for the president! Seriously! I wish I could express my feelings, thoughts, and emotions at least half that good... THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU for bringing it on!
As a friend of mine said about the last two seasons of Nodame:
"go study, i do, mykyaa, i do study, competition, go study, i do, i'm doing my best, good - go for it, mukya, go study, i do study, keep on, i do, wow, gyaabo, go study, don't wanna, go study, i do, everyone should have a dream, everyone ended up good. Fin."
it might be funny to read... but that's really the impression I've been left after watching the Paris-Finale.

Xzaxs said:

As for H&C I think it's a grand ending, basically it says; you don't always get a happy ending but that's life get over it or die. That's my interpretation anyways lol

but a great interpretation indeed! I mean, despite I sensed there wouldn't be a happy ending in H&C, I still kept my hopes for that. And of course was in a sense disappointed at the end. But it was THE END. It was real, it was bitter, it was sad, it was wise, it was open, it was mature - it really WAS THE END.

And I kinda wished the same for Nodame. It's not the wedding, neither the duet concerto, nor anything similar I was looking for in the episode. I was waiting for THE END. And I didn't get one. Simply because the whole season was not set up and depicted properly for an ending.
Mar 30, 2010 12:24 AM

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OMG .... what happened here???

I guess I was supposed to expect this since (1) they said it was only 11 episodes which means character development and plot are going to be super compressed, aka suck (2) they said the manga didn't have a good ending - aka suck.

Still, the wonderful way they animated Episodes 9 and the cliffhanger at Episode 10* made me cast my doubts aside, at the "WHAT!!??" (Chiaki's decision) ending of episode 10 I was ready to rate this series a 10. And then came episode 11.

I don't even know what to say except instead of Nodame Cantabile Finale they should have named this series Nodame Cantabile's version of Franz Schubert's Symphony No 8, aka "The Unfinished Symphony Anime".

The way the ending played out it was like the powers that be went to the mangaka and said "Hey, we only have 20 minutes to tie everything up, so give us 1 sentence on all the minor characters, and 1 paragraph to tie up the main relationship". I don't mind ambiguous endings, but there was NO CLOSURE!

Part of what made the original Nodame Cantabile special was the relationship, the first arc ended with a hug which was ok. The second arc ended with resolution, that was ok too. Then they leave the 2 biggest threads hanging in the "supposed" Finale, namely

I swear, I'm so mad right now. Nodame has never been the kind of person to shy away from conflict and all episode 11 is about is Nodame running away from making any kind of relationship decision about Chiaki. Chiaki himself has always been honest and loyal (even when it hurt Nodame) so him suddely turning non-confrontational feels like he changed into a different person.

So, no closure, and it begs for a sequel just to make the "finale" part of the title true. This is almost as bad as splitting up Kill Bill or the last Harry Potter into 2 movies just to get more money. But hey at least those had decent endings. Except if they do just 1 ova and they STILL don't finish things I'm going to be even more mad.

This series had the potential to be great. Because of following the lousy manga ending it is now only ok. If you want to know what a truly satisfying and semi-open ended Ending is, please watch the whole Aria Series, and Aria the Origination. Because there is a way to get perfection. Sadly, Finale was not it.
Mar 30, 2010 5:15 AM
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awww..its hard to accept the fact that its finished :((
but i just noticed something..

the anime kinda skipped a part in the manga..
the part where chiaki had a heart to heart talk with his dad..
and i was really looking forward to that part too.. :((

if i remember correctly..that was the part where chiaki asked himself since when was nodame became an important part of his life....
Mar 31, 2010 9:58 AM

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>.<; Makes me wanna read more Opera-Hen. I need some more Nodame. x3

I thought the ending was cute despite it being open-ended. =p I wish there was more though, I love the characters...especially Nodame and mr. french okatu. x3
Mar 31, 2010 10:21 AM

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Onion Festival was hilarious. Well, to me it was pretty much clear that the two end up together. Also, remember what happened when they went to the same spot at the end of season two? No way you can't call this an ending. After all, Chiaki did say he'd accept the proposal. It could be that he'll talk with her about the proposal when she finishes the concerto. It sticked close to the manga and that's a good thing, but I did hoped they'd add a bit more. Ah well. This is what we get for now. On to Opera-Hen!
Dutch anime blogger with a love for Ikuhara's antics and proper storytelling.
Mar 31, 2010 12:55 PM

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Decent ending, nothing more nothing less. Expected so much more though. I hate that we don't get true confirmation that they got together or are just living on as friends, it's all a bit to vague for my tastes. All in all it was still a decent season and if it did anything is that it left me hungry for more. Can't wait to see Opera-Hen animated.

Gets a 9/10 from me, would have been 10 if not for the ending.

"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water." -Wystan Hugh
Apr 1, 2010 12:54 PM
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i can't believe it's over i just started with it 5 days ago and i just completed this season today ..! no more gyapos ..! *faints* i feel like crying

Apr 1, 2010 5:14 PM
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Oh well, I loved it nonetheless :)
Apr 1, 2010 6:17 PM

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It was a fitting ending. Enjoyed its balanced themes of music, romance, and comedy. 9/10

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Apr 1, 2010 8:48 PM

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I'm satisfied with this actually. <3

Apr 4, 2010 4:59 PM

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Wow, I'm still trying to get over the fact that Nodame is finally over. I'm sure once I do realize it's done, I will become enraged at the half-ass ending. It was fairly anti-climactic, and left so much to the imagination in terms of what happens next.

Iffy ending bumps it down to 8/10. Otherwise, the entire show was the absolute best feeling I've had in a while. I've learned so much about classical music, too.
Apr 6, 2010 9:05 AM
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Well, I think it's kinda early to talk about Nodame's ending because we haven't seen OVAs yet. After we see all of them we can finally talk about this anime as a completed story.
Apr 6, 2010 11:29 AM

Joined: May 2009
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Definitely lacked the first season's magic, but I loved it nonetheless.

I was really excited when Nodame and Chiaki performed the piano duet again. I've always loved that scene from season 1 <3
Apr 9, 2010 6:16 PM

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first of all, sorry for the bad english. though, if you read, ill be glad.

some posters had written that this is a josei, so we shouldnt expect a climax-romantic ending. man, if this is what josei is, i am not going to ever watch one again. although this wasnt the only josei ive watched. whatever.

and some other posters ive seen, wrote that this anime's main thing is the music. well then, if it is about music, why did the author needed to write like a character like nodame who love desperately even to smell the shirts of her love? nodame isnt just made of music (i mean the character), she was a -full of love- girl. that love made nodame interesting. and now, you tell me that that love was just a simple thing, and the important thing is the music. no, life is NOT like that. why do you think she proposed chiaki after they slept? because she wanted an answer for all the time they spent together for 4 years. everygirl would, and she was quite serious. she didnt say "oh i slept with him, whatever, im gonna play the piano lalalalala.." the opposite, she felt extremely desperate.

all we wanted was, nodame's questions to be answered. but they didnt.

so i voted for "i hated the ending". thank you.
Apr 13, 2010 4:00 AM

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i don't care what ppl said abt the ending, i love it!! it's not the end for both nodame and chiaki. it's life and it's a journey. i love it to pieces, from beginning to end!
Apr 15, 2010 8:27 PM
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I guess it ended ok, don't you guys think?
The ending leaves space for us too think what we want about what happens next.
This last season was the best, I think.
I'm so going to miss this, I got to play the piano once again because of it.
Apr 27, 2010 9:20 PM

Joined: Mar 2009
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i really REALLY enjoyed the finale series!

i just wish that we could have seen chiaki and nodame playing on stage together.
May 5, 2010 4:57 PM

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So.. He said he was going to say YES to her. And now he said we broke up. And at the end he is looking at her. And i mean: he?
Shit happens.
May 10, 2010 5:09 PM

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What kind of ending was that??

I feel like I've been cheated out of a proper resolution for the tension and drama that has been building up the past few episodes.

Oh well, this whole season was a big disappointment for me.
May 11, 2010 9:00 AM

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May 29, 2010 11:43 PM
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The whole was greater than the sum of it's parts.
Jun 8, 2010 8:40 AM
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I have mixed feelings about the entirety of Nodame Cantibile.

I loved the first half of season 1, until Streseman leaves. I thought it was hilarious, and was going in a great direction. Then the second half became a little bit of a chore to watch. I enjoyed it for the comedy and the relationship between Chiaki and Nodame, and when they weren't on screen together, it felt a bit boring and pointless.
You know things aren't right when you can only remember a couple character's names.

Aside from a couple episodes in the Paris and Finale chapters, the last two series felt a bit tedious. And the final to the Finale chapter was quite a poor closure.
Jun 27, 2010 12:19 AM

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Meddigo said:
DeathfireD said:
In staid they left us with an open ending and the only sign of Nodame and Chaiki still being together was when Milch says something along the lines of 'I'm happy for both of you. You went your separate ways, yet came back together'.

What the hell? Was Nodame jumping on Chiaki and then Chiaki firmly embracing her not enough?

What evidence do you have that they are not still together? So silly.

She's done that in past episodes. I wouldn't call that progress or closure. If you find that satisfying then so be it but clearly not everyone did.

What evidence do you have that they are still together? Other then Milch's comment and Chiaki throwing out the garbage there's really nothing that suggests they're together. This is what I mean by a clear ending. They put the viewers in a situation where they question the main character's relationship when they should have made it clear.
Jul 25, 2010 5:48 AM

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Wow, this series was set up so that it could have a wonderful ending but instead it's more like a To Be Continued... Well, the journey to the end was enjoyable anyway.
Such junk...
Aug 2, 2010 10:45 PM

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An alright ending but not that special. I wanted them to struggle more and see them conquer more challenges. It felt to me like they had an easy ride.
6 out 10 I'm somewhat disappointed.
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Aug 7, 2010 9:33 PM

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Episode 10 was so great and then this. I'm soo disappointed. It feels so unfinished. I just hope this means there will be another season.. ~sigh~

Despite the ending, I decided to give this series a 8/10. It was great atleast until the end.

I was so bothered by the ending that it took me a while to get to sleep last night, thinking about all the crap they left out.. I changed the score to 7/10.
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Aug 9, 2010 7:09 PM

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What a shitty ending. Least they could have done was to show em putting wedding rings on each other or something...

Highly disappointing.
Aug 16, 2010 3:06 PM

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loved nodame cantabile overall including this episode. wish there was more episodes :(
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Aug 20, 2010 11:26 PM

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My favorite series has come to an end with an unsatisfying conclusion
Sep 8, 2010 12:34 PM

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Is this really the end? The manga ends the same way and it continues. I don't think people should be so dissappointed, considering how good the rest of the series is. Hopefully they continue the making anime after the manga is finished.
Sep 13, 2010 12:14 AM

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Best season of the three. Perfect finale.

People who wanted to see the wedding are making me laugh. What did you watch this series for? To see a wedding ceremony at the end and a "they lived happily ever after"? Then I think you picked the wrong series to watch.
Oct 4, 2010 9:59 PM
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fanty said:

[...] People who wanted to see the wedding are making me laugh. What did you watch this series for? To see a wedding ceremony at the end and a "they lived happily ever after"? Then I think you picked the wrong series to watch.

Took the words right out of my fingers...
Oct 12, 2010 5:28 PM

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I pretty much liked the ending. Use your fantasy people, fantasy)).

PS The atmosphere in Nodame Cantabile is amazing).
Oct 19, 2010 12:55 PM

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fanty said:

People who wanted to see the wedding are making me laugh. What did you watch this series for? To see a wedding ceremony at the end and a "they lived happily ever after"? Then I think you picked the wrong series to watch.


The ending was just as it must be. Ah, I'm feeling so overwhelmed now. I fell inlove with all the characters so much, that it will be hard to live without them, haha~ gyabo~ Anyways, loved loved all of the seasons...
Oct 21, 2010 2:55 PM
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the season was great but the ending sucked a bit -_- 9/10
Dec 6, 2010 12:34 AM

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After re-watching it for many times, I don't need to see them both in one concerto still I'm happy that their relationship was a disastrous happy ending. The author was quite good knowing that we all want them to be together instead did the other way around.. though not really expected.. I was satisfied.. and need more Nodame episode/special/ova
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Dec 7, 2010 11:31 AM

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To all the people who wanted the ending with a ribbon on top, think about it this way. Throughout the entire 3 seasons, this show has been nothing if not realistic. Sure, the characters are a bit eccentric, but otherwise this show has told a tale of music and love that is firmly grounded in reality, and it has always resisted such sappy cheesiness. Why would it give in now? Life goes on, right? This isn't some fantasy where Hymenaeus himself comes down and unites them together in a blissful eternal union of happiness, kittens, and rainbows. You people are like the critics in the classical period that insisted every piece of music end on a perfect cadence.
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Dec 29, 2010 8:50 AM

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Ok, I'm not crazy about the ending... I did expect something nice to end with (I mean, like a proposal) but it wasn't that bad.

I am sure going to miss Nodame so much, this is such a great anime, I hope more people get to know it because it's really worth it.

I'll have to say, this season was my least favorite, so I'm giving it a 8/10. Other than that, it was amazing overall.

Jan 17, 2011 4:22 PM

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I liked the ending like the other endings of the previous seasons except for one crucial thing. Why didn't they play together on a big stage? They played together in that old lady's house, is that suppose to satisfy us? They both wanted to play on a stage with each other and i was looking sooo forward to it! I loved the series but that really ruined me for an hour or so.
Jan 26, 2011 10:23 AM

Joined: Oct 2010
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I wanted to see a proposal by Shinichi .
Thats all i wanted to see. overall it was good but i truly enjoyed the episode eight.
Feb 12, 2011 1:39 PM

Joined: Feb 2009
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What a great ending. I'm totally satisfied. My fangirl heart would have welcomed a little more love love between Chiaki and Nodame, but even so all is well in the Forest of Perverts. Nodame found her music again and wants to improve, they found each other again, so many opportunities for both - what's not to love?

Playing on a stage with Chiaki has been Nodame's goal to work towards, but she found the same satisfaction in playing with Streseman, so she finally realized that her music doesn't stand and fall with Chiaki alone. Now she has a more general goal, becoming a better musician and not hiding behing that one goal she reached (which probably would have happend too if she had played a concerto with Chiaki - after attaining that, there wouldn't have been any ambition left). Catharsis!

Chiaki on the other hand realized that Nodame always rejects him at turning points in her life, and this time he just brushed that away and dragged her off regardless, thereby setting her above his pride and doing what he thinks she needs, even though she hurt him. The old Chiaki would have gone off in a sulk, pretending not to care, and left her to herself. More catharsis!

Also, to all the people wondering if they're together or not: I'm sure they are, it never even entered my head that they weren't. When he's taking out the trash in the morning, the painter and the landlady aren't laughing dirtily for nothing! He obviously spent the night - which, by the way, he probably did countless times before. I mean, come on, they've been together for months or even years - it's kind of hard to tell with this anime. Anyway, he spent the night after reuniting with Nodame at Nina's house, and what he's saying about breaking up refers to the moment Nodame said no when he asked her to play a concerto with him.

This was the moment of rejection at a turning point I mentioned earlier. Chiaki realized that this is what she always does at important and doubtful times, and still tried to help her find her path, as she was at that time pretending to be a kindergarten teacher and pushing away or even loathing the thought of continuing her muscial career. So, even if they broke up (which even Chiaki is not sure about), it was only for the short time it took to get to the end of that piece they played together.

During that piece, Nodame is able to get back to music and shed her doubts, she's facing the music head on, as Auclair and Milchi have several times told her to do. She's getting back on track and actually choosing the next step on her game board (towards going pro). It's like a revelation! By the third movement, she has time and composure again to return to her usual self and to Chiaki (and his sexy back), getting her usual hots for him and going into doki doki-mode. She even says something like "is this love?" before she jumps on him, signalling that she's past the turning point and able to accept Chiaki again. And this time, he welcomes her wholeheartedly and with open arms - a lot of people already commented on him returning the hug, and even Nina has something to say about that.

So, long post, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on this because so many people seem to be so disappointed, and feel they've been robbed of a happy ending, when in reality there's so much closure, resolved issues and happiness in that ending. You just need to look a little more closely, not judge by shoujo anime expectations (confession, blushes, awkward kisses, marriage the one and only goal), but from a Nodame Cantabile point of view. It's all there.
Feb 28, 2011 4:48 AM
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Thank you CrackityJones. You answered all my questions.

I loved how Chiaki told about how music brings people together, even though they are different in all aspects. It gave me a warm feeling because that's exactly the way I see it.

Lovely anime. One of my favorites. Will definately rewatch it several times.
Mar 6, 2011 2:49 PM

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I really think that the ending of Nodame Cantabile sequence is really good and sweet. Everybody looks so happy. BUT there were certain things I missed. I was hoping for a 'serious' moment of Noda and Chiaki. I hoped that Chiaki will seriously hug her or kiss her. Of course the piano duet was wonderful however when I saw Nodame and her comic hug again I thought oh no... not again. I hoped that Chiaki will be the one to squeeze Noda T____T Anyway I love Nodame Cantabile anime so much that I cannot say anything bad about it! It is my top fav and always will be. Anyho I am just a little little tiny bit disappointed because of the ending :)

Mar 7, 2011 7:19 AM

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I changed my mind after reading post of CrackityJones. thank you so much! some things really became more clear for me :)

Mar 12, 2011 8:39 PM

Joined: Sep 2008
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i LURVE the series. i just can't help feeling melancholy that its over. i NEVER want it to end.

and did chiaki really accept?? the part where they played mozart together again was soo touching.

an end to another epic series on the anime front. so sad, but happy. melancholy.

Your worries may seem like the world, but compared to the world they don't even come close.
Apr 5, 2011 5:06 PM

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I really enjoyed this series and will give it an overall 9/10 but the ending is just... well I just have to shrug over it. I didn't find it very memorable, it honestly left me with the impression that things will continue as they had been which is really annoying considering the buildup in those last few eps. I wasn't looking for a marriage proposal from Chiaki but some more definate stance from him would have been nice. Plus there was no Chiaki and Nodame playing on stage which I though was the whole goal of the entire series for Nodome....

Honestly I feel like the anime just STOPPED suddenly as there was no real conclusion... as I said the rest of the series was gold, especially seasons 1 and 3 so I'll try to ignore the mediocre ending
Apr 17, 2011 9:58 PM
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if I learnt one thing about myself from watching season 1, 2, and three in two days, its i am so not a fan of anti-climatic endings. i don't really like endings that keep me wondering, i'd rather know the status of chiaki and nodame then make an educated guess. not that i wanted him to propose to her, cause i didn't, nor was a kiss really that important. i just wanted there to be more human interaction between the two, and i wanted nodame to become a kindergarten teacher like she said in the first season and prove everybody wrong; that she was well suited for the job. i wanted her and chiaki to play something together on stage - just once.

THAT BEING SAID, i thoroughly enjoyed the rest of this anime.

"It's just...a bad dream! Wake up, wake up...!"
Apr 22, 2011 8:18 AM

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Nice ending.


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