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TV Anime 'Märchen Mädchen' Delays Episode Broadcast

Mar 1, 4:51 AM
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The official website for the currently airing Märchen Mädchen TV anime has announced that the broadcast for the ninth episode will be delayed until March 22 in order to improve the animation quality. The show's timeslot on March 8 and 15 will rebroadcast the anime's first two episodes. Broadcast information for episodes 11 and 12 will be announced at a later date.

The anime, produced by Hoods Entertainment, began airing since January 11 and is an adaptation of the original plans drafted by Tomohiro Matsu prior to his death in 2016. StoryWorks writes the magic fantasy light novel featuring illustrations by Kantoku since February 2017. Three volumes were published so far, with the latest released on December 22 last year. The novel's Fest edition titled Mahou Shoujo-tachi no Zenjitsu-tan under Dash x Bunko imprint recently shipped on February 23.

Source: Official site
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Mar 1, 5:20 AM
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THis bad news because I'm enjoying the anime.

The animation looks fine for me, does not need any improvements
Mar 1, 5:57 AM
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Oh damn,it was my guilty pleasure of the season along with killing bites. That poor animation was something I found quite charming, but well can't be helped. Let's hope that improved animation actually looks better
Mar 1, 6:01 AM
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"in order to improve the animation quality"

Yeah right, you know to whom you can say this Nippon-kun.
Mar 1, 6:02 AM
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lol I'm waiting to watch it until it's done anyway so it doesn't hurt me at all
Mar 1, 7:16 AM

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Damn it, Koreans slacking watching the Olympics i bet
Mar 1, 7:28 AM

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Hideaki Anno was right. The end of anime is nigh

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Mar 1, 7:52 AM

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Hoods did the disasterpiece Fantasista Doll. I'm not surprised of delays.

Mar 1, 8:03 AM

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No surprise. The series had fallen in that regard and in the last episode became very noticeable. Anyway, I hope it comes back better because I really like the show.
Mar 1, 9:27 AM
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Well understandable enough with this. I do hope they can fix the issue honestly.
Mar 1, 10:15 AM

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The animation is actually the only good thing about this anime, and they want to go so far to fix that? wtf
Mar 1, 10:59 AM

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Good, hazuki deserves good animation.
Mar 1, 2:47 PM

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It's good to be honest and tell the fans and viewers why it's taking a delay, this week's episode had suprisingly good animation scenes imo, i don't know what is happening for the later episodes and the problems.
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Mar 1, 3:42 PM

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I think the animation is fine, of course in the last episode it was a little loose. An improvement is not bad.
Mar 1, 8:24 PM

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Daaamn, I bet we'll have to wait like half a year at best now until the last bd comes out to finish this series...
Mar 2, 1:58 AM

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Was this show even going to sell well anyway? As much as I admire the studio's dedication to quality, they could have just just moved on and fix it for the BDs. if SHAFT can get away with much, much worse, and make up for it tenfold on home video, I don't see why other studios can't do the same.
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Mar 2, 6:31 AM

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Not fond of the delays but this one definitly needed one cuz the animes at times was getting quite bad espesialy at this last 8th episode there were some scenes that seemed like a joke lol....
Mar 4, 9:43 PM

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Good, they should damn well fix it.

God forbid they adapt the work of a dead man and do a shitty job with it. That's about as disgraceful as you can get.
Mar 17, 6:24 AM
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