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Aya Hisakawa Takes Over Hiromi Tsuru as Bulma on 'Dragon Ball Super'

Feb 15, 7:57 AM
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The official Twitter account for Dragon Ball Super TV anime has announced on Thursday that voice actress Aya Hisakawa will replace the voice actress of Bulma for the TV anime. The late Hiromi Tsuru died due to aortic dissection at the age of 57 on November 16 last year. Tsuru's voice as Bulma will be last heard on the 128th episode of the series, which will be broadcast on February 18. For the following remaining episodes, Bulma will be then voiced by Hisakawa.

Aya Hisakawa is best known to portray the roles of Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) in the Sailor Moon franchise, Skuld in the Aa! Megami-sama! series, and Keroberos in Cardcaptor Sakura franchise. She is also noted for incorporating her native Kansai-ben dialect in various series.

Toei Animation's anime adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super manga series has been broadcast since July 2015. It is set to end with 131 episodes on March 25, with its time slot replaced by a new previously announced TV anime adaptation of the manga GeGeGe no Kitaro the following week.

Source: Oricon News
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Feb 15, 8:19 AM

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I love Aya ♡ It's good to know that Bulma will be voiced by another wonderful seiyuu.
Feb 15, 8:26 AM

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Good luck to her. She has some large shoes to feel though i think. Hopefully the fans will be fine with her.
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Feb 15, 8:40 AM

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Aya's very versatile, I think she's a wonderful choice.
Feb 15, 9:00 AM
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Say what you want about Toei, when it comes choice of voice actors, they never dissapoint.

Aya Hisakawa...

Damn, so glad she finally got important role in series (Chico was adorable, but unfortunately, non-canon character), and what's more, the one and only Bulma.

If anyone could continue marvelous job of legend Hiromi Tsuru, it is Hisakawa.
Feb 15, 10:48 AM
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Sailor Mercury is the new Bulma. That sounds fair, both have blueish hair.

May Ms Hisakawa live up to Ms Tsuru's legacy well.
Feb 15, 11:07 AM
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i barely hear any difference she sounds like the original Bulma

Announcement: Veteran voice actor Aya Hisagawa has been chosen to fill the late Hiromi Tsuru's shoes as Bulma in the #DragonBall series! Before that happens, Bulma will continue to be voiced by Hiromi Tsuru in Ep. 128 of #DragonBallSuper on February 18!!
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Feb 15, 12:27 PM
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On hearing that clip, Hisakawa needs a bit of work to maintain the high-class pitch for Bulma IMO, but otherwise she works out.
Feb 15, 5:41 PM
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I believe she fits the role for Bulma. Not the best but pretty good fitting for her end really.
Feb 15, 6:54 PM

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WOAH I hear no difference!! She's going to do great!
Feb 15, 7:34 PM

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I loved Aya Hisakawa as Ami/Sailor Mercury, I think she's going to be great as Bulma.
Feb 16, 12:28 AM

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Feb 17, 9:41 AM

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I mean i am a huge fan of Hisakawa so i think they did good casting her but I thought it would be Mina Tominaga I don't know why maybe because she reprised Tsuru's role in other series ! I still hear Sailor Mercury in the new PV as bulma but it's just because i am a fan ! Hope Tsuru Hiromi is watching over bulma and is happy that her baby is in Hisakawa's hands !!
Feb 17, 11:14 AM
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ZackDeMars said:
I thought it would be Mina Tominaga I don't know why maybe because she reprised Tsuru's role in other series !
That's for Soreike! Anpanman.
I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!
Sep 8, 12:41 PM

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I love and respect Hisakawa. I think it's decent choice. They are both veterans and iconic seiyus.
Sep 8, 2:19 PM

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She is spot on. I wish her luck on doing such an iconic and lengthy role.