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Poll: Violet Evergarden Episode 6 Discussion

Feb 24, 12:19 AM

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shanimebib said:
Oh_Rusty_Nail said:
My favourite episode so far. Didnt feel the previous ones that much. I wish there was a series with Leon.

Loved the setting.

You mean a whole new anime with Leon as the main character or another episode revolving around him?

I meant a whole new anime. The setting and everything else made me realize I would like a strong slice of life with male characters. We dont get much of those. Or maybe I just suck at finding them.
Feb 27, 1:47 AM

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Why are the dolls talking up/using honorifics to the librarians and the librarians talking down?? The librarians don't really seem upper class anyway, considering the MC of this EP

Enjoyable episode, went by quickly. Not an ace but a solid return
Feb 27, 2:58 PM

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Lanz said:
Why are the dolls talking up/using honorifics to the librarians and the librarians talking down?? The librarians don't really seem upper class anyway, considering the MC of this EP

I guess they are supposed to be scholars in a way, so perhaps that's why they feel like they are people who are supposed to be respected. Dolls using honorifics and being humble is understandable, since they are working in a service-based job as part of the postal company.
Feb 28, 9:53 PM

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I don't know if I love this anime or hate it. Is the novel just all episodic feel good episodes where one episode charters are developed and the main is (for the most part) left undeveloped?? Ughhhh.

Don't get me wrong it was a nice episode, but it feels like I'm watching a show with no main narrative. Is there no big picture story?
Mar 1, 12:21 PM

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Watching Violet Evergarden episodes is my highlight of the week. Kyoto animation's brilliance, the amazing sound tracks and Ishikawa Yui's voice fascinates me beyond belief <3

Just hope the show ends on a high note.
Mar 2, 4:16 PM

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It looks like Leon really has a thing for Violet, and she also gave him the inspiration to do something with his life.

The two of them are quite similar in many ways. I wonder if he'll ever appear again.
Mar 8, 9:36 AM
Soli The Lewdy

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Awesome episode. Violet has been feeling lonely all this time ='(

That smile when she left was 10/10.
Mar 14, 12:55 AM

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Another nice episode. Looks like this show is starting to get good.
Duterte did 9/11
Mar 15, 9:00 AM

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Were the Dolls necessary for this work? compilation work? Typist, but not Dolls!!!
Well, the young boy found the love in Violet and she learned a new feel!!!

Hello, my litte boy!

Mar 17, 1:36 PM

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For the first time in this anime, it felt like it was a 10 minute episode. So good!
Mar 18, 8:06 AM

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first couple of minutes made me think that i won't like this episode because of the manuscripts bullcrap i didnt care for at all, but man that ep was awesome.

Also wat? 6 Episodes and we already skipped years? weird
Mar 18, 6:29 PM

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Another episodic one. Pretty much a pattern.
Alright mostly
Mar 21, 2:36 AM

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Leon: What if, while we're still working together, you received word that he's in serious danger? Even if you go, there's no telling if you can save him. Would you still rush to his aid?


Leon: Sorry. I guess I put you on the spot.

Violet: No. That isn't what gave me pause. My only thought would be how to apologize to you.

Violet: I wouldn't even have a choice in the matter. He means the world to me. I would rather die than lose him.

Damn. I feel like I would have the same reaction as Leon haha. It was cute seeing him crush on her for those few days :P
I'm glad she was able to help him take such a big step forward in life. I hope he's able to someday find his parents or find out what happened to them.

I really love learning about all these side characters in each episode and then watching them and Violet helping each other grow. Ahh, I want to watch more, but I gotta go to bed D:
Mar 24, 3:31 AM
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Tsundere orphan is cute. Violet noticing they're birds of a feather (oh symbolism during that awkward bread date request above the beautiful sea of clouds).
Yay Luculia and the two others are back.
Leon learning about women & Kinotravelers.
The only connection to last ep angry bro was her asking Leon if she was fit for such a nice job.
Mar 28, 7:58 PM

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Violet is certainly the catalyst for change in others. Perhaps it will lead to her own awakening.

Don't tell me...just started watching. :)
Mar 31, 12:40 PM

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Aww, this was so sweet, I thought it'd also be the first time for Violet experiencing purely romantic "love confession", but I guess the tsundere Leon was a bit too slow :c Oh well, it was still a really pleasant episode.
Apr 5, 11:24 PM

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Another fantastic episode.
The falling comet part was so beautiful! What a great anime.
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Apr 6, 3:09 PM

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I haven't really been sure about this series so far, but this episode sold the series for me.
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Apr 7, 9:59 AM

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I thought it would pick from the last episode's scene with her former enemy...may in future episodes.

Its nice to see Luculia again. Violet continues to impress with how fast she works and both made three days worth of progress. The two both found each other alike. And it seems he was gonna confess to her but didn't and it was skipped based on the comments I've read. I guess he has no chance since she still has Major in her mind. And finally learn what loneliness is. Not as great as last but this was a nice episode.
Apr 8, 12:21 AM

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Oh boy, he fell into her so bad, especially after that library scene, love how Violet makes bond every where she goes.

Luculia, nice to see har again
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Apr 8, 10:12 AM

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Violet really is learning to understand emotions better, and well that makes it just really beautiful if you ask me! Really looking forwards to see what's next.
Apr 8, 11:30 AM

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That's one girly looking lad.
Apr 9, 10:05 PM

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johnisnothisdate said:
Not to be dramatic, but I'd die for Leon

okay literally me
this boi is so beautiful and precious i want to see more of him :(

based on everyone else's comments on these forums i should really get to reading the books too, damn
Apr 12, 11:20 PM

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A weaker episode, but not bad nonetheless.

What a short love story for Leon lmfao xD I hope his roomie made better progress with that space bun girl :P

Poor Violet. By the time she realizes that she loves Gilbert the way he loved her, it'll be too late :( Her romance is long gone </3

If Leon could make her happy, that would be quite lovely :') esp since they both have similarities and it was Leon's love at first sight hahah. To see Violet again upon his travels would be total fate, like Ally's Comet :} *side story or alternate ending??? ;D ;D huehue
Apr 13, 3:21 PM

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i'm not crying you're crying ;-;
Apr 15, 1:29 PM

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"Are they as astronomical as the odds of seeing that comet again?"
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Apr 15, 11:53 PM

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Another strong episode. Great visuals especially when they were viewing the comet
Apr 16, 12:50 AM

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It is nice to see violet start to open up as well as open up how she feels so we can understand what is affecting her. This episode felt pretty rushed, and did not quite get a feel of the “assignment” she had to go, or why this task was so important
Apr 28, 3:29 PM

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-Violet being actively sentimental in regards to why she does her job and in expressing her inner feelings.

-Going to say it again "Girl, you are in love! You just gotta make that connection between your feelings and the concept."! Well, at least she made the connection with loneliness this episode.

-Leon seeing someone else similar to him and being inspired to take the next step in his life.

-Adorable episode, but felt like it only displayed how Violet had developed in the time between this episode and the previous one, rather than her actually receiving any development.

Apr 28, 10:57 PM

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This had a lot going on. The connection with Leon and Violet was great and I can see how she inspired him to take a step even if he was afraid to. Overall a good chapter and I feel like the series has a good rhythm now. Almost like a Kino's Journey but with deeper drama laced into it. Not sure how I feel about it but I suppose we'll see how it develops.

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Apr 30, 12:12 PM

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this episode was cute since it was somehow different from others.
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May 3, 1:54 AM
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The ending scene is very touching T,T
May 4, 1:38 PM

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Violet it's getting better to deal with people. She and Leon did a great pair.
May 13, 8:50 PM

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characters like Leon are right up my alley, it's a shame he's only a side character and we won't ever see him again (and if we will it be in one of those cheesy ending credits where we see him being all happy doing what he loves, i'll laugh if i'm spot on with that)

i wonder if Violet will ever find out that Gilbert is dead (if he IS dead)
Aug 17, 4:58 AM
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eh. Sure the guy didn't want to hear that answer lol.
Aug 22, 7:24 PM

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Oh man, her smile at the end... that damn smile... my heart is melting now..

Zadion said:
i'm not crying you're crying ;-;

Shut up, you are crying, not me... not me...
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Sep 2, 6:42 AM

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this anime is so freaking good! don't understand all the complaints from people who read the manga, I think it's executed very well. Although I do hope we get back on track with actually finding out more about Violet and her past, the last two ep have been kind of episodic

Sep 17, 11:20 AM
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The confession...loved it <3 though one sided, it was awesome...
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