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Feb 13, 5:17 AM
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Hey :)

I hope this post doesn't break any rules...

I was wondering if anyone could point me to a legal site where I can watch the Pokemon Anime.

Preferably a paid subscription service, as I like quality, but I'm happy with ad-infested free sites too.

I've been using but lately the website has had a major overhaul. Previously, the ads were easy to ignore. Now, I get a very intrusive ad that opens a new tab every single time I click anywhere on the site (to play the next video, for example) after returning from full screen, after an episode. I really don't care for Russian girls when I'm trying to watch a children's cartoon... ya'know?

None of my ad blocking software can prevent this, and neither can the Min browser. It's the most annoying ad i've ever come across.

Crunchyroll, and every other Google Page 1 search result only offers information about the Pokemon Anime, or offers videos with missing audio.

Please, legal sites only.

Thanks in advance! :)
Feb 13, 5:24 AM

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looked up pokemon legal streaming and it was the first page.
Feb 13, 5:27 AM
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Thanks Lord_Lamington! I really appreciate the link, however that site only offers a handful of episodes per season. I'm looking for a site where I can continue my binge session :P

I'm British btw, so apps like DisneyNow are not an option, unfortunately :(

Is there a legit anime site with a paid subscription program where I can watch stuff?
Feb 13, 5:32 AM

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Netflix UK has some, but also try a pop up blocker instead of just an adblocker.
Feb 13, 5:33 AM

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yeah just realised after looking around the website. I know Netflix has some Pokemon but i dont think there's a single legal website with all episodes. I used gogoanime to watch it
Feb 13, 5:43 AM
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I have Netflix! Unfortunately it only has Season 1, and Season 15 I think (I last checked a while ago).

I never thought of a pop up blocker as a separate app/extension. I'll try that, thanks!

I'll also try gogoanime :)

Thanks for all the help :3
Feb 13, 6:35 AM

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you can watch it on Amazon Prime
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Feb 13, 7:25 AM
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Awesome! Does Amazon Prime have every episode, or random seasons like Netflix? I've never used Prime before but I have considered it.

I'm pretty much set for Pokemon now, gogoanime is amazing :3
Feb 13, 7:36 AM

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Sounds like you're all set, Gogoanime is generally what I use too. :)

Noticed you're British. I admin a club for British MAL Users, the British Alliance Cafe, feel free to stop by if you like, we're all quite friendly. :)

Feb 13, 7:40 AM
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Hehe yeah, I'll continue to use Gogoanime quite often, after my Pokemon binge (although I'm only at the Battle Frontier, so I have a while to go yet..)

Cool, thanks for the invite! I'll take a look now :3