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Poll: Poputepipikku Episode 6 Discussion

Feb 11, 5:45 PM

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uninstallthegame said:
Andrei_Rublev said:

I thought epiwode 5 was easily the funniest tbh.

when you say that it's really funny, i just can't think of any reason other than there's probably a whole bunch of references that i don't get, for example:
i don't get this part at all

the shogi segment probably had a shit ton of them too, i got only heihachi and kamehameha

the DYMLOS! scene too, it's from a game Tales of Destiny, but i had to google it up just to get this shallow reference, it's no fun this way

and this ..?

ps. all these references are from ep. 6 though

I didnt watch 6 yet tbh, but its not just references theres a lot of puns and word play that dont translate to english. That said I was laughing most at the shoujo romance parody, Marilyn monroe, and Mickey Mouse. The 3 x 3 skit I know was word play and im pretty sure the credits skit was an Easy Rider reference.
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Feb 11, 8:55 PM
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The last scene was scary lol. Still is my AOTS after many dispasspointing animes in this season. 4/5
Feb 11, 10:47 PM

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I was super excited when I heard Shimono Hiro and Kaji Yuki's voices! I wish there were more lines for them in this episode xD

Agree with this being a slower episode but I think depending on who your favorite VA are makes the episodes more exciting.
Feb 12, 2:24 PM

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Heihachi reference with Ishizuka Unshou so I can't complain.
Feb 12, 8:06 PM
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The Pop Team Cooking intro was a lot more shouty this time.
Feb 12, 8:24 PM

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Glorious 2nd part of this episode of popular seiyuu Shimonio Hiro and Kaji Yuki!
lolz is that Heihachi!?
and lolz Shogi DBZ parody!!!
Feb 14, 7:29 AM

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Only 6 eps left... Just a little bit sad.
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Feb 14, 12:54 PM
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I think this was a pretty good episode, i lost it at Dymlos.
Feb 14, 1:18 PM

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Well, for once the female VA segment was better at least.

But a lot of the references went above the ISS station maintenance engineers' heads.

Though that is kind of the point of it.
Feb 16, 5:01 AM
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Yasss, Shimono Hiro and Kaji Yuki! Too bad there weren't as many lines for them this time round, lol. Hade some good laughs here and there.
Feb 17, 7:37 PM
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Best episode of the anime for now.

That's all what i wanted to say.

Feb 17, 7:49 PM

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Billion Quadrillion!

That blankie thing killed me.
Feb 18, 9:38 PM

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Pretty sure that the woman in the shogi segment was a reference to Chiemi Blouson.
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