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Poll: Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode 18 Discussion

Feb 12, 6:45 AM

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Am I the only one who's more interested in the plot when it doesn't involve the Elias and Chise bs. It feels forced imo and is dragging on.
Feb 12, 7:16 AM

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I swear to effing god, the two are just so volatile, they just had to have drama every episode for the sake of having drama smfh that forced drama sucked ass
Feb 12, 11:15 AM
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Oooh Cart & AshenEye in the same episode. Looks like Cart's gonna take those two dragons to make another monster, and Stella's family could get involved some more.
Nice focus on jealousy & friendship themes.
Lullaby & the few transformations were well done.
Cute bears.
Nice Silky & Ruth moment.
Feb 12, 11:46 AM
Girl Dong Lover

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Literally every episode is something bad happening lol
Feb 12, 1:15 PM
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I'm just gonna say that I don't know how some people can't understand that the relashionship between Elias and Chise is not just about sugar and flowers lol. Although it could look like it, this is not a shojo. Forced drama? ehhh no. Just like Ruth said, they are not very honest between them. They have a hard time understanding theirselves and each other, considering that Chise since a young age tried to ignore her own feelings to protect herself and Elias... well, he is a monster. (Although even if he is learning and experiencing new emotions, I'm not going to defend and ignore his possessiveness. That is something I just cannot afford to)

This ep showed us how they deepened their bond and the dim side of their relashionship, although it seems that it is the beggining.

On the other hand, loved the interactions Chise-Stella and Silky-Ruth. Oh, and the funny moments were great too.

Feb 12, 1:18 PM

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really enjoyed this episode, until i saw Cartaphilus being up to no good and looks like is teaming up with ashen eye. very worried for the baby dragons and stella, cause when carta is shown up to no good it definitely means something bad is gonna happen and usually don't end good.

Feb 12, 5:18 PM

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Asgard241 said:
Did anyone else notice that it looked like Cartaphilus has done something to Stella while she was walking home with her family.

I'm guessing it's the same tentacle shit that popped out of the necks of those soldiers at the end.
Feb 12, 9:29 PM

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oh man! the villain Cartaphilus is back!
Elias found jealousy and still don't quite understand it!
Chise is really frail!
omg! looks like there's gonna me some mess again!
for sure something bad will happen to Stella because its clear that immortal brat did something to her!
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Feb 13, 2:56 AM
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"let's sleep together today, elias"

o y v e y
Feb 13, 4:20 AM

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Elias got jealous and acted like a spoiled kid, it's like Ruth said "a mother with a child" haha
Feb 13, 6:20 AM

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Took like 4 weeks but I finally caught back up. The parent / child roll reversal there was pretty funny to see. Dat ending though. Just realized were already at episode 18, so this anime should be coming to an end soon, which I assume is why the main bady seems to be preparing something now.
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Feb 13, 11:24 AM

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Always great to see when Chise and Elias get closer,those are my favorite parts of this show.
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Feb 13, 1:25 PM

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Wow so part of this potion was SONIC!! NOOOOO!

Also, finally something big is coming up. HALLELUJAH!
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Feb 13, 4:26 PM

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Those animal transformations are pretty cool
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Feb 15, 1:56 PM

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Oooo we get more Joseph the Wandering Jew and looks like him and Ashen Eye are up to something eerie. These guys have just been around for so long they have nothing else to do but cause havoc.
Feb 15, 4:08 PM

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Next week we'll see if Cartaphilus put a hex on Stella. It seems so since she felt pain in her neck when the wizard passed her.
Feb 16, 1:25 AM
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Loving how Chise and Elias are growing closer and closer, also that sorcerer and the eye fella are looking relatively suspicious.
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Feb 16, 4:58 PM

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Please don't go FMA on me with Stella... If that brat does something to her I'll be really mad :(

I wonder if this will lead to that vision-like scene we saw a few episodes ago, the one where Chise was riding a dragon in London or something.
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