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Feb 5, 7:32 PM

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So I know that every episode has two almost identical halves, but does that really make it appropriate to list it for 12 minutes per episode on MAL? Does it actually air in Japan as a 12 minute long episode on any channel? If it doesn't, then it doesn't really make any sense to have it listed at 12 minutes on here. That'd almost be like listing the 2009 episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi as having 9 episodes instead of 14 since 5 of the 8 version of Endless Eight are near-identical.

But whatever. If it's left at 12 min. per ep. I guess that means I can immediately record a re-watch after I finish the series.
Feb 13, 2:27 AM

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I think it should be listed as 24 min as well. The halves are *almost* identical, like you said, but not 100% so it doesn't make sense to list it as 12.