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Poll: Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! Chapter 129 Discussion

Feb 1, 7:08 PM

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Forehead chapter
Feb 1, 8:04 PM

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Pineapple's shook expression gives me life hahaha XD she should really keep that hair though instead of the usual pineapple style. I am really hoping that Ucchi and Mako come back so that Tomoko's group keep stacking up.
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Feb 1, 9:58 PM

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A-chan talking then fighting with delinquent and makes up with nemo after kuroki's eroge talk spurs her on.
Nemo will be a jav star.
Feb 2, 2:08 AM

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Ah, now this really was an excellent chapter! Especially Hina. :D
Feb 2, 5:32 AM

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When the harem is going full force.

I'm liking Forehead more and more. Plus with the way Kuro traumatised her like that I can't wait to see more of their interactions.

Too bad about Ucchi getting taken out of the game like that though.
Feb 2, 11:24 AM

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And another poor soul gets corrupted by Tomoko.
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Feb 2, 2:37 PM

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This chapter was priceless. Even though I laugh on pretty much every Watamote chapter, I thought I would die on this one
Feb 5, 5:08 PM

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Man, I caught up with the manga on the right time, this disneyland arc is the best until now, the interactions between the girls are so much fun! Every chapter I keep liking one of them more than the others, first Komi-something, then Yuri, now it's Yoshida. And Nemo is such a creep, not particularly in this chapter, but nothing shakes me off the feeling that she's close to the line that divides a normal person from a psycho.

Starting this manga, after 30 chapters or so it was getting so... plain, Tomoko always failing with everything she did and just having no clue on how to act properly around people, but now it could almost make me cry with how brightful her life has become, it's so great now! Anyway, now that I read it all, even though she's already in her last year in school, hopefully there's a lot more to come, it would make me sad if it ended in the next few years...


Feb 6, 3:51 AM

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gomennasai said:
And another poor soul gets corrupted by Tomoko.

Only the ultimate omega waifu can do

Feb 13, 4:44 PM
Minky Momo Fan

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I always thought I hated Slice of Life stuff.

WataMote is my favourite ever manga.

I really don't want this to end. If only a chapter would be released every month for the next 20 years.

Then I might be able to consider parting with this series.

It just keeps getting better and better! The new characters and new character arcs are fantastic editions.

Can only hope Emoji gets the girl...