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Jan 31, 2018 8:28 PM

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A - S E C R E T - M E S S A G E
Have someone on MAL that you secretly or not so secretly admire? Well then, send them rose to let them know that
someone- in this kingdom -admires -them ;3 or you- know send it to them to- troll them lololol. Just follow -the simple
steps down below to send one to them! Tax not included. Roses cost 50 cookies. No cookies, no following rules, no roses!

T H E - M E A N I N G S

🌹 R E D flowers are a manifestation of powerful, passionate love, and romance. 🌹
🌹 O R A N G E flowers are associated with energy and endurance. 🌹
🌹 Y E L L O W flowers symbolizes familial love and friendship. 🌹
🌹 P I N K flowers represent a playful innocence and sensitivity. 🌹

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