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Jan 27, 2018 4:57 PM

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This is where you can get your own customized member card to display wherever you'd like. Reading the below rules is required, or your request will be IGNORED.


--- These are customized cards, meaning YOU choose the image. It must be rendered - that is, a PNG file with a transparent background. If there's an image you absolutely must have and you can't find it rendered, I'm willing to render it for you. However, this will take longer to have your card delivered, as I plan to do the easiest ones first.

--- Cards will be delivered IN this thread with your name tagged. On the off chance your notifications don't come through, you might want to periodically check the thread. The list will be placed under a spoiler at the bottom of this post, so just search your name.

--- Your post number is your member number. Please don't double post or post anything other than your request as this will mess up the count and make it complicated for me to fix. It will also make your wait for your card much longer. Members start at #002.

--- Upload your image to IMGUR, Photobucket, or any other photo sharing site and link the direct link. Do NOT post Zerochan links.


[b]Shortened Name:[/b] 
[b]Picture:[/b] [url=]here[/url]

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