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TV Anime 'Meiji Tokyo Renka' Announces Main Staff Members

Jan 21, 2:42 AM
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Meiji Tokyo Renka ~Haikara Roman Theater V~ in Luna Park held on Sunday has announced main staff members for the previously announced TV anime adaptation of the series. The cast members from the original game will reprise in the TV anime adaptation, like the previous movies.

Director: Akitarou Daichi (the Nobunaga no Shinobi series)
Character Design, Chief Animation Director: Junko Yamanaka (the Kamisama Hajimemashita series)
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Production: Meikoi Production Committee

Meiji Tokyo Renka is a mix media project from Dwango that includes several games, drama CDs, character song CDs, manga and more that received two anime movie adaptations in July 2015 and May 2016. Other news announced during the event this time including live-action drama and movie adaptations of the series, as well as a new app game of the series titled Haikara Date.

Source: animate Times
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Jan 21, 2:45 AM

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Another otome harem.

GangsterCat said:
because there is no good yuri manga. it's always melodramatic love story of a confused hetero and a turbo dyke sexual offender
Jan 21, 3:56 AM
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Oh cool. This anime might actually be decent since it has some good staff and the people behind KamiHaji behind. Definitely looking forward to this way more that NilAd.
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Jan 21, 4:05 AM

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The character designs of bishies aren't as appealing compared to some other otome vn adaptations, but I'll probably end up watching it anyway :v
Jan 21, 7:04 AM
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Jan 21, 1:09 PM
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I see different staff than movie this can't disappoint.
I hope theme song by KENN again.

Nice shot ♥
I wish Hosoyan can join them one day.
Jan 21, 2:30 PM

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looks pretty bad.
Jan 21, 2:43 PM
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Otome anime are always a failure so its a massive skip for me.
Jan 21, 3:30 PM

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doesn't matter, i'll still end up watching this huhuehue~

Jan 21, 3:44 PM
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If there's bishies and its actually decent to where I can swallow up without feeling annoyed then this is neat for my end.

Oh yeah also the staff looks competent as well so.
Jan 21, 4:42 PM

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I've seen some fanart of this series back then. I wish it will be good... The guys looks cute.
Jan 22, 10:10 AM

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Cute I guess. Not my thing by a long shot.

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Aug 12, 8:32 PM
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Key visual, Charlie: Toshiyuki Morikawa, Cast including the heroine same as movies, and Winter 2019 premiere.
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Aug 12, 8:49 PM

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yessss! i've been into the character songs for three years now so this is cool


watch nodame cantabile

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Aug 13, 12:22 PM
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Key visual looking good I can't take my eyes off. I'm loving anime chara design.
I hope PV is soon. I feel anime could be really decent. I can't wait.