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Sep 14, 2018 9:40 PM

Joined: Dec 2012
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Name: Rita Star
Gender: Female
Magic: Earth Soul
Magic explanation and abilities:

Mud golem:

Magic Cooldown:Mud golem: to cast 4 posts, last 7 posts and a cooldown of 6 posts.
Level: 1
Personality: Kind and happy most of the time. However, let very little of her shelf be known to others. She often looks and acts with confidence however she has very little of it and often put herself down when she is alone. She does not want others to find out about her past and what family she is truly in. She hates it when she is too far from the earth and will often sweet and looks for a place she can go to touch it.

Bio: Rita Star was born into a family of wind mages. Due to her connection to the earth and having no ability at all with wind she was shun and was not even spoken of. The acted as if she was not part of there family and even had her name change so others would not know what family she belongs to. That being said she had lots of free time to learn about this cures she believe at 1st. Over time she no longer saw it as a curse and ran away to study and learn more about herself and her power.
..... :'(
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