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Poll: Yuru Camp△ Episode 3 Discussion

Jan 18, 6:22 AM

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I think it's nice to see Nadeshiko and Rin getting along better. Feels like Rin is understanding her better.

The episode features some classic outdoor camping scenes between the two. I kinda like the montage song they used while also featuring Mount Fuji in the background. Really felt realistic with the setting and scenery.
Jan 18, 7:00 AM

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The camping trip was nice ones again especially with all that food tho it seems Nadishiko's sister didn't enjoy it as much as she did.
Well the girls had fun which is was matters.
Jan 18, 7:46 AM

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Rin is finally warming up to Nadeshiko!
Though as much as she liked her alone time, she's going to get more and more girls around her; so better give up heh.
While I understand her desire to have private time, camping with others is so much more fun.
Jan 18, 8:15 AM
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We want to see more of the Onee-chan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jan 18, 8:26 AM

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Didn't think that i will enjoy this anime so much, sych cozy and relaxing atmosphere. And really like the soundtrack as well as the OP and ED. When they were eating nabe together, it looked so tasty in that moment =/ Rin and Nadeshiko, that was really good camping together. And Rin with her hair down - so cute!
Jan 18, 8:27 AM

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Jan 18, 8:29 AM
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this feels so fast and now we need to wait another week T_T
Jan 18, 8:44 AM

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Nadeshiko sharing some gyoza hot pot with Rin-chan under the night stars surrounding Mount Fuji. Warm and comfy, such a warm and comfy series. Nadeshiko's facial expression all wrapped up was so peaceful, so adorable. And how sweet of nee-chan to stick around and sleep in the car too. My goodness, this remains such a feel good series. :)
Jan 18, 8:50 AM

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holy crap why does this episode felt so fast . it felt like 2 min and then ed . i need moar .
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Jan 18, 8:52 AM

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Jan 18, 9:20 AM

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Fuckkkkk, I want to go camping like this as well now.
Jan 18, 9:20 AM

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Cozy episode. Not only is Nadeshiko so cute and clumsy but she is amazing at cooking. Her facial expression all wrapped up was so adorable. It's nice to see Rin warming up to her. They are getting along well.
Jan 18, 9:22 AM
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need "poka poka to" or what it is for an infinite loop!! so cuteeeeeee XDD
Jan 18, 9:35 AM
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Very cute episode. Not that much to say but I wish we got more screen time for the other girls.
Jan 18, 10:24 AM

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Great episode again.

Nadeshiko is real sweet, real nice of her to make that hot pot for Rin.
Speaking of which, Rin with her hair down is absolute <3
I prefer her having her hair down way over the bun style she normally has. XD

Rin's too shy to admit she had fun with Nadeshiko but it's nice that she's started warming up to the latter. :)
Jan 18, 10:48 AM

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Not really much to say, we get the same stuff every week but this show just does it so right.

Great stuff.
Jan 18, 10:59 AM

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Jan 18, 11:35 AM

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Rin is finally opening up :3 Great watch again.
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Jan 18, 11:41 AM
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It's like an event when a new episode is released, except for massive fanfare it's relaxing, quiet and silent watching. A great episode, Rin is warming up to Nadeshiko Fujiko and her going into the tent was cute.

Next episode should prove to be a good one as well.
Jan 18, 11:41 AM

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Anime of the season so far.
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Jan 18, 11:45 AM

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Wholesome as always.

Nadeshiko is so cute.

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Jan 18, 11:46 AM

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that big sister is crazy as hell. shes really spoiling her little sister too much.

am i really the only one that prefers Rin with the bun hairstyle?
Jan 18, 11:54 AM

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I'm confident in saying this now. Nadeshiko is an adorable little gem that needs to be protected. Her smile and enthusiasm will always wash away the feelings you get from a stressful grinding day of work and envelopes you with her charm and innocence. She's just too damn cute! X3

Not only that, but she can cook a delicious looking hotpot that got the approval from Rin. It was really nice to see her starting to open up and becoming more honest in front of Nadeshiko now.

And of course, the scenery, both nighttime and sunrise, looked beautiful and I can't praise the producers enough for their art quality. =3

Judging by the preview shot, it looks like Rin might be upgrading to a moped soon, since she drives one on the OP animation. Now she can travel further and quicker to the camp sites she desires. =)
Jan 18, 12:18 PM

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This is my 2nd favorite anime of the season. Sorry, but Sora yori mo tooi basho needs to be 1st.

Jan 18, 12:23 PM
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That ED. Eri Sasaki singing me to sleep? Yes, please. <3
Jan 18, 1:04 PM
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C-Station must keep this team for long time

Surely those Girls know about
Camping, the main Event is Cooking + Eating LOL
and wrong thing if you watch that when 3.00 AM with Hungry belly :|
Jan 18, 1:05 PM

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I'm speechless. True gem. Perfect direction. Non Non Biyori tier SOL.
Btw, is it possible to be more adorable than Nadeshiko?
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Jan 18, 1:18 PM
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I am awake i swear! hahaha cracked me up
Jan 18, 1:55 PM
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Fumotoppara campsite

Mt. Fuji with fog in Fumotoppara campsite
Jan 18, 2:00 PM
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Can we talk about the fact that the music for this show is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

I didn't think I'd be liking it as much as I am but this show is great.
Jan 18, 2:49 PM

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Holy shit this episode is comfy, the OST is so good its catchy and chill.
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Jan 18, 2:52 PM

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Hmm thats a lot of things that they stored in that shed there. Nadeshiko really likes to do what she wants huh. Hmm Rin remembering the sister as the kiwi lady. The tutorial on the warmers though was interesting. Despite Chiaki's confident nature she can get nervous as well too it seems. So Aoi and Chiaki decided to secure part time jobs to supplement the clubs funding then. A hot pot in winter is the perfect ward against the cold of the night. Nadeshiko entering Rin's tent and waking her up while falling asleep herself is just like her. So Rin only goes camping in Winter huh. But it looks like Rin is starting to open up to Nadeshiko though. Its nice that Nadeshiko's efforts paid off.
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Jan 18, 2:58 PM
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I gotta say, the amount of positivity this show has been getting compared to some others of the season is encouraging.

I don't know how the show will progress, but provided it reviews well and sells well, I would like to see a potential second season exploring other countries and camping. Maybe checking out other landmarks like Mt. Fuji.

But, that's probably because I don't want this to end.
Jan 18, 3:33 PM

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This show is a great iyashikei and maybe the best slice of life of the season. Girls Last Tour was amazing and offered way more than most iyashikei, but I love the even more simple nature of this show.
Jan 18, 3:35 PM

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As usual, another great episode. Thoroughly enjoyed it! It surely knows damn well how to make you feel all comfy.
Jan 18, 3:58 PM

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[s]So Nadeshiko is getting more on the Screentime.. well... no good! :-\ [s!!!!!]

Alright episode with some little character development and there was some lovely scene - especially the sunset. Some soundtrack were awesome too and sync well with some moments and Enchancing Mt. Fuji scenarios in a finest way! We also got to see some other new side characters too.
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Jan 18, 4:21 PM

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So much packed into an episode that there's always a lot to comment on.

The hot pot looked so good it made me hungry again after watching Rin and Nadeshiko eating it.

Those stick-on warmers. Have to try that sometime since it is so brutally cold around here lately.

Elder sister's reactions to younger sister's foolishness is great.

Aoi and Chiaki now have jobs. The brief shot where Chiaki tries to sit on the open end of the crate was funny. Now they can save up for an expensive tent.

It was cool when the ED song was playing on Nadeshiko's phone.
Jan 18, 5:13 PM

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This and Sora Yori have easily become my two favorites of the season
Jan 18, 5:26 PM

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this is love and this is life the overly satisfying look on nadeshiko's face when she was watching the sunrise was perfect ,her sis is so nonchalant about everything lol

happy Rin is cool with camping every once in a while with the others hope it stays like her doing her own thing then doing the group camping occasionally
Jan 18, 5:36 PM

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The sound of the episode this week is "poka poka to"

Poka poka to...
Jan 18, 5:46 PM

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Great episode despite the bad animation at the very beginning, on a side note tho can anyone translate the phone chat between the 2 MCs in the opening song?
Jan 18, 6:04 PM

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Too cute! My gosh this show has grown on me for sure. The chemistry between Rin and Nadeshiko is fantastic!!
Jan 18, 6:18 PM

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I'm feeling super cozy after watching that. Winter camping sounds nice if you have the right supplies.
Jan 18, 6:18 PM

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Just watch the sequence when Rin and Nadeshiko are talking and listening to the radio, and as the music plays, various scenarios of the camp are shown. Then, the radio stops and we are left with the ambient sound, still looking at the camp at night.

I don't have to put it in words. This episode, this anime speaks by itself in ways that are way more eloquent than I could ever express. 5/5
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Jan 18, 6:26 PM

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This anime's just so darn comfy. The part with Nadeshiko watching the sunrise was so heartwarming. <3
Maybe I'll go camping someday.
Jan 18, 6:27 PM

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So I think we all agree the OP either reminds us of I Want You Back, ABC, or Respect.

But the ED also reminds me of something.. can't put my finger on it.

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Jan 18, 7:04 PM

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It's nice that they added original scene to make the story flow better.
Also Nadeshiko's adorable
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Jan 18, 7:17 PM

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Miracle of the universe
Jan 18, 8:51 PM

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Can this anime get anymore relaxing?

Rin and Nadeshiko together is fun. Though Rin will soon say goodbye to her solo camping as the other girls will soon join. Well the more, the merrier.

Would love to go to Japan and enjoy camping at that spot.
Jan 18, 9:14 PM

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That's all i have to say.
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