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'Nobunaga no Shinobi' to Receive Third Season for Spring 2018

Jan 17, 2018 1:14 AM
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The official website of the TV anime adaptation of Naoki Shigeno's 4-koma manga Nobunaga no Shinobi has announced that a third season of the anime has been greenlit. Under the title, Nobunaga no Shinobi: Anegawa Ishiyama-hen, the anime is slated to premiere in April 2018. The cast and staff members from the previous seasons will reprise their roles in the upcoming anime.

The historical comedy manga about a young girl named Chidori serving Oda Nobunaga began its serialization in Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine in June 2008 and has compiled 12 volumes in print. The 13th limited edition volume of the manga will bundle the first 13 episodes of the anime's second season and is set to be released on March 29.

Nobunaga no Shinobi has been adapted into a 3-minute TV anime by TMS Entertainment. An episode zero special was streamed in March 2016, preceding the first season that ran from October 2016 to March 2017. It was immediately followed by a sequel titled Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen that aired between April and September last year.

Source: Comic Natalie

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Anegawa Ishiyama-hen on MAL
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Jan 17, 2018 1:40 AM

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Yes, YES!! :D I've wanted more of this ever since I've completed the second season. Chidori <3
Jan 17, 2018 8:36 AM

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Yes! Give it to me!
Jan 17, 2018 9:26 AM

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yes pls mooooaaaar of this.

We need this to have as many or even more seasons than teekyuu
Jan 17, 2018 9:29 AM

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Eh. Not too excited. The shorts were okay.
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Jan 17, 2018 9:34 AM

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I'm ready for this.
Jan 17, 2018 9:37 AM

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Something to look forward to nice

Jan 17, 2018 10:02 AM

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Cute show. I bet it will be 2 cour again.

Looking forward to it :>
Jan 17, 2018 11:44 AM

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Yes! ^^ I've been missing this series since the second season ended. I hoped we'll get another season but didn't think it will be so soon :D Guess I have another sequel to look forward to this year ^^
Jan 17, 2018 11:47 AM

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I'll watch it, but I think they've let the history stuff take over the humor as it went on. Seems even more unavoidable considering the upcoming events.
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Jan 17, 2018 11:55 AM

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Yes! Looking forward for it!
Jan 17, 2018 1:36 PM
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Yay! I actually like this show if I can be honest, so more of it would be pretty neat.

Although I need to look into the second season so.
Jan 17, 2018 3:57 PM

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Wonder if it'll be 26 episodes again like the previous two seasons.
Jan 18, 2018 8:41 AM

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The first season was good, the second one not so good - less humor and it lost me a few times on who is who and what is happening where (but I guess it's not so for Japanese viewers cause they learn all that history stuff at school and everybody knows it). Will watch the third season, though it's probably will be like the second one.
Jan 20, 2018 5:32 AM
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I wonder will it reach Honnouji.
Mar 15, 2018 9:25 PM
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Fridays 25:35 (Saturdays 1:35 a.m.) via Tokyo MX and KBS Kyoto, followed by BS Fuji starting April 6 (7)

AnimeJapan stage on both March 24 and 25 w. different cast members appearing

Tadakatsu Honda: Rikiya Koyama

Theme Song: "Kingyorui. (金魚涙。)" by Renka

New key visual also revealed.

Premium Screening event for all 78 eps. will be held on January 19, 2019
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