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Sep 18, 2018 4:45 AM

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Tenn. Mainly because I lowkey admire some of his traits.

Oct 14, 2018 8:57 AM
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I have to say Sougo! I enjoy it whenever he switches from the kind and positive Sougo to the scary and intimidating Sougo. 😂
Nov 10, 2018 12:06 PM

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A friend predict that my fav for each group will be Sogo and Gaku (or Tenn but she thinks I will prefer Gaku more). I'm currently watching it, and even before watched, I knew that Gaku will be my fav. Result... he is my favorite. For IDOLiSH7, I have to say I love Tamaki and Iori. But I like the other too :3

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Jan 3, 2019 2:08 PM

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My favorite character is Riku, too. I like also Ten.
Jan 7, 2019 12:33 PM

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Surprisingly my favourite idol is Gaku-san. I just couldn't find any reason to dislike him as a character. Usually rival idol group members are negatively portrayed but here he was just flawless.
Also, Yamato-san, Nagi-san and Ryunosuke were quite interesting as well.
Jan 14, 2019 1:57 PM
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1. Nagi
2. Ryu
3. Sogo
Jan 18, 2019 6:48 PM

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My favorite character is definitely Riku!
He seems like a very cheerful character! I also love his voice!~
Jun 10, 2019 4:08 AM

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Tenn, Tamaki and Yuki! My absolute faves
Jun 15, 2019 1:50 AM
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My favorite boys are Tenn and Sogo! Though Tenn owns my heart a little bit more xD I think I have always lowkey liked Tenn even before watching this anime... I like a character from another franchise that has the same voice actor with him too so that's a plus haha
As for Sogo... His voice and the gap though xD Very interesting and episode 12 broke my heart :'( Urgh
Jul 8, 2019 6:34 PM

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I would have to say it’s definitely Riku. He just stole my heart and continues to do so as more goes on (especially what happens in the plot later but that would be spoilers). For my second favorite it would have to be the TRIGGER members tied, I just can’t choose among the three. They’re all adorable and admirable, I can’t place them above each other.
Jul 14, 2019 1:20 AM
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My favourite is Sogo
i also like Tamaki
Aug 18, 2019 1:17 PM
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Definitely Nagi. I also like Gaku and Sougo
Oct 7, 2019 6:23 AM

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Mitsuki (so underrated), followed by Tenn then Tsumugi then Riku.
Oct 28, 2019 8:23 AM

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I think Nagi, haha, or Mitsuki!
Nov 15, 2019 3:21 PM
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Overall, best boy has to be Sogo because honestly I relate to him way too much, especially in game. I feel like the anime shows a much softer side of him, which makes most of the 'snaps' a lot more compelling but the adorable fanboy just makes me smile and laugh, (Just thinking about how Sogo essentially made Riku watch PowerPoints about how great Douglas Rootbank was until he was convinced makes me grin, I can't believe they left that out of the main anime!). Sogo's entire demeanour makes me scream "GOOD BOY" and "SAME" in both the anime and game, even though his personality actually differs quite a bit, not to mention his singing voice is my personal favourite on a technical level and actually soothes me quite a bit when I'm feeling down.
Next best boy will always be a mixture of Ryuu and Tamaki though, just because of how wholesome Ryuu is and how Tamaki made me cry from sheer "he such a good boy, but he get treated so bad" multiple times. Ryuu is the Trigger mom and everything he does is either wholesomely innocent or perfectly pure.
Nov 16, 2019 4:30 AM
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My best and favourite will always be Riku <3 He is so pure and cute and cool and always warms my heart when I see him. His big cute eyes are also a bonus with them being a nice red fading to orange slightly plus, a little bias on cute red boys in any kind of anime UwU. Tenn is then my second, then Iori, then Gaku, then Nagi and then Ryunosuke follow by everyone else in the show. Also Tsumugi is a great manager and she's really cute and pretty.
Nov 29, 2019 2:07 AM
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My favorite is Tenn, I have a somewhat predictable tastes '-'

I don't play the game, but my favorite right away was Mitsuki and Riku.
When I see Tenn I was like, "Yeah, this is best boi"

But honestly, I love all of them. Including Momo. They're all (probably) soft bois.
Apr 19, 2020 1:57 AM
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I don't really like idol animes but this one is an exception, it's different from other idol animes, the story is good, all characters are well written and have depth, it has realism, people should really give this anime a chance, It is one of my most favourite animes now
My favourite group in this anime is Trigger, My favourite character is Tenn kujo(he is my most favourite in entire cast), from Idolish7 group it's Mitsuki Izumi, Riku Nanase and Sogo Osaka, from Re:Vale it's Momo, but I love everyone so much, I don't dislike anyone, All of them are precious good boys
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May 17, 9:01 AM
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I love Yaotome Gaku💕💕. And I also like Yuki and Tenn.
May 26, 9:48 AM
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Yaotome gaku for sure
Jun 27, 7:06 AM
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Not sure if anyone's gonna see this and this isn't to offend anyone:

I recently started watching Idolish7 and I freaking love it (almost done with season 1)

However, is it weird for a young male adult like me to like watching this and posting tweets about it? I don't wanna get judged too badly....

Also, what's the correct order to watch the anime? I see different seasons and a spin-off based on Trigger. Any recommendations?

Finally, any good idol anime to recommend I can start watching after Idolish7? =)
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