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Poll: Devilman: Crybaby Episode 9 Discussion

Feb 1, 2018 1:58 AM

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Just humans being humans even after so many years, they regress into their barbaric ways when cornered... I guess Devilman did a good job in this episode when it comes to conveying its message even the episode 10 is a flop.
Feb 1, 2018 12:52 PM

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very sad episode Q____Q
Feb 3, 2018 10:48 AM
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this show has me fucked up
Feb 5, 2018 6:35 PM

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Dude, you had one job...
That got silly for a bit there.
Nice tragic end though.
Feb 7, 2018 12:58 AM
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Holy shit... I don't think any of us was ready for what happened this episode.

Fuck I actually really liked Miko's character there were a few inconsistencies with her but I really hoped that at least if she died her and Akira would of been kicking some serious Ryou and demon ass together.

Instead we got some insane Berserk eclipse shit.

One more episode left! What a great ride this anime has been. Really glad to have picked it up. Will that cat have an explanation as well? Straight up turned in to Mew 2
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Feb 7, 2018 9:35 PM
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i not prepare myself to watch miki dead.shit man
Feb 9, 2018 4:36 AM

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Jesus Christ, this episode tore my soul apart. Miki getting killed was gut wrenching to watch.
Dis fukken show
Feb 10, 2018 12:22 AM
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Too savage man... both humans & demons are crazy now.
Cat became demon cat?
Feb 10, 2018 10:45 PM

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I feel sorry for that hip-hop dude with the cap, he really likes Miki. I also feel sorry for the dreadlock guy because he was betrayed by his friend too :( Hie turned out to be a bad guy too , he was my favorite hip-hop beatboxer too. He's a fucking backstabber.

Miki is a NONSTAGRAM star. She got haters, horny motherfuckers and supporters. I like how people were coming out as Devilmen on Instagram or whatever that was, in different languages.

Devilman Akira had a hugging event convention at the park. Still, I'm glad those people changed their tune and helped down the ones they tied up. Too bad that one guy got shot in the head while he was tied up. :(

Damn, Koda backstabbed Akira after he saved him! :(

BEST PART EVER: When they stabbed Miki's cat, TAKO and he transformed into a Devilcat/Demoncat and flashed them.

I feel saddened by Miki, Miko, Wamu and Gabi's deaths. They all deserved to live. Oh, and Tako the cat but he turned into a fucking awesome Devilcat.

Akira's right, the real demons are humans. Just look how quickly they turned on other humans and murdered them without hesitation. Fuck you, Hie, I liked you so much.
There is no such thing as an Anime elitist. You watch Anime, therefore, you are trash by society's standards.
Feb 11, 2018 3:55 PM

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Akira no....your waifu is dead *sob*

That was brutal, RIP Miko, Mika and Rapper dudes
Curious how this mess will turn out...

And fuck Koda, what a worthless scum

Bibimbapski said:
Hie turned out to be a bad guy too , he was my favorite hip-hop beatboxer too. He's a fucking backstabber.

Im not defending him for his betrayel but he saw Kunkuns glasses in Mikos bag and assumed that she killed him. So it was Revenge for him.
Feb 12, 2018 12:52 PM

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This episode legit shattered my soul ;-;
Feb 12, 2018 5:09 PM

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Who's miki?
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Feb 12, 2018 5:35 PM

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In the realm of anime like Shiki, this anime has us asking the question: "Who are the REAL monsters?" This episode goes out of its way to show that humans are no different from demons as a mob kills Miki and her friends and show off their body parts. I feel Akira's pain in this one. RIP Miki.
Feb 19, 2018 3:12 PM
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They didn't just break my heart, they shredded it into a million pieces then stamped on it :( such an amazing yet sad episode
Feb 19, 2018 4:51 PM

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I found it to be quite derivative
Feb 21, 2018 4:55 PM

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I just finished the series today, and I cried so hard since Akira's speech to the end. This series is something else. Masterpiece
Feb 21, 2018 6:07 PM

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Holy fucking shit. I like this anime a lot. I knew I said I like Ryo but he's got to fucking go. A lot of blood on his hands.
Duterte did 9/11
Feb 22, 2018 2:17 AM

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Miki and Miko's relationship was cute and good and I'm sad.

Miko and Miki are both good characters. Miki is developed more here than in the manga, it's nice.
Feb 26, 2018 12:56 AM

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ok no …that was so cruel…I can’t even …. I don’t know even… I am simply out of words at this point.
Mar 8, 2018 12:06 PM

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Wow, what an episode! Why did Miko have to die, dammit, Akira should've given everyone there a very slow and agonizing death but I guess that's just me.

What an episode!
Mar 13, 2018 12:15 AM

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The end scene of them dancing in the fire with their body parts on sticks.

What the actual fuck.
Mar 14, 2018 9:35 PM

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This was really really upsetting. I really don't like seeing heads on pikes and whatnot. Damn.

Akira talking to the people was good.
Mar 15, 2018 9:22 AM
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WHAT THE ACTUAL F***? Miki was supposed to be fastest at her age but she still was killed in a CHASE? HOW TF?
P.S yeah,I'm depressed
Mar 17, 2018 3:13 PM
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Iconic_Kraken said:
WHAT THE ACTUAL F***? Miki was supposed to be fastest at her age but she still was killed in a CHASE? HOW TF?
P.S yeah,I'm depressed

She was being chased by a car
Someone shot her in the leg
When the guy stabbed her she was limping
Mar 17, 2018 3:14 PM
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Do you guys think if something like that were to happen to Earth (hypothetically) will all of us behave like that too? I mean do you understand that level of confusion and panic? I can't comprehend it.
Mar 29, 2018 10:00 AM

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Wow….i mean….wow. I def did not see that coming. It was cruel, unbelievable, gruesome, etc. I thought this anime would have a happy end but I don't think it will end happily after watching such things.

Really liked Miki's speech, RIP. The rappers did not have that much screenplay but they made the series so much better for me. Really cannot understand why Hie and Babo betrayed their own friends… Wamu was such an awesome character alongside Gabi. Thank you for all the raps!

Liked the scenes after the credits.

As an amateur anime-viewer, this ep made a lot of impact on me. I was not ready for it and i felt it.
Mar 29, 2018 10:02 AM

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lord23 said:
jgomezg said:
PSA: Miko apparently did not kill the rapper. He died at the club.
I mean do we actually know that ? the way the scene played out it looked like a demon infected her at that party.

Yeah it seems that Kukun and the super athlete are not the same person.

In a scene you can the see the hands of Kukun with the specific tattoo's lying on the ground. Miki probably killed him when she was transforming into a demon. But still, I cannot 100% understand whom that other guy was with the same looks.
Apr 1, 2018 3:03 AM

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Brahmastra_ said:
I was hoping for Miko to die already, screw listening to her lecture on what's to be a human she's the last person I want to see acting as if she didn't kill any humans. RIP to Kun the freestyler.

lord23 said:
I feel nothing for Miko she killed the one dude did that notice her from the very start even rapped his heart out to her, I was really hoping the little bro would have killed her rather then her acting like some high mighty character at the end

To all the people saying Miko killed Kukun(the rapper guy): it's heavily implied that she didn't, at least not consciously.

In the Sabbath scene it's shown that when they were taking drugs, only Miko actually took the pill, while the rapper put it into his pocket. So, he maintained a clear mind. I'm not sure if it's canon in this anime, but in the manga abandoning your reason(due to intoxication and/or fear) was one of the key conditions for merging with a demon.
In a following scene we see the two dancing, while a woman next to them transforms into a demon and jumps at them. The next thing we see is a closeup of Miko's frightened face and the episode ends.
So the implication is that he got killed in the massacre at the Sabbath, while Miko got merged with a demon and became a devilman.
Afterwards you can see Miko wearing his sunglasses as a memento of him, showing that she still cared about him.
Later on she only kills in self-defense, like when she killed the rapist who was holding her at gunpoint.

Admiral_Carapils said:

Yeah it seems that Kukun and the super athlete are not the same person.
In a scene you can the see the hands of Kukun with the specific tattoo's lying on the ground. Miki probably killed him when she was transforming into a demon. But still, I cannot 100% understand whom that other guy was with the same looks.

Rewatch the beginning of the first episode for more info. They show the news footage of that super athlete guy and explain that his teammate(who was also his boyfriend, as it later turned out) was brutally murdered when the two of them allegedly went to a "questionable party"(Sabbath).
Apr 7, 2018 12:34 PM
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This is just... man... I can't even... Anyway this is the best thing I've seen in years.
I was spoiled ( I didn't know for sure though) when I started watching this episode but it still hurts.
Apr 7, 2018 6:10 PM

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I thought it wouldn't get any worse for my mental well being last episode but the tragedy keeps going. I bawled like Akira and Miki did last episode. They took everyone away. Akira was set up to contrast the first episode where he went with Ryo instead of Miki, he's inspired by the display of human heart as they all hugged him and he went back to get Miki. The person who's given him the most important thing to be a human. Miko hands her the imaginary baton and now its Akira's turn and as we know he's on his way, he's going to save her right. Sure Miko is dead and its horrible, and now she's getting cornered right. But, he's on his way, right? He has to be, that's the writing trope it's implemented, she's going to be saved. In her last moments I knew this wasn't going to play out like any other anime would. The thought flashed before my mind, is she actually going too.. and then we saw the brutal murder, the top to bottom tear of that knife as she screamed in horribly pain. I guess Wamu's bling didn't help as much as he'd hoped... That wasn't even the end. Akira got to the house, and when we saw the close up of her face held on a stick, not only was I already crying but it went tenfold. That paired with the new ED got me good. This is now the saddest anime I've ever seen. The most bleak and miserable one. This was awful in the best way imaginable. I still can't believe that happened. I'm so glad I wasn't spoiled.

I adore how we got storytelling that Kikun died at the Sabbath with hand flashbacks, that we got the rap gang looking for Kikun, and we got Miko wearing his glasses in remembrance as the one person who noticed her for being herself. It's amazing how the writer wrote a character who doesn't say a single word to have such a sympathetic and understandable character arc. Hie was concerned for his friend, already suspicious, and he saw his glasses fall out of her bag. If that's not enough Ryo announces that Akira is a devil and Hie see's Miko turn into a devil with her arm. All this goes together to make it absolutely understandable why this wordless character would go after Miko. Devil's are bad right? At least he thinks so. They were seen together before he had disappeared and she's wearing his glasses. She had to have killed him. Or at least that was his perspective. I'll say it like I do every single episode, the characterization of supporting characters is fantastic!

As suspected the message Ryo sent was created by a room full of demons. There is no way that couldn't have been a fake message meant to instill hysteria. And what it lead to was a stoning of people before they turned alike how Ryo advised. We see Akira offer himself to die instead of the humans in a Jesus Christ like fashion and lead the demons away after he convinces them for no more death. We get a scene of Akira killing demons to save humans, and then it contrasts this with the edgy group of humans with devil hearts being killed to save humans as well. Devils and humans acting as horribly as possible and being fended off to keep innocents alive. Powerful. We saw a glimpse of humans with good hearts, and bad, devils with good hearts, and bad.. Miko's speech encapsulated this, "What makes someone good? What makes someone bad?", only to get a comment about how devils should die. Clearly no, what makes someone bad isn't if they're deemed a devil by society, it's their heart.

The line about how Akira always cries for other people who are too stubborn to cry for themselves put the puzzle pieces together for me. That's what the entire "you were / are crying / sad" thing came from. He's actually quite strong. Koda couldn't show his emotion because it would turn him into a devil as trauma, and Ryo must be a similar way. Too stubborn to cry for himself. Koda eventually turned to the demons side and became more demonic than ever, contrasting Miko who had a great moment where she came forward with how she felt and cried with Miki! Later she came forward shouting with Miki that they love running, that they love each other, that they love running together, and that they're glad to have met, finally being honest with herself and treating herself as something less than a used up and replaced Miki. Love how those two developed through this series.

Why run when devils and animals are so much faster than humans? Well, for Miki it's hope. It's the hope that she will get a little farther, no matter how small the distance, that something will change. In another word its hope.

I seriously wanted to throw up when I saw Miki's head. The manga overlap of the last moments was charming.

Hypeantonio said:

I particularly think that another message of Devilman Crybaby is that "demon" is also used by the own humankind just to hide it's own dark side and in order to assign that part to fantastic creatures (immaterial and cultural things) and not themselves. But "demons" usually "take human's body" and "become corporeal". The demon concept could also refer to humankind's fears, like strong primitive creatures that are in a higher position of the food chain, and our own irrational and disturbing human's feelings. It could also refer to human's wild desires, the things that we can't afford as mere animals: more power, a better body...

We are and we want to be the demons and we just don't want to recognize it.

This analysis is outstanding. Thank you.
Apr 15, 2018 9:32 PM

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LOL the granny killing the cat. The entire episode was more sad than many animes tagged as drama from Winter 2018 with 12 or 13 episodes. Everybody was killed, damn. This is so hard. I didn't expect so many deaths in just one episode. I'm glad that this anime is real. Miki's death was cruel and the ending with the killers and their severed parts of thier victims is...damn. I'm glad that Akira killed everyone. 4/5
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Life has no meaning.
Apr 23, 2018 5:14 PM

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Normally I dislike characters like Miki, and I thought she'd be more tsundere-ish, but not only did she have personality, she was also always positive, even after her whole family died, she was trusting and had a huge heart. She was too good for this damned world ;_;

I also expected Miko to be more cold-hearted after becoming the Devilwoman, but she kept her humanity, and even made peace with her biggest rival just before the end.

THEY EVEN KILLED THE CAT, I won't forgive them since when do animals become demons as well though.

There's only Ryou left... why the heck is he getting all nostalgic watching his and Akira's photos from childhood? This is the weirdest timing ever. Maybe it's a Satan-thing.
May 7, 2018 11:13 PM

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The hardest part about this episode wasn't that she died but how she died. Them stabbing her then dragging the blade down her back and then cutting off her to put on a pike. Jeez.

May 10, 2018 8:17 PM

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Are you serious... This episode really hurts with all that quantity of deaths. Really really really really
Aug 9, 2018 10:20 AM
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Oct 1, 2018 11:17 AM

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Feels like a worse version of Berserk , felt Casca's scene was more impactful.
Nov 4, 2018 10:30 AM

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not the rap squad... take Miki, take Miko, but come on, not the rap squad... :'(

herrickluk said:
Feels like a worse version of Berserk , felt Casca's scene was more impactful.

Good comparison; I hadn't realized this, but having it brought forward, all of this is seriously reminiscent of the Eclipse.
Nov 25, 2018 3:00 PM

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Oh my god...

This was so damn sad and so, so, so, soooo gruesome...
This seriously makes me question humanity.
Why do they kill everything they don't understand?

Poor Akira...

I Love Anime.

Hentai too.

And so will you. Probably.

Dec 8, 2018 8:55 AM

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What made me watch this show in the beginning was from a spoiler cut I saw and yep that was the ending scene. I gotta say this was just so fucked up. I made it this far tho despite how sickening it is and I'm more curious on how it will all end.

I liked how calming the ED song was after all the slaughter from this ep.
Jan 15, 12:10 AM

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That's a nice barbeque you got there mate.
Jan 23, 6:06 PM
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what the fuck did i just watch
Jan 26, 8:49 PM
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I cried so much. Jesus fu**
The last time I had this feeling, it was with Game Of Thrones.
Feb 25, 12:35 AM

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Just when I thought that the vileness of humans had peaked at the previous episode and was shown a shining glimmer of hope among the darkness through Miki's efforts to return the peace, all of that was immediately ripped to pieces...literally. There was a possibility for humanity's salvation for a moment but they just had to ruin it all. As hardworking Miki and the other rappers died to have Miki live, I really was expecting Akira to make it just in time to save her from the lunatics but the complete opposite happened. She actually got killed along with the others and was desecrated and paraded in front of the smoldering remains of their final starting line and what made it even more disgusting was that some of the rappers were the ones who taunted Akira and made him lose faith in humanity.

May they all be welcomed peacefully into the afterlife...wherever they might end up at. Ryo's gotta pay!

Mar 8, 6:59 PM
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Miki is too good for that world. They all were. The way they died is just horrific. That baton sequence, fuck. I don't think Akira has it in him to fight for humanity after that. He's had everything taken from him, and mostly by humans.
Mar 10, 9:54 AM
Supreme Tsundere

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I m not blaming Akira from what he will do from now on, you can only rely on love and not fighting to a certain point... that kind of trash doesnt deserve to live, neither call themselves human beings.

That scene after the credits was perfect...

Mar 11, 5:14 AM

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My God, they did it now, didn't they? I'm losing my marbles right now, what the actual heck happened, whyyyy, I at least expected Miki to make it out alive, where to even begin, I loved the rapping group so much but even they had a couple of traitors, but then again, they only did that to stay alive themselves, the only thing that makes me see those other two dudes that kept on fighting was because they truly loved Miki, they said it themselves, it was just so wrong. The flashback with Miki, Miko, and Akira made it even harder to watch though, the trio went from so much growing up and this was the way to pass away. I don't have any hopes left for humanity concerning this show. And it really begs the question, what even tells a demon and a human apart?
Just when Miki helped spread the message about Akira being a kind person, she even had a few select of people convert sides and now he's all raging in despair. So much loss, I'm still grieving for the rapping group in particular, so long dear friends.
The scene with Akira and Miki on a speeding bike at the ending credits, make sure you don't miss it.
Mar 31, 4:34 AM

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Damn, what a mindfudge this episode!

Miki. Miko. Rap Gang. Humans who converted. All dead, thanks to the Demons instigating in the background. ;-; It’s not just all demons though, the Granny killing off the pet, the decimation of Miko while just giving no crap on her final wishes and then even going as far to cripple Miki by showing her the dead body of the leader of the Rap Gang and finally pulling off the celebratory dance in the end with the bodies of the dead, jeez Akira’s words of “You’re the Demons!” is absolutely on the mark here. Damn, this was a painful watch really and the after credit scene just made things even harder.

Ryo’s waiting for Akira to come to him but more importantly who the heck is he even? Shoot, things are looking really grim for the humans here. Miki did a wonderful job to try integrating the Devilman into the human society, but those pricks just did it.

Looking forward to seeing how this’ll all end! Just an episode left and still so much left to cover up, hopefully the finale episode will be just as good for that.
Apr 6, 3:45 AM

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It didn't hit me as hard as the first time but I still bawled my eyes out. Episode 5, 8, and 9 have got to be some of my favorites in all of anime.

I didn't remember Miko's entire character arc before going into this and although I think some parts of her story are too cryptic and on the nose I love her. She silently let envy eat at her as Miki surpassed her and then tried to beat Miki in less overt ways in the past. Then she met someone who was in the same situation as her and saw her for who she was and he died horribly, either by her or by someone else in a sabbath and she became a devilman. I think from there she felt like she had to carry both her and Mayuta's fates. She as a devilman was more overt, to the point, and expressive, and with her fueled by trying to carry her and Mayuta's identity she exploded and tried to beat Miki by showing off, by winning in a race with her new body, by intimidating her. Yet through all that she saw why Miki was so amazing when she could still act when Miko froze up and through everything saved her life and due to that Miko has some reflective moments. We see her start acting selflessly and rather than envying Miki she emulates her. And in the end she gets the courage to realize she was projecting her feelings to make Miki the villain when she never was, and in fact those moments reminded her of what she loved about her. So she goes out in a blaze of glory to save Miki. Even if it was not successful in the end the connection reformed was very real. Miki never left her side through anything.

I also am more forgiving about the rapper group this time around. My interpretation is that Wamu wanted to protect Miki because he had feelings for her and wanted to pay her back for the past. He's clearly sad when she friendzones him for Akira in the earring scene. Yet, he's respectful of it and chooses to fight for her anyways. It's sweet. Gabi was a bro until the end, I think he wanted to fight with Wamu and help him out. Hie was paranoid and angry thinking Miko killed Mayuta and chases after her. It's something I've always loved, the way it explored a character without a single word. And lastly, Babo was weak willed and got lulled by the chaos, it seems out of nowhere but we never knew the kind of guy he was and there are cases like this in real life, horrible mob violence which encourages otherwise upstanding bystanders to join in... It's a beautiful display of good hearted delinquents fighting for different reasons and it's a great set piece ending in total misery! I adore it.

I also like how Miki hugs Akira knowing he's a devilman at the start of the episode which is echoed by the mob hugging Akira later. It's more of this prominent theme we see a lot of. We should all be like Akira, if we could all be accepting, loving, and empathetic then the world could be a truly happy place. It seems like a fantasy but if we cry for others and think about others we can pass that metaphorical baton and inspire them to do the same, like that stoning mob or the devilmen across the world. Even if we're powerless on our own we need to try, violence just breeds more violence. It also goes with the idea of running, even though humans are weak on their own and running seems pointless it symbolically is the act of trying your hardest at something and hoping that by refusing to give up something will change behind us in our attempts at changing the world. We need to have hope despite our situation. Yet on top of all of this we see inevitable violence and tragedy. Even Akira the person who Miki thinks we should all be like had his evil moments where he raped a creature out of spite. But still, we see even demons are capable of love so we have to try and reach out to others and make them see the light before it's too late. That's my read on the themes so far this rewatch anyways!

Another small bit I love is how we see Ryou smiling while looking upon his past with Akira. It's some of the first genuine happiness we see on his face in the series.
Apr 15, 9:26 AM
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Heartbreaking and surreal. This episode gives you hope in humanity just to snatch it away the next minute leaving you shocked and bamboozled. It's in this particular episode that I realized how Devilman: Crybaby isn't really about a two-sided fight between good and evil. What this anime is really about is the absurdity of human nature and how most of the time we're just reactionary creatures grasping for morals to justify our actions. I'm hesitant to watch the last episode because I'm still reeling from this one.
I'm rating this episode 5/5
and my lack of faith in humanity 5/5
Apr 16, 8:11 PM

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I haven't read the manga nor seen the original series but I love the OVAs...and I was dreading this scene because of how much Miki's death HURT me in the Amon OVA. Needless to say I am as wounded as the rest of you and it is worsened by the deaths of so many others. I was hoping so hard that she would live in this version from the very beginning and it only got worse because of how lovely she is.

The writers basically made her a perfect girl, the one in so many of our hearts that must absolutely, positively survive and be rescued (if she needs to be, she has agency as a normal person) at any cost to the others in the cast. And so many gathered around her in the story because of how much they knew this and loved her, be it for her body or for her soul. But she is killed, and our expectations are brutally confounded and harmed (not to say this is the only instance, Kaori's death in "Akira" changed me forever for instance) and what makes it worse is that Akira's anguish is so real and he is obliterated beyond all hope. Being such a kind and heroic person himself, we only want them to be together and to have that desire destroyed never ceases to tear me apart, no matter the instance.

The scene after the credits only made the magnitude of the loss worse...the way the picture slowly narrows until the beautiful image of the couple's freedom is no more only reminds us how the cruelty of the killers STOLE this moment from both Akira and Miki. They could never be together in this perfect moment because of hate and fear. It is gone, and no where in the history of the cosmos could it ever occur for those two specific individual people. The freedom of the motocycle's speed, the warmth of Miki's embrace as she smiles with closed eyes...all gone...

One thing that scenes like these is that we all like to think we would be the good guys and do the right thing in these type (well, not with demons, but with the Nazis or similar) of situations, but in reality it is far, far more likely that most of us (I say us, because I include myself) would be a part of the mob. But we are only animals, apes, in possession of weapons and knowledge beyond what we should have. While we watch such fiction for entertainment and stimulation, I wonder how many of us really take to heart what artists like those involved here want to say. Even those artists are human, and flawed, but shouldn't the voice inside us that tells us to do the right thing only scream LOUDER and LOUDER and take these acted out tragedies into consideration in real life?

But like many others have said, the realities we inhabit are far more terrifying than any imagination could create. People like Miki and the rest die every day. Partly because we do not see people over time framed in the way she was. There is no director, no writer or cinematographer collaborating to show us every person we meet in such intimacy. Therefore we cannot have the same empathy towards someone just like her in real life as a result.

Anyway, I didn't intend to watch this show because I normally am not into newer anime but this one was very old school in spirit and I loved use hardcore violence to make a viewer think about violence in a meaningful way is a strange paradox that only a film or series could do.

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