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Jan 3, 5:10 AM

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Ok, it's not like I'm new to anime. I'm not.

But during today's visit to the forums, I realized I had seen two terms that made no sense at all.

Ship and Lewd.

I kinda thought 'ship' was either a large naval vessel or something that Amazon does.

Lewd, not even sure I'm reading this one correct. Seems like another case of too embarrassed to use the actual word, so they just invent a replacement.

It's like 'fap'. What, is it too embarrassing to just say what you mean?

I guess it's not just anime. I get annoyed when new words are invented just to sound artificially cool. I'm a wordsmith. I'm a writer. Language is my tool of choice. I get annoyed when people mangle it I suppose.
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Jan 3, 5:14 AM

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Except nothing about either of those are anime fandom specific...
Jan 3, 5:21 AM

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it's more of a slang than jargon though. and, isn't lewd an actual word that can be used normally?

ot: no, not really. Unless anime character/s spout too much slang trying to act "cool," I wouldn't really mind other people using slang because I don't pay too much attention to anything that does not pique my interest.

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Jan 3, 5:24 AM

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I mean, lewd isn't fapping xD lewd just means, you are going to make some 18+ drawings of the character, not necessarily fap to it. Though, it has been used that way as well.

Anyway, it's jargon. You just have to get used to it. It's not about cool either, once you get used to it, it'll eventually come as natural to you.

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Jan 3, 5:26 AM

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Uh... Those two terms are not related to anime exclusively. They can be used anywhere.
Jan 3, 5:28 AM

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I'm sorry but just because you don't seem to have a good grip on the english language doesn't mean that these words don't exist. Lewd is a normal english word that you'll find in any dictionary. Its roots go back as far as the Proto Indo-european language if you look up its etymology.

And ships have been used as a metaphor for relationships since forever as well. Two people embark on the vessel that is marriage and from now on the share the same path no matter what (because you can't just jump shit in the middle of the ocean).
That's even why it's called a relationSHIP. Saying just 'ship' is just shortening that to its essentials.

And you're not a wordsmith and language is not your tool if you
a) didn't know these things already
b) disrespect the act of actually being a wordsmith and creating new vocabulary that poignantly or entertainingly expresses something. That's like 70% of the fun that you can have with language, it's what language is all about - constantly changing and adapting to new things that prevously didn't even exist and the modern times in general. If you don't enjoy having a playful attitude like that towards language I really question whether 'wordsmith' is your calling. You sound more like a grumpy old english teacher with out-dated ideas of language to me. Just my two cents...

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Jan 3, 5:39 AM

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Those are normal words used by normal people
Even Hollywood does shipping.
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Jan 3, 5:47 AM
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both have been used for over 15 years and are not anime specific.
Jan 3, 5:53 AM

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relation-SHIP and lewd just means that a character is in a compromised situation i.e. they would have a wardrobe malfunction.
Jan 3, 6:04 AM

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>"I get annoyed when people mangle it I suppose"

How's using slang and existing fucking words mangling the language? They're not even anime specific...
Jan 3, 7:10 AM

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I mean...if you are into literally ANY fandom, you will have heard the word ship before.

And lewd is an actual word :P It just means something crude and sexual.

And no, it doesn't annoy me. I personally find language trends and slang really interesting. Also, it isn't mangling language. Language changes and evolves all the time and that's what makes it so awesome.

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Jan 3, 8:02 AM

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Your examples aren't even anime specific terms xD More like fandom trash
Jan 3, 9:07 AM

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Nothing about those words are anime specific they're pretty mainstream words so I wouldn't call them jargon.

It's okay to not know basic words, especially if english isn't your first language, but getting annoyed and acting pretentious because of that is rather childish.
Jan 3, 9:18 AM

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Yup. I hate slang and jargon most of the time, it's annoying.

But for anime specific, I really hate when people call it "animu" .. all that meme speak is nails on chalkboard.
Jan 3, 11:22 AM

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Those words aren’t even remotely close to be classified as “specific jargon” within anime fandom nor that they are nonsensical enough or hard enough to understand to get irritated by.

Jan 3, 11:32 AM

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Like others have said none of those words you indicated (Ship, lewd) are anime-specific jargon in any shape or form.

I think terms like "waifu", "Loli", "Siscon" etc are better examples of words used primarily within an Otaku and Weeaboo context. And indeed, they are all annoying.
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Jan 3, 12:49 PM
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Definitely the terms "Waifu/Husbando" If the anime community and/or the "otaku culture" doesn't had enough negative reputation, these terms also sound ridiculous. It's understandable that you can have a favorite character (or characters), but it seems to call it your "wife" or "husband". Most of the community knows that this is (or take it) as a joke, but I think it should stop.
Jan 3, 12:52 PM

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I don't mind lewd anime, Just look at forum avatar, It's Murasame(Kancolle) doing something
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Jan 3, 12:56 PM

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lewd is an actual word. search up google's dictionary LOL

fap is better cuz it's cuter than saying "haaay im master baiting"

shipping is cancer tho
Jan 3, 1:03 PM
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GlaringDream said:
Yup. I hate slang and jargon most of the time, it's annoying.

But for anime specific, I really hate when people call it "animu" .. all that meme speak is nails on chalkboard.

You should visit Mexico and some Latin America countries. Here, Anime and/or Manga are referred as "chinese cartoons" or "naked chinese doodles" (as an approximate translations). Nothing reflect so much ignorance or stupidity than that.
Jan 3, 1:33 PM

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None of the terms mentioned so far really bother me, but some other general terms used by fans do bug the crap out of me. The biggest one is probably "MC" as in an abbreviation for "Main Character". I'm not entirely sure why it bugs me so much, but part of it might just be the grammar nazi in me; it just seems like extremely lazy writing. Just say "lead" or something!

The term "OC" for "Original Character" similarly annoys me, but I don't see it as often as MC so it does have that going for it. However, the actual concept of original characters made to insert into an established franchise kind of bugs me. If done well, cool. They just feel like new characters for a new story in that world. But when you use the term OC it just evokes thoughts of really bad Sonic fan characters.
Jan 3, 1:47 PM

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Jan 3, 1:53 PM
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i dont mind and dont care but lewd is an actual word and i dont think shipping was invented in anime environment and its a metaphor anyways so its not like we are talking about actual ships
or "naval vessels" tho
Jan 3, 2:17 PM

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I literally give 0 fucks about fucking jargon.
It's just fucking random jargon.
Why should I give a shit?
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Jan 3, 11:11 PM

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LOL ship is not anime exclusive. It's used in every fandom even live action western fandoms like supernatural, walking dead, all that stuff.

Lewd is though I hate that word if someone uses it I know instantly they're a weeb.
Jan 3, 11:12 PM

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when I saw the title, I was prepared to agree with you
but then I read the message and I had to laugh

Manaban said:
Except nothing about either of those are anime fandom specific...