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Poll: Best anime fight 2017?

Jan 3, 5:00 AM
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Vote and why did you vote that anime?
Jan 3, 5:03 AM

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Man, this poll is rigged, i can feel it.
Jan 3, 5:09 AM

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Kamui VS Everyone (Gintama) - simple reason, it's the only action scene I've seen.
Jan 3, 5:15 AM

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The only correct option is Araragi vs Kiss-Shot in Kizumonogatari III, obviously.
Of the options of the poll I pick the one Sieg VS Lancer of Red, rest were either okay or I haven't watched them.
Jan 3, 5:20 AM

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Dude it's obviously this.

Jan 3, 5:21 AM

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Kaban vs Panther Chameleon ez choice
Jan 3, 5:22 AM

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NeoAnkara said:
Dude it's obviously this.

+1 to that, also liked the Naruto vs Pain one~

but I voted idups vs ricegum, gave me chills

Jan 3, 5:24 AM

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No Houseki no Kuni. This is a shit poll. 0.5/10.
Jan 3, 5:27 AM

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Todoroki vs Midoriya for me I guess.
Jan 3, 5:29 AM
Yui ❤️ Kotegawa

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Yeah, but where is Kanna vs Tohru?

I don't care for any of those, specially DBS and BnHA xD
Jan 3, 5:59 AM

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Fate/Apocrypha was really bad but i think Sieg VS Karna was the best fight i've seen this year
Jan 3, 6:05 AM

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Where is Midoriya vs Todoroki? That fight is so epic.
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Totally agree!

Jan 3, 6:07 AM
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Where is deku vs todoroki? I liked that better than stein fight. Aragi vs kiss shot? Naruto vs sasuke? This poll is rigged.
Jan 3, 6:08 AM

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Todoroki vs Midoriya needs to be a poll option. Stein vs UA Students was pretty cool too though.
Jan 3, 6:10 AM

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I like Ian, but that last option is so fucking cringy I can't express it with words.

-Lofn- said:
Yeah, but where is Kanna vs Tohru?

Jan 3, 6:24 AM

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Maybe someone would like to vote for Inuyashiki vs Shishigami? :D:D
Jan 3, 6:35 AM

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I am confident in saying the best looking anime fight of 2017 was Shinobu vs Araragi in Kizumonogatari III. Shit looked amazing. There have been others with fantastic animation too but that one has to take the cake for me.

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Jan 3, 8:08 AM

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Goku vs Kefla > Goku vs Jiren
Todoroki vs Midoriya and Midoriya & Bakugo vs All Might > Stein fight

And my actual top pick isn't on the list, as always
Jan 3, 10:51 AM

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No just no, there is no good fights. Battles takes very long and just so boring.
Jan 3, 1:33 PM
Just a familiar

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This poll is cancer and none of the fights were good in the slightest