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Poll: Joou to Shitateya General Discussion

Dec 30, 2017 8:35 PM

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This was a pleasant read, wonderful job Scarlet Beriko! :)

I like the depth for Tetsuya's character. It's interesting to see that what happened between Tetsuya and his ex-wife seemed to happen again, in his current relationship with Oumi... >< I like that Oumi and Tetsuya chose to talk with each other, and Tetsuya was ultimately honest about his desires! :) Although it's great to take care of your loved ones, it's also important to be honest about what you want. I haven't thought of how taking care of your loved ones, without being vocal about yourself, could make them feel useless, or not have self-confidence... :/

It was nice to see Oumi have confidence in the end! I think that's the confidence that led his sister to recognize that he's now okay on his own. :)

Although I certainly felt Oumi's attraction for Tetsuya, I wasn't entirely sure about Tetsuya's feelings initially... I'm also not sure how Tetsuya helped Oumi, when the latter ran back to work and revealed his admiration for his senpai. I don't really understand how Tetsuya helped Oumi in that way, but I'm guessing it was Tetsuya's gentleness and patience that made Oumi feel reassured and safe.

That part when the neighbour came, and Tetsuya said Oumi's 'girlfriend' loves him very much... OMG, that was just too cute! xD To me, it seemed quite fast to date after a month since their first meeting, but I guess Oumi and Tetsuya felt a mutual attraction for each other, so it wasn't a necessity for them to know each other extremely well. :x

The extras were wonderful! I love it when authors draw comics of their drama CD recording sessions! Tarusuke Shingaki was brilliant as Tetsuya! :) + I already love Shingaki as Yashiro from Twittering Birds Never Fly, and Louis from A Sleeping Man and a Loving Man! <33 Overall, it was great to see that Beriko enjoyed listening to the voice actors and attending the recording sessions. ^^

If we ever get a oneshot of Tetsuya's days as a bartender, I'd be happy to read it! X) I'm trying to picture the fight he had with that drunk customer at the gay bar, who gave him the scar on his face...

Tetsuya revealed he's 37, and his relationship with his ex-wife ended 15 years ago... Wow, he was only 22! :O How old was he when they got married? And Tetsuya guessed Oumi is 23 or 24, so they're probably 13 or 14 years apart. I love it when, despite the age gap, a couple works out beautifully together. It just shows that age isn't always a major factor. ^^
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