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Poll: Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Discussion

Dec 16, 2017 4:23 PM

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Oh damn, go Gohan. The guy really faced off some cyborg bullies from one of the other worlds.

Seeing Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta team up together was a real sight to see though. A beautiful way to counterattack tbh. Looks like Universe 3 still has a trump card up in their sleeves.
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Dec 16, 2017 5:38 PM
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This episode was so underwhelming! Looking at the preview for next week's:
I'm not filled with optimism for that one neither!
Dec 16, 2017 5:51 PM

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Like I give a shit what anyone says, 120 was awesome because I thought it was really fun and I love robots.

Also can't wait for Aniraza in 121.
Dec 16, 2017 5:59 PM
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huge beast coming to eliminate android 18
Dec 16, 2017 6:06 PM
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Universe 3 got more respect than Universe 4. The enemy next week looks like what that one warrior should have been if he wasn't embarrassingly eliminated by Cabba and looks like what should be an interesting episode. Seeing Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan fight together fills me with Cell/Buu saga flashbacks, and it's nice to see Frieza actually fight next week instead of staying in spectator mode
Dec 16, 2017 6:50 PM
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the first half has great animation i like that, second half just the final kamehameha by gohan has good animation

that next episode looks hype Freeza was even force to join the fight? lol
Dec 16, 2017 7:07 PM

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After seeing the preview for next episode I'm asking myself if this one was even necessary xD

Kinda sad that Gohan had only boring enemies in this tournament so far,would be really cool if he might get a chance at Toppo(even tho I wanted him for Frieza) or at least Dyspo.
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Dec 16, 2017 7:10 PM

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Aww man, I wish that Gohan could handle that robot alone...
Dec 16, 2017 7:11 PM

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I still find weird Gohan "activating" his "mystic" state as a transformation... (his haircut even change to the one he used in the Buu Saga ^^' )

anyway, I liked the movements in the battle against the robots when they were separated... once they became one, the battle turned more static...
Dec 16, 2017 7:11 PM
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How could this be, two back to back episodes that showcase a strong Gohan.

But still, it was a good episode.

That thing with 17 and 18, was pretty funny the second the Universe 3 Kai said, 'tire them out', I was like, you done fucked up.

Can't wait for the climax of this saga, in the next 10ish episodes.
Dec 16, 2017 7:40 PM

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Meanwhile universe 11 is just chilling on the sideline.
Dec 16, 2017 7:46 PM

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Not a bad episode. At least universe 3 seems to not be a pushover like 4 was. Next weeks episode looks pretty hype.
Dec 16, 2017 8:24 PM
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17 and 18 vs Viola or whatever his name is reminded me of GT, that one fight. I thought it was pretty cool to see them spam their ki like crazy lol

Gohan boss mode, he did fairly well and I like that he was even looking further ahead by letting Vegeta/Goku rest. If only Magetta was part of that U3, he felt so random in U6.
Speaking of U3, that Supreme Kai adjusted his glasses like 6 times or so maybe more lol

Beerus at the end calling Gohan by his name, props to Beerus.
Overall very fun and action packed episode.

Dec 16, 2017 8:44 PM

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Universe 3 is actually more interesting than I thought. Judging from the preview, the doctor fused with the robot, making it a quadruple fusion. Frieza's fighting as well. I wonder how strong it has become(That design seems familiar for some reason).
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Dec 16, 2017 8:51 PM

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Pepperoni would've made a decent villain in a separate arc.

well (even though it was obvious it wasnt) at least Freiza wasn't the one to be fusing to make Aniraza and finally not beating his meat in the corner
Dec 16, 2017 8:51 PM

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frieza is actually gonna do something next episode ? hallelujah
this episode was alright next one looks good.
Dec 16, 2017 9:13 PM

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Ready to form Voltron! Activate interlocks! Dyna-therms connected. Infra-cells up; mega-thrusters are go! Let's go, Voltro.... i mean lets go universe 3 robot yeah thats what i meant
Dec 16, 2017 10:39 PM
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Pretty good episode
Dec 16, 2017 11:41 PM
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there is episode next week?
Dec 16, 2017 11:52 PM

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wtf lmao
he looks like hatchiyack just in a white body lol
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Dec 17, 2017 12:37 AM
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the gattai that no one expected
that smug vegeta at the end is too much
looks like not many fillers left

and the design is familiar because it's literally nigrisshi, the strongest warrior who got kicked out by cabbage
Dec 17, 2017 12:39 AM

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Like i care they just stack on each other can power up that much.

That clearly IceDevimon.

Not only Jiren look like Alien from Appmon now they gonna make a IceDevimon look alike?
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Dec 17, 2017 12:49 AM
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Frieza is going to fight next episode ? It's a Christmas miracle :o
Dec 17, 2017 1:20 AM
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I've been reading these forums for weeks and finally decided to register an account.
I was gutted when Piccolo was eliminated last week but thought the episode was OK overall, loved seeing Gohan getting more action this week, he's my favourite character and I'm hoping they can bring him back in as a contender for strongest Z fighter (although we know it's not likely because... Goku).
Loving 17 & 18's team work during this saga as well, they fit in well and fight seamlessly with anyone from our Z roster (S roster?).
I'd like to see Gohan eliminate U3 next week (whilst remaining safe) and would also like to see Frieza contribute a bit more.
Dec 17, 2017 1:46 AM

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This episode was decent. Had good moments with the android fight and then Gohan's Kamehameha. Kinda surprised that didnt drop the doctor and robots off but next episode looks hype.
Dec 17, 2017 2:25 AM

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I don't understand why Frieza and the androids can't tag into the fight. I understand the androids were fighting that noname defensive guy, but by the end I'm sure they could have done something.

So Aniraza is coming next week. Apparently it's not Frieza getting "absorbed", and the title is not "fourway battle", but "quadruplet fusion". Looking at the preview No.18 gets thrown out? She's the weakest from U7 rn, so I was expecting that. Also I hope they fixed Goku's clothes, since on the teaser picture it was really screwed up.

13 fighters and 10 minutes left. I'm guessing next year begins with U7 vs U11. At least that's going to make 2018 better at the beginning.
Dec 17, 2017 2:53 AM

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well that was something..I had to say this had been getting more and more awesome
Dec 17, 2017 3:48 AM

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Boring fight.
We already have cool androids, we don't need last generation powered up robots.
Dec 17, 2017 4:53 AM

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  • Okay episode, nothing special.
  • Gohan my boy, come on -.-
  • Yoo next episode is gonna be lit. ~

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Dec 17, 2017 8:29 AM

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This felt like a filler damn it, why Gohan can't have a good enemy for once.

Next episode seems a little bit better but still not enough and seems like 17

will drop out.
Dec 17, 2017 9:54 AM

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Oh, U3 is much tougher than I expected xD The upcoming fusion will be a major threat, that even Frieza has to participate in the fight :P
Dec 17, 2017 10:19 AM

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Next episode gonna be lit! Go Freeza.

When 17 and 18 attacked Viara I had some sad memory when their different futre self killed poor Future Gohan. :(
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Dec 17, 2017 2:35 PM

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That episode was pretty hot. I liked to see so much Gohan action. That team up with Goku und Vegeta was also nice. That robot was stronger as expected and it seems next episode it will transform in a much more powerful creature.

That Kamehameha of Gohan, I loved it.

I'm not sure about universe 11. They fought so few times compared to Goku and Co. Normally I would say Goku had to rest more for even have a slight chance against Jiren.

We finally will see Freezer fighting again next week, was about time. All he did the last 10 or more episode was observing the fights.
Dec 17, 2017 8:20 PM

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I guess all we were missing was megazord battles and guess what we missed more than that, 2 episodes of it. :|
Dec 18, 2017 2:23 AM
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Meanwhile, universe 11 is just observing the situation while they could simply knock everyone else off for a victory.
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Dec 18, 2017 4:44 AM

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Gohan sure has lost muscle, he seems so slim now and his attacks are pretty boring.
Man, he was my favorite but wow.
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Dec 18, 2017 12:06 PM

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Pointlss episode basically...

You have Gohan saying he's going all out and at the end he didn't lost any energy...
Dec 20, 2017 6:19 PM

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They are tired because universe 6 warriors had to fight with every damn warrior from the other universes. It's a universe 6 vs all tournament. Everyone ignores universe 11 despite is obvious they have the strongest warrior and is still on stage.
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Dec 21, 2017 8:49 AM

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Pointless cannon fodder universe threatens to waste two episodes....
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Dec 23, 2017 4:01 PM
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It was a decent watch but it’s time to bring the attention back to Jiren
Dec 23, 2017 9:38 PM

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Gohan was my favorite character in Z but now... meh.

And it is so weird that his mystical state is now a transformation and even changes his hairstyle. xD
Dec 26, 2017 8:34 PM

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It was not the best episode, but it was still nice. Gohan is way better than he was in the begin of Super.
Jan 8, 2018 5:58 AM

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Mehh, it's not interesting when they're fighting against robots...
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May 18, 2018 10:55 PM

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Another fool Doctor welcome to the fight!!!
Well, the robot fusion was interesting but without surprises!!!
Another episode that i didnçt like!

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Jan 20, 5:32 PM

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I love how much Beerus is respecting the fighters more and more. It's a pretty slow progression too so it's nice seeing it develop.

As much as this show makes me furious with how DUMB it gets, it's the nuanced pieces of characters personalities that really put this show a step above most shounen imo.
Jul 21, 4:18 PM

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Good job, Gohan. I do wish he could take those robots all by himself though. But gotta be satisfied with the moments involving him lol
Jul 22, 11:35 PM

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Snoozefest. The tournament is nothing but a massive drag at this point. Power levels have been tossed out the window again.

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