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List some Single Male Harem shows you think would be better had there been a 2nd male in the main cast.

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Dec 7, 2017 3:49 AM

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Sounds like you completely missed the point of the harem in the first place...
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Dec 7, 2017 5:54 AM
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Ef is one example of how rare it is to find a VN-based Anime that's not Harem as it features Multiple Male Protagonists that each gets their own respective girls.

In the VN Ef the First Tale, Kyousuke, the best friend of Hiro ends up with one of the heroines.

However, in most recent VNs and Battle LNs, none of the MC's best friend would be lucky enough to get paired with one of the heroines, like for example, in Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai >>>

I bet the male friends of such MCs in many Harem LNs/VNs/Anime would feel pretty jealous at Kyousuke as he is one of the rare best friend characters in VNs that gets justly treated as a 2nd Protagonist getting his own girl.

That's why I love Ef, as it is a story that doesn't allow only one male to monopolize all the female cast/heroines.

I will start writing a LN a year from now following that formula of allowing a second male lead to get his own girl(s) too like the 1st Male Lead.

In real life, it is common for our male friends to get their own girlfriends and wives before we get our own girl, so having multiple male leads in a story with each getting their own girls would be more realistic and believable than Single Male Harem stories.

I am such a person that would be unable to enjoy a fictional story unless if it has some aspect of reality in it that I can relate to, so I will not read and watch stories where only one male gets all the girls. After all, I am someone who once had a best male friend in my past, so I know the value of having a good male friend, so that's why I project my best friend as the 2nd male lead of a fictional story, as I'd like to wish for my best friend to get his own girl too, as I value my friend very much, just like Koiwai Homare from Netjuu no Susume.

Koiwai from Netjuu no Susume is one real bro, and based from his selfless actions of helping his best friend in that Anime, I can say he too deserves a girl of his own, more so than even Kyousuke from Ef the First Tale.
I am someone that would like to watch a Harem Anime with 2 male leads that each gets their own harem company of girls from the main cast. For example, 1st male lead gets a company of 4 girls and 2nd male lead gets 2-3 girls etc.
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