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Nov 29, 2017 6:36 AM

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Brute force?


Nov 30, 2017 8:30 AM

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It greatly depends on the person.

I don't even bother to suggest any anime to people unless I can pick up some clue about what genres or themes they like in shows.
Honestly wish people would do the same to me, because I hate when people try to suggest to me things that they'd know I hate if they spent even a minute talking with me about anime.

Keep in mind I am 28, so things have probably changed since I was younger in high school (2004-ish).

As for age, it felt like it was actually easier in the mid-late 20's and 30's than it was in highschool, where most kids were at their most self-conscious and wanting to be "cool" and popular and avoid anything "nerdy" or "for kids" like anime (because they only think of the Pokemon and Digimon anime back then).

In college, people seemed to be relaxing about what they could/couldn't like, so I did meet some people who already liked anime, though most being very casual fans only knowing a few titles. I would be careful about recommending, because I don't want to become one of those people that just recommends everything they themself liked without considering the other person's interests. So I'd wait til they told me what things they general like.

One girl in my German class told me she tended to watch horror but also liked old shoujo anime like Rose of Versailles and Princess Knight. She also was bi and had a girlfriend, so I stuck to recommending horror-themed anime as well as shoujo/josei anime and some anime with realistic LGBT themes.

A guy in the same German class liked mature action anime like Attack on Titan and Berserk, and games like Witcher, so I'd recommend fantasy/action anime to him.

One of my roommates isn't too strict with aniime, but does wonder if there's more realistic LGBT-themes in anime so I recommend those but avoid "trap" anime since that is something that is a pet peeve of hers. Particularly recommended Wandering Son since that deals specifically with transgender issues in a serious way. I also know she's particularly into Steampunk-genre (writing a book on it) and Alice In Wonderland, so I recommend anime such as Pandora Hearts which is heavily influenced by Alice In Wonderland, and anime like Code:Realize which has a very Steampunk-ish aesthetic. She's also a furry and likes foxes, so that's another thing I consider (that she may like the kitsune anime characters). I also found out she likes handsome anime guys with glasses, and characters with blue hair in general, so I sometimes might send her a picture of characters matching that.

On the other hand, our other previous roommate is very into "trap" anime, so I'll recommend those to him and send him pictures of such characters I happen to come across (there's a lot in Fujoshi-oriented anime/games).

I think that's really the best way to get people into anime, find out what they generally like/dislike first. If you just drown them in totally random anime recs that they won't be interested in, they'll likely lose interest in anime overall and not know that there's anime they could genuinely be interested in for themselves.

I can't get my dad into anything, because he'll just say "Oh ok", and pretend like he's interested, when he's not... but my mom sometimes will. She's always been supportive/embracing of me liking anime too. She grew up on anime in her childhood/teenhood (50's-80's anime like Dr. Slump, Touch, Lupin The Third, and Osomatsu-kun) when she was living in Japan, and she has more free time and is often watching TV, while my dad is constantly busy and a workaholic.
She works at a dentist office where almost everyone is Japanese-American, and one of her coworkers (the desk lady) will sometimes recommend her anime that she watches with her son as well, such as Attack on Titan and Erased.

Mom seems a bit out of touch with modern anime, though, as she would see something like Strawberry Panic, and ask me to watch it with her, thinking it's an innocent Shoujo anime made for young girls (think like Ghibli anime)... It would have been really awkward if I accepted since I have no idea what her stance is on LGBT (she made fun of me once for having a poster featuring two men embracing each other).
I had to explain to her about how a lot of modern anime that looks cute/girly is actually made for older adult guys and not for young girls, and also about how a lot of modern sports/shounen anime is often popular more with girls. Also tried to explain bronies to her. She seemed bewildered. I also showed her a book with character designs for Touken Ranbu, which is all-male characters, and the first page, she says, "Isn't this a girl? But she has a boy's name...". And this character is not even considered girly by today's anime standards, not to mention far from the girliest in the series.
(Hirano Toushirou: I suppose because the hairstyle was popular for girls up until the 70's, though.
So I mainly just suggest anime such as revivals of those older anime she watched.
Osomatsu-san I'm not sure if I would, due to how outrageous/dirty the humor is, but things like Young Black Jack, Lupin The Third, Detective Conan, or anything by Ghibli of course.... I also told her of one old shoujo anime she used to watch (Haikara-san ga Toru) that they're making 2 new anime movies of.

I actually tried to take my dad to see the Psycho-Pass movie in the theater IRL, because I thought he might like it since he's into action movies, but he just fell asleep during it, probably because he had been up all night working, and the theater had technical problems for like 30 minutes before it started showing the trailers again. -_- So I pretty much just gave up with dad.

In general most older or even elderly Japanese people have at least seen some general family anime such as Sazae-san or are familiar with anime popular with the general public like One Piece, but you don't see that many actively pursuing or hunting for anime compared to younger people.
Also a lot of anime in Japan is limited depending where you live... I couldn't watch things like Code Geass when it was airing in Japan, when I was in Japan, because the TV channel it was on (TV Tokyo), is for Tokyo area only. There's also an anime channel just for Kyoto. And Japanese people are VERY against illegal streams, so you won't find any, and the English stream sites would not load properly while in Japan without buffering, and legal stream sites like Crunchyroll would not allow me due to being in Japan. So you have to be fairly wealthy to enjoy anime full-time in Japan to buy the DVDs and/or live in Tokyo.

I noticed with the Japanese strangers I've talked to online in a Japanese MMO (PSO2), when I ask them their favorite anime, they tend to say titles which are pretty obscure to English anime fans.
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I'd prolly show them a ghibli flick or a romcom-- depending on their preference
Nov 30, 2017 6:48 PM
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I don't.
Anime was a mistake, of course.
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easy, show them the most accessible stuff *boom*
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Nov 30, 2017 7:12 PM

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In my experience,...people who don't like cartoons cause they're childish, usually don't get into anime no matter how good the story may be. Also if they won't watch a good movie just because its black and white may entail that they won't watch animation either.

For older teens and adults I'd recommend Death Note because it has a somewhat intelligent plot, and its tamer without the anime weirdness (Also the art has a bit more realism than the average anime).

For younger teens and kids I think any good shounen like Hunter x Hunter or even Naruto since they may recognize it.

I personally don't think Attack on Titan is the best opener anime just because of all the gore, it may just put people off, if you're trying to prove that anime isn't childish you shouldn't use an anime with over the top gore (Death Note would be better).
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