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Invisible girl
By HaruhiWannaB
Anime: Naruto
Charcters:Hinata SAsuke Sakura Ino Naruto Shikamaru Kiba Iruka ( when their letter is shown and n is after it. That's what they're thinking)
Couple: Sasuke X Hinata
Rated: T for teen.... may contain swearing.
Plot: Hinata is a quiet girl who is never noticed by any guy. While all the other girls around her are always being talked to and asked out. Hinata just wants to be noticed by anyone. Then one black haired boy finally does.
Type: Play written

H: *sigh* another day of training in the academy another day of feeling like i'm invisible.
S: No Naruto will you just leave me alone!
N: Come on Sakura-chan please go on a date with me!
S: No!
N: What do i have to do to convince you to go out with me?
S: Be Sasuke-kun.
Hn: Right in front of me. It's like i'm not even here. I should just walk away.
Hinata walks away looking at the clear blue sky's, just minding her own business. To bad she wasn't looking around her. She bumped in to someone and they both fell to the dirt road.
H: Ow. Oh! I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where i was going.
?: No problem.
Hinata looked up and saw a young man, around her age with short black hair and black eyes.

?: Umm you look familiar.. Are you in Iruka-Sensei's class?
H: Huh.. yeah i am. I'm Hinata Hyuga.
S: Oh well i'm Sasuke Uchiha. Nice to meet you hinata-san.
H: Nice to meet you Sasuke-san.
S: I was just on my way to the training field before i went home.
H: Well your lucky nobody is there right now for once.
S: How come?
H: I only train when no one is there.
S: Why?
H: I always get nervous when i train around others. I always think i'm no good.
S: I've seen what you can do. When the class trains together. I think your pretty amazing.
H: Uhh... thank you...very much.
She started to blush and looked away from him. Sasuke looked at her slightly smiling.

S: Hinata-san?
H: yes?
Sasuke looked at her very deeply. She started to become a bit scared. He grabbed her shoulders and looked in her eyes.

Hn: Sasuke-san?
S: Hinata-san... Will you.... train with me?
H: huh?
Sasuke smiled and let go of her shoulder.

S: You have great chakra control. I want you to help me.
H: oh.. well...
S: Is something the matter?
H: Well my father...
S: Oh your father would get worried. Well how about tomorrow?
H: Sure.
S: Great I'll see you then.
As sasuke walked to the field hinata couldn't help feeling happy at what had just happened.
She stopped at the store to get something to eat. When she left she was trying to calm down, still, when she see's Sakura following Sasuke.

Sa: Come on lets hang out Sasuke-kun!
S: I have to get home.
Sa: But please, I'll make you dinner anything you like.
S: Look, just leave me alone!
Sa: But why?! I.... I.... I really like you Sasuke-kun!
Hn: I should just leave them alone.
As she started walking away Sasuke saw her.

S: Hey Hinata-san. I thought you went home.
H: Oh i just went to the store to pick up a snack for later.
S: What did you get?
H: Just a little candy for me and my younger sister.
Sa: Hey! I was talking to him so just but out!
Hinata didn't say anything she just held the paper bag tightly. Sasuke looked at the rage in Sakura's eyes. Hinata looked to the ground and started walking towards her house ashamed that she couldn't stand up to someone in front of the one person who even cared if she was alive. Sakura started talking to sasuke as soon as she was out of sight.

The next day in class Hinata showed up early and just sat in class reading the notes they went over the last few days. The door opened a few minutes later but she didn't stop reading because she thought it was just the teacher.

S: Hey hinata-san, Good morning.
She put the notebook down and looked up. Sasuke was standing there with a bright smile on his face.

H: Good morning Sasuke-san.
S: About yesterday.... I wanted to apologize for Sakura-san's behavior. She isn't like that to most people it's just that....
H: No i understand. I hear what all the girls say about you. It is true you are very handsome, I never got the nerve to talk to you, or anyone for that matter.
S: Well i cant wait until later. I need some work on my chakra control.
H: Well it's not that your not good at it, it's just your form.
S: My form?
H: Yes you only stand straight and do your hand signs.You need to do more than that.
S: Wow that seems complicated.
H: Once you get the hang of it you'll be the best. I just know it.
S:..... Hinata-san?
H: Yes?
S: Umm do you want to sit with me today?
H: Huh? Well...
S: Please say yes, it would mean a lot to me.
H: I don't know.
Hn: But what would naruto think? That I am just another one of his fans. He doesn't even know i'm here though.
As Hinata kept thinking, Sasuke wanted to just take her hand and bring her over there himself.

H: Okay....
S: You mean it?!
H: Sure..
S: That's great. Come on.
As hinata and sasuke stood up the door opened and a lot of the girls in the class showed up. They all looked at hinata with an evil glare. Hinata froze in her tracks almost to scared to move from the spot she was in. Then Sasuke grabbed her hand and pulled her toward his seat. All the girls in shock looked at hinata who was blushing but a bit sad. The girls sat down and waited for Iruka to show up. Within time kiba, shikamaru and naruto showed up.

H: Sasuke-san are you sure it's okay for me to sit here with you?
S: Why wouldn't it be?
H: Well all the other girls in class want to sit here and...
S: You worry to much Hinata-chan.
He Smiled at hinata.

Hn: Hinata-chan?
H: But....
Iruka ran through the door out of breath.

I: Sorry i'm late everyone.
K: Sure he is.....
I: Today we are going to train outside. I have a meeting with the hokage, so i hope i can trust you all not to leave school.
Class: Yes Sensei!
Iruka left the classroom with some kids leaving right behind him. But most of the girls stayed in the class and waited for sasuke, who was walking out with hinata.

Sa: Sasuke-kun, do you want to train with me?
Ino: No sasuke is training with me!
S: No, hinata is.
Sa&Ino: What!
S: She is going to help me with my chakra control.
Hinata didn't say anything or even look them in the eye. But she could feel their eyes full of hatred and rage. They left the classroom and the other girls followed.
When they got outside all the boys were just siting around talking. The girls started to train and soon the boys did as well. Hinata and Sasuke stood there for a minute until Hinata started to calm down and instruct Sasuke.

H: Alright, now the flow of your chakra goes through all you chakra points, which there are sixty four of in a human body. Now, if you bring chakra to specific points they can either block or let chakra into the main source of your power. It's right here, below your stomach.
S: Wow, Iruka didn't teach us this information. How do you know it?
H: As a member of the Hyuga clan this is just very common knowledge.
S: oh....
H: Now lets take a look to see where the points that let chakra in are.
As she looked through his chakra stream she noted where the good and bad points were.

H: Alright, this is very strange but the only points that seem to be blocked are some in your legs and one near you heart. Do you run a lot?
S: Not really.
H: Well you should start to. With the more energy being used in that part of the body the chakra comes to that area.
S: Wow. I never thought it was that complex! What about the blocked one near my heart?
H: Well its strange. Usually the chakra points near your heart are always open. But yours seems to be blocked by a darker chakra.
Sasuke didn't respond to what she said.

H: ...Now about your stance. When you want to use your chakra you need to have a stance that makes you feel like you have more energy, more power.
S: Can you show me yours?
H: Sure.
Hinata stood still and took a deep breath. She stretched out her leg and arm and looked very serious. Sasuke looked at her face which was trying to concentrate. She stood frozen for a moment until she opened her left eye looking at sasuke. She saw him smiling at her and closed her eyes and stood up straight again.

H: That is my stance. What you need to do is spread your arms and legs out even the littlest bit. Here I'll help you.
She walked over to him as he stood straight.

H: Follow my example. This will be for your body so you might want to practice holding this position for a while.
S: Alright.
She stood next to him and spread his right leg up a few inches. Then moved her hands in front of her body the left arm in front of the right. Sasuke did what she did but still couldn't get the stance right.

H: Here. She walked in front of him. She placed his arms in the right position and she moved him closer to her. Sasuke watched her so closely that he never took her eyes off of her. She stood back up and looked at his face which didn't have his smile on it but he was blushing.

H: You should hold this position for a little bit.
He looked at her clear pale eyes. She started blushing because he wouldn't look away. She looked down at the ground and he started to smile again.
The other girls in the class watched them talking and training.

Sa: Look at her. She's all over him.
Ino: It makes me sick that he would pick that weirdo over me.
Sa: Or me!
Ino: I think we should teach her a lesson, Sakura.
Sa: Yeah.
They kept leering at them and became even more angry.

K: Hey Sasuke-kun!
Sasuke turned his head.

S: Yeah Kiba-kun?
K: What are you doing?
S: Well i'm....
K: Come on a bunch of us guys are going to hang out at the training field.
S: Well.. i'm sorta doing something at the moment.
H: It's okay sasuke-san. As long as you keep practicing that stance of yours you'll be fine.
S: Hinata-chan...
K: Then it's settled!
Kiba took him by the arm and he flew back dragging his feet causing the dirt on the ground to cover him up.
Hinata watched Sasuke being dragged away. His smile was gone and he had a worried look on his face.
Hinata turned around and started to walk back to the classroom. Ino and Sakura along with a few other girls stood in front of the classroom door. She didn't think much of it until she reached the door. She looked up and saw the girls glaring at her.

H: Could you please step aside?
Ino: Why should we?
H: I just want to go back in the classroom. I'm not feeling that well.
Sa: Just because Sasuke isn't here?
H: No. I haven't felt well at all today. So please... move aside.
Ino: After you answer us a few questions.
H: huh?
Sa: Do you like Sasuke-kun?
H: What kind of question is that?!
Sa: Answer it!
H: I don't know, I mean i like his personality and all... But i don't know if I like him.
Ino: Oh that's right you like Naruto-kun.
Hinata looked at Ino who looked as if she was going to laugh at her.

Sa: No way! You like Naruto-kun! Why? I mean Sasuke-kun is so perfect and dreamy.
H: Well...I...uh.. well you see..
Ino: Come on! Just spit it out!
H: I like how he never gives up! How he has the courage to say the things he says and does the things he does! He may not know it now but, He's going to be the Hokage some day I just know it!
All the girls looked at hinata who's whole face was bright red. She looked as though she was about to cry.
She backed away from all the girls and ran towards the six foot tall fence. As she ran she started crying and closed her eyes. All the girls stood in shock as she almost ran into the fence. She opened her eyes just in time and jumped to the top of the fence and then jumped farther away. All the girls looked at Sakura and Ino.

Random Girl1: Look what you two did!
Random Girl2: You made her cry!
Sa: We didn't mean to.
Random Girl3: I don't believe you one bit!
Random Girl1: Go get her you idiots! You have to tell her your sorry!
Random Girl3: I know hinata. If you hurt her as badly as i think you did.... She may never come back to school because of you two!
Sakura and Ino looked at one another in shame at what they had did to Hinata.
Hinata had ran almost all the way to training field with out even knowing it. She wiped away the tears from her eyes and looked around. She saw a silver fence in front of a field. It was the training field the guys said they were going to be. She saw them all standing in the fields talking and laughing with one another.

S: Hey come on Naruto. You cant go one more round?
N: Shut up! I so can go another round... just let me... catch my... breath.
S: Whatev- huh?
Sasuke looked out toward the street and saw Hinata walking away from the training field.

S: Hinata-chan? Hey, Hinata-chan!
Hinata herd his voice and froze in her tracks. Sasuke along with Kiba and Naruto ran towards her.
She looked at them while they were at the other side of the fence.

S: Hey what are you doing here?
K: Don't tell me you came here to hang out with us!
H: Huh well ....I....
She turned around and wiped her eyes. Sasuke saw her tears and got worried.
Sasuke started climbing the fence and hinata stood back a few steps and the boys watched him climb.

K: What are you doing?!
N: *sigh* Moron...
H: What are you doing, Sasuke-san?
He landed on one knee and grabbed her hand. She blushed and looked him in the eye as he grabbed her arm and she fell towards him.

H: Sauke-san?
S: What happened? Who.... Who made you cry, Hinata-chan?
H: Huh? What.. you saw?
S: What happened?
She pushed back and looked him in the eyes.

K: Man, what are you doing? I mean of all your fans, you pick her?!
N: You know, your not nice man.
Hinata looked at Naruto and blushed a little.

K: You care about that chick?
N: What? No, that's not it.
K: Awww you have a crush on the girl.
N: What! No i don't, i don't even know her that well. But it looks like she's just another fan of sasuke.
Hinata's eyes opened wide and she looked at the ground and made Sasuke let go of her.

Sa: Hinata-chan!
Ino: Hinata-chan!
Hinata stood still and looked at Naruto and started crying again.

S: Hinata-chan?
N: huh?
H: I'm.... I'm going home now.
She got away from sasuke and started running home.

S: Wait hinata-chan! Come back!
N: Whatever. Hey Sasuke you gonna get back to the fight?
S: Shut up! Just shut up Naruto! Can't you see what you just said hurt her feelings!
Sa: Sasuke-kun that's not why she's so upset.
S: Huh?
Sasuke turned around and saw Sakura and Ino catching their breath.

S: What do you mean?
I: Well she....
She leaned near Sasuke's ear and whispered in his ear. Sasuke looked shocked and turned to look at Naruto and the others.

S: Him?
I: Yeah.
S: But why?
Sa: That's what we asked!
He looked in the direction Hinata ran in.
Sn: Hinata-chan?

The next day Sasuke waited outside of the of the school building waiting for Hinata.

Sn: I wonder if hinata-chan will show up today. Well i'm the first one here so if she does i'm going to see her.
He waited for ten minutes looking everywhere for her. But when people started coming through the school doors he didn't see her. Sasuke waited until a minute before the bell rang to get to class.
When he arrived in class he saw hinata sitting in her seat with her head down.

Sn: When the hell did you get in here?
I: Sasuke, your late!
S: I'm sorry sensei.
I: Since you late i'll have you demonstrate.
S: Yes sensei.
Iruka: Hinata-san, please wake up.
Hinata lifted her head and looked at Iruka.

I: You will demonstrate your fighting style along with Sasuke.
H: Yes.
She stood up and walked down each step she looked even more tired. Sasuke looked at the dark circles under her eyes.

Sn: She didn't sleep last night.
I: Alright the taijustu style we will be studing today is hinata's family technique. The gentle fist style. Hinata if you will.
H: Yes sensei.
I: Sasuke get ready to defend.
Hinata yawned and got into her stance. Sasuke didn't know how to react until Iruka started screaming his name. He finally got ready to defend as Iruka told hinata to attack. She didn't hesitate and ran at him full force. Sasuke unknown to what would happen if she hit him didn't respond too well. Once she was close to him, he closed his eyes. She hit him on his upper chest and he got the wind knocked out of him. He fell back on the floor as a result.
Hinata didn't show any emotion in her eyes. She just watched sasuke lay on the floor. All the girls in the class screamed in terror seeing him fall. The boys were just shocked except Naruto who was laughing in the top corner of the classroom.

I: Naruto, stop laughing! Sasuke stand up! I told you to defend, you don't know how much that attack would have hurt if she would have had any intent to hurt you, you might have been killed!
S: Killed?
Hinata stood at the front of the class looking at the floor as Iruka told Sasuke about her attack.

I: Yes killed, the hyuga style can attack the chakra system. By controlling the flow of all you chakra she could have made it all lead to your heart and close parts that lead the chakra to the other parts of your body.
Hinata stood there until Sasuke stood up. She walked back to her seat not listening to all the girls yelling at her. Once she sat down she watched sasuke walk back to his seat and then she put her head down.

Sn: Hinata-chan? I hope your okay.
Through out the day Sasuke was asked if he was alright and whenever he tried getting close to Hinata the other girls dragged him away.
During lunch Sasuke sat outside looking at the sky. Hinata came outside and and saw him standing against the schools wall.

S: Hinata-chan!
H: ....?
S: Why wont you talk to me?
H: I don't feel right talking to you...
S: Why?!
H: I just dont! So just leave me alone!
Sasuke looked at Hinata standing next to him about to cry. Sasuke walked toward her and hugged her.

H: Get off of me....
S: I dont care if you like Naruto... I just want you to know that i like you....
Hinata stopped talking and started to cry.

S: I don't care if you don't really like me.. I just want you to know i do like you Hinata-chan...
H: Sasuke-kun....
S: I really like you Hinata-chan. I mean it.
Hinata held onto his shirt and kept crying until Sasuke lifeted her head to look at him.

H: Sasuke-kun?
He smiled sweetly at her and gently kissed her lips. She grabbed onto his shirt tighter and blushed.

H: I like you too Sasuke-kun.
S: Even if you like Naruto... I'm still really happy you said that Hinata-chan.


And that's the end. I'm not that good at writing Fan fiction and this was my first one so please don't be to harsh. But i hope you liked it.