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Poll: Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season Episode 7 Discussion

Dec 6, 2017 8:18 PM

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MagicalMahou said:
So nobody's gonna address how people seemed to be applying in the middle of the night??

Jeez, this is a big letdown. I like the execution but the reasoning felt very counter to the resolve Chika brought to the table in season 1.

This is probably the worst Love Live episode to date. Such a shame, since the rest of the season was so good.
I'm pretty sure that's normal since a lot of people are only vacant at night. It's not like they have to physically apply or have an interview or anything. It's probably like a sign-up form like on facebook that verifies using actual school records. The site staff don't need to be active for that anyway.
Dec 6, 2017 8:26 PM

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GreenTea13 said:
Seriously? 98 applicants and they're like "Nope, technically not enough even though we literally only need 2 more."

*sigh* I hate forced drama like this.

In the accounting and management world, this is actually legit. You can't bargain your way out of this. If you've missed the goal, then you've missed the goal. There is no but I only needed .01 to reach it so it's ok. Sadly that's how life works and Japan, Murica and European Countries is very very strict in this department.
Dec 19, 2017 11:05 AM
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Fucking finaly , finaly the school being shut down , if they made it go on , for me it would be so full of shit
Wish saint snow wins the love live
I thought that this is an anime about love live but i think im watching an anime with the name ' let's save our highschool' or solething
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Jan 3, 4:33 AM

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Oh my god, I love what the Sunshine is doing to me. It''s blinding!
Jan 3, 5:56 AM

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if all of them would say we refuse to go to a school that is farther away & parents support them then they have no choice but to leave the school be + there are more things they could try on top of that, but they don't have enough brain to think about this methods, but that should work cause if they don't go to school it makes the Gov officials look bad & JAP Gov officials have way 2much pride to let it slide that way :)
Jan 5, 5:34 PM

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lol what kind of people apply for high school 3 or 4am in the morning? What is the director even thinking with that 5am deadline?
Apr 28, 2:49 AM

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Episodes like this are probably my least favorite aspect of Love Live. The forced drama was so much....and it was a whole 24 minutes of it.

I found it ironic with muse too, but it is funny to me how for students so obsessed with saving their schools, we as the audience never even see their school life. We know the students are kind or whatever, but that is it...and that could apply to any school. (I mean maybe that is the point, that any school is special...idk).
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