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Nov 10, 11:17 PM

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AxxLife said:
and g2 chokes again as expected. to think that this trash team beat skt...
SKT got unlucky, Faker was not playing like usual, otherwise I think SKT would've won. Would still be close tho, since G2 also played well that game.
Nov 10, 11:45 PM

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Felt G2 only had one plan i feel like g2 coach bears some big responsibility here,in case of semi final SKT lost because G2 baited them with lane and river halt.Just check those matches G2 will always halt or bait plays in 3/4 vs 5 situation where they will hold a lane/river as long as possible and caps & top laner will push into enemy base.In case of FPX they never waited in a lane for a long time there was always a regular flow of movement and push in river and lanes.They also had their top laner pushing top and bottom lane whole set which neutralized cap push.Also FPX never went to a team fight fight to save a player which misplayed unless they knew there was a guarantee win in a team fight.And whenever there was a halt g2 punished them like that top push in 1st game with Rift Herald.Also what i find shocking is lack of discipline is eu and NA players what was that draft picks in game 3 ...they just gave up in game 2
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