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According to the Enoki Films Official Cosmo Warrior Zero website, Cosmo Warrior Zero actually had 15 episodes, not 13. The 2 episodes listed in most anime databases as "Cosmo Warrior Gaiden" was never actually titled as such, nor is it in any way a prequel to the Cosmo Warrior Zero series. Those two episodes are very much a continuation to the story, as is evidenced by the episode synopsises (synopsi?) shown on the official site:

Episode 14: Hunt for Young Harlock Part-1 – Zero vs. Harlock
Young Harlock and Toshiro heads steer their Death Shadow to Planet Sarumatake where they have a secret research laboratory. Meanwhile, Zero is caught by the notorious space pirate, Hunter. Hunter wants to exchange Zero with his ship, Karyu. Then, Zero escapes from Hunter's hideout thanks to Emeraldas's help and two fugitives zip into Planet Sarumatake. The eternal rivals, Zero and Harlock meet to fight a decisive battle. Just then, the battleships lead by Hunter zoom into Planet Sarumatake for capturing Zero and Harlock.

Episode 15: Hunt for Young Harlock Part-2 – For the flag of Freedom
Hunter's battleships launch all-out attack on Planet Sarumatake. Zero, Harlock and Emeraldas have to defend the planet with whatever available weapons as Tochiro has gone on Death Shadow for receiving various parts for a new battleship. When the situation becomes desperate, Death Shadow returns and our heroes destroy Hunter's battleships with devastating couter-attack. However, another crisis comes up. The natural structure of Planet Sarumatake is fragile and the ground begin tearing and falling down because of fierce battles. The gravity control system has to be reset before the planet falls apart. But, Zero and Harlock falls into the crevice. Can they stop the collapse of planet in time…..?

The preview at the end of Episode 13 also mentions Episode 14, calling it "Cosmo Warrior Zero: Special Edition - The Hunt for Young Harlock, Part 1."

EDIT: After further research, I have found that the ANN entry is referencing lejiverse as their source for the title "Young Harlock o Oe! Cosmowarrior Zero Gaiden." lejiverse is a fansite, and requires sourcing itself, which it does not provide. However, given the fact that the only two episode titles listed in their entry just happen to be the titles of Episodes 14 & 15 as shown above, add to that the fact that Enoki Films is a primary source for information regarding Cosmo Warrior Zero, the only conclusion I can reach is that the Cosmo Warrior Zero entry should be updated to show 15 episodes total, and the Cosmo Warrior Zero Gaiden entry should be deleted altogether, as it never existed in the first place. Although I would've surely watched it, had it been true.
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One reason why this entry is seperate from the TV Series is that while Episode 13 aired 28.09.2001, episode 14 and 15 were released on 05.07.2002 together as a special
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