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Gender Bending Heaven

What is this club for?

We're the club for anything and everything gender bending. We want to promote this small community into something bigger and spread the joy of gender bending.

We also create organised lists for both anime and manga!

NEW or PREVIOUS, it doesn't matter

The links at the bottom of this post will get you started if you're new or if you are already into this genre have a look and you may find something new.

What are the rules for members to follow??

* Be nice to each other
* Avoid bad language & inappropriate posts
* Don't spam. This includes double posting in threads(This is fine in other threads).
* Don't post affiliate requests or advertisements.
*Have fun~

If you want to help the club back:

* Join and stay.
* Invite friends.

Remember, if you ever need help or advice:

You can use these links:
Ask us here * FAQs * Constructive Criticism * Help and fixes

Vote on the best anime and manga
*The previous winner cannot win this month
Vote here: [NEEDS TO BE ADDED]

Vote monthy on who is the best character
*The previous winner cannot win this month
Vote here: [NEEDS TO BE ADDED]

Chat in the Chat Room
We are still small but as we grow feel free to use our club's chat room:

Organised lists
A frequently updated list of all the anime and manga were the main protagonist fits in the gender bender genre:

*The other forums(Like characters) will be added later

The club forum stickies have everything else you need!

See the stickies here:

Stickied posts are our most important topics. For example,if you're looking for new anime or manga, see the Organised list of gender bender/swap anime and manga
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